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Plano Superintendent 2010-11

Plano Superintendent 2010-11

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Published by: Dallas Morning News Plano Blog on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Contract of Employment ("Agreement") is made and entered into by and betweenthe Board of Trustees (the "Board") of the PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT (the"District") and DOUGLAS W. OTTO (the "Superintendent").Pursuant to the authority of §11.201, et seq. of the Texas Education Code and the generallaws of the State of Texas, the Board and the Superintendent hereby agree as follows:I.TERM1.1Term. The Board, by and on behalf of the District, hereby employs theSuperintendent, and the Superintendent accepts such employment, for a term commencing onJuly 1, 2010 and ending on June 30, 2015, or terminated earlier as herein provided. The Districtmay, by action of the Board, and with the consent and approval of the Superintendent, extendthe term of this Agreement as permitted by state law.1.2Tenure. The parties agree that the District and the Board have not adopted any policy, rule, regulation, law or practice providing for tenure. No right of tenure is created bythis Agreement. No property interest, express or implied, is created in continued employment beyond the term of this Agreement.II.EMPLOYMENT2.1Duties. The Superintendent is the chief administrator and executive officer of theDistrict and shall administer the District in accordance with the Board's Policies. As such, theSuperintendent shall assign the administrative and supervisory staff in the manner which, in his judgment, best serves the public schools of the District. The responsibility for selection and/or  promotion of personnel shall be vested in the Superintendent and his staff, subject to theapproval of the Board. The Superintendent shall faithfully perform the duties of Superintendentof Schools for the District as prescribed in the job description and as may be assigned by theBoard. The Superintendent shall comply with all Board directives, policies, rules andregulations, and state and federal laws, as they exist or may hereinafter be amended or adopted.The Superintendent shall perform the duties of the Superintendent of Schools for the Districtwith reasonable care, skill and expertise and in a thorough, prompt and efficient manner. Exceptas provided in this Agreement, the Superintendent agrees to devote his full time and energy tothe performance of these duties in a faithful, diligent, conscientious and efficient manner.
L:/mboxschoolmatters/PlanoISD/ETR/Otto/070110 Superintendent Contract.doc
2.2Professional Certification and Records. The Superintendent shall maintain at alltimes during the term of this Agreement valid and appropriate certification to act as aSuperintendent of Schools in the State of Texas as prescribed by the laws of the State of Texasand the rules and regulations of the Central Education Agency and shall provide evidence of such certification to the Board upon request at any time. The Superintendent shall also provideevidence of educational attainment, degrees earned, previous professional experience and other records required for the personnel files of the District. Failure to maintain valid and appropriatecertification shall render this Agreement void, and any material misrepresentation in any records provided to the District shall be grounds for termination.2.3Reassignment. The Superintendent is employed specifically and solely to perform the duties of Superintendent of Schools for the District and may not be reassigned fromthe position of Superintendent to any other position in the District except by mutual writtenagreement of the parties.2.4Complaints. The Board will refer criticisms and complaints called to its attentionto the Superintendent.III.COMPENSATION3.1Annual Base Salary. The Superintendent shall be paid an annual base salary oTwo Hundred Ninety One Thousand Seven Hundred Sixteen Dollars and No cents($291,716.00) effective July 1, 2010, payable in equal installments consistent with BoardPolicies.3.2Salary Adjustments. At any time during the term of this Agreement, the Boardmay, in its discretion and consistent with applicable law, review and adjust the salary of theSuperintendent, but in no event shall the Superintendent be paid less than set forth above, except by mutual written agreement of the parties. Any adjustments in salary shall be in writing andsigned by the parties.IV.BENEFITS4.1Travel Expenses. The Superintendent shall be reimbursed for reasonable andnecessary travel, lodging and meal expenses incurred in providing services to the District.4.2Automobile Expenses. The Board shall provide the Superintendent with anautomobile allowance in the sum of One-Thousand Two-Hundred Dollars ($1,200.00) per 
L:/mboxschoolmatters/PlanoISD/ETR/Otto/070110 Superintendent Contract.doc
month. In addition, the District shall provide the Superintendent a credit card for District andreasonable personal needs to purchase fuel for the automobile and reimburse him for suchcharges. The automobile may be used for business and personal purposes. The Superintendentshall comply with all policies, procedures and documentation requirements established by theBoard, the District's independent auditors and the state and federal laws regarding the use of theautomobile.4.3Superintendent Employment Benefits. The Superintendent shall receive sick leave, vacation, life and health insurance coverage and other personal and fringe benefits provided by the District for its administrative employees in accordance with applicable law.Vacation days taken by the Superintendent will be taken at such time(s) as will least interferewith the performance of the Superintendent's duties as set forth in this Agreement.4.4Family Insurance Benefits. To the extent permitted by state and federal law, theBoard will pay the premiums for hospitalization, major medical and dental insurance for theSuperintendent's spouse and each child of the Superintendent to the age of twenty two (22) pursuant to the group health care plan provided by the District for its administrative employees.4.5Professional Activities. The Superintendent shall attend and participate inappropriate professional meetings at the local, state and national levels with reasonable expensesfor such attendance and participation to be borne by the District, including membership fees anddues of the Superintendent in such organizations as he deems appropriate in the performance of his duties, all of which shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Board and thelaws of the State of Texas. Superintendent expense vouchers shall be reviewed and approved bythe President of the Board of Trustees. Copies of all approved expense vouchers shall bemaintained in the Superintendent’s office and available for review by individual trustees. TheSuperintendent may hold offices or accept responsibilities in these professional organizations, provided that such responsibilities do not interfere with the performance of his duties asSuperintendent. In addition, the Board expects and encourages the Superintendent, as part of hisduties to the Board and at his own expense except as provided below, to belong to civic clubsand other local organizations in Plano, Texas. The Board will pay the reasonable costs andexpenses for attendance or membership to one social or civic organization.4.6Home Internet Connection. Effective July 1, 2004, the Superintendent shall bereimbursed monthly for the charges for high-speed internet connection service at his residence.
Life Insurance . The District shall purchase and maintain during the term of thisAgreement one (1) or more life insurance policies providing a death benefit to theSuperintendent or any beneficiary designated in writing by the Superintendent in the amount of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00). Such policy or policies, together with all cash
L:/mboxschoolmatters/PlanoISD/ETR/Otto/070110 Superintendent Contract.doc

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