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Today's Newspaper Friday, April 29 2011

Today's Newspaper Friday, April 29 2011

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Published by: tradingpost on Apr 28, 2011
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Lcal News San News Leers Reginal /Iner News Classifed/Real Esae ADS Sprs
Pacic Partnership 2011 programofcially opens today in Luganville
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Vanuatucelebratingpeople and forest
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Vanuatu blong plei fromnamba tri ple
s tede
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Royal celebrations
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Obama slams birthclaims 'silliness
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Govt may also lodgeconstitutional case: PM
By Royson Willie
 Vohor stated yesterday thatthe Opposition’s initiative tolodge a constitutional peti-tion has prompted his gov-ernment to look at doing thesame but this time to ask thecourt whether the ormerprime minister was elect-ed according to the require-ments o the constitution. Vohor said when ormerSpeaker o Parliament,George Wells, prevent-ed the media rom makinga live coverage or cover-ing the election o ormerprime minister Sato Kilman,many people did not knowthat the election was notdone through secret ballotas required by the constitu-tion.He said while the pub-lic did not witness this, theMPs in parliament witnessed what happened.He said the ormer primeminister was declared unop-posed by the Speaker anddeclared as prime minister without ullling the require-ments under Article 41 o the constitution which statesthat the election o a primeminister shall be made “by secret ballot”.PM Vohor said he doesnot have anything againstormer prime minister, SatoKilman, but because o theissue o legal challenges tointerpret the constitution, hebelieves this is one area thatneeds clarication.“I am thinking o ind-ing a lawyer to le a case incourt to interpret the powerso a prime minister who waselected through the proc-ess o voting and that o adeclared prime minister whonever went through the vot-ing process.“This does not need acommission o inquiry intoit because all o us leaderso this country were in par-liament at that time and we witnessed it,” Vohor said.Meanwhile, the primeminister announced that hisgovernment will be appoint-ing independent Commis-sions o Inquiry (COI) that will look into outstand-ing issues that include thato NISCOL, threats to pressreedom, and the copra sub-sidy.
To Pge 2
By Jane Joshua
2pm today to hear a ur-ther amended urgent Consti-tutional application lodgedby the Opposition bloc,applying in essence thatthe decisions o the FirstRespondent (Speaker o Parliament) and Secondrespondent (Republic o  Vanuatu) in declaring andremoving the First applicant(MP Sato Kilman) as PrimeMinister o Vanuatu dated April 24, 2011 as ‘unconstitu-tional and o no legal eect.’The Appellant’s legalcounsel Thursday aternoonagreed that the rst Consti-tutional application was not valid ater the lodging o the amended constitutionalapplication led on Wednes-day April 27, and asked thatthe court intervene and inter-pret the question o absolutemajority.Chie Justice Vincent Lun-abek refected that there twodierent scenarios here- un-damental rights and breacho constitutional rights.In consideration o thePrime Minister’s undamen-tal rights and provisionsin the constitution Oppo-sition leader MP Kilman ismaintaining inringement o seven sections in the Con-stitution, these are section39(1), 49 (1), 43(2 and 3)and 5(1) d which in responsethe respondent’s legal coun-sel said that in light o theurgency o the case timeis needed to get detailedextractions rom the Speak-er o Parliament.In deliberating the proc-ess and relevance o the 12Opposition MPs who arethe second applicants, theinringement o constitution-al rights and that they wereappointed by the Prime Min-ister, they were removedas second applicants in thecase.
To Pge 2
Constitutional or unconstitutional?
… 12 applicants crossed out in urgent Constitutional application as Supreme Court sits to interpret ‘absolute majority’
3228FrIday, aPrIL 29 2011
 Published since 1993
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Friday April 29, 2011
Courtesy VanuatuMeteo Office Call 22932
General situation:
 A low pressure, north of NewZealand, extends a trough to thesoutheast of Vanuatu, while aridge of high pressure existsover the southern group.
Today: 05-59Tomorrow: 05-5
Today: 17-30Tomorrow:17-30
HEIGHT (Meters)
HEIGHT (Meters)
Forecast for today:
Cloudy conditions with few showers and thun-der expected over the group. Light to moderatenortheast, east and southeast winds persistthroughout.
Yesterday’s record-ed weather variables(8am-8am)
Rainfall (mm)
Max. T
emp (•c)
Min. T
emp (•c)
E/NE winds 12/17 knots expect-ed over the northern and central waters while E/SE winds 12/17knots over the channel andsouthern waters; light to mod-erate seas to 1.0 metre.
Compiled byThompson Marango
other countries around the worldto celebrate this year 2011 asthe International Day o Forests.The launching will be ociatedtoday at the Le Lagoon Resort inPort Vila.The launching will kick startactivities that Vanuatu will beimplementing to raise aware-ness about the three main goalsthat have been identied to bepromoted; importance o the or-est, ways to protect and developorests and their resources, theimportance o reorestation, andthe proper ways to plant trees.
The importance of forests
Forest which covers a thirdo our planet’s land ullls many roles such as providing renew-able raw materials and ener-gy, maintaining biodiversity,and protecting land and waterresources. To mention a ewmajor ones, orest is the sourceo ood, clean water, clean air,shelter, shade, irewood, etc… According to acts, the live-lihoods o 1.6 billion peopledepend on orests, over 40% o the world’s oxygen is producedby rainorests, orests are hometo 80% o the world’s terrestri-al biodiversity, more than a quar-ter o modern medicines, worthan estimated US$ 108 billion a year, originate rom tropical or-est plants.
Protect and develop the forest
Due to their importance,orests have to be protectedto ensure the sustainability o its benets. To mark the Inter-national Year o Forest peopleare encouraged to take careo the orests by minimizingorest clearance. Avoid mak-ing gardening on hilly plac-es, because cutting down treesin such areas can lead to land-slides. Trees along riverbanksand river mouth should not becut down.
Reorestation is the restock-ing o existing orests andreplanting o tree that havebeen depleted, an eect o deorestation. Reorestationcan be used to improve thequality o human lie by soak-ing up pollution and dust romthe air, rebuild natural habitatsand ecosystems, mitigate global warming since orests acilitatebiosequestration o atmosphericcarbon dioxide, and harvest orresources, particularly timber.2011 was declared as Inter-national Year o Forests by theUnites Nations General Assem-bly to raise awareness onsustainable management, con-servation and sustainable devel-opment o all types o orests.
Vanuatu to celebrate people and forest
From Front Page
He said the Council o Minis-ters has agreed in principle thatthe persons that will be in theCOIs will be proessionals andknow what they are doing butnot those who have conficts o interest or have outstanding inthe institution that will compro-mise their position.These he said may includeacademics and those who haveknowledge o the Companies Act, which companies such asNISCOL are registered under.He said i this independentCOI inds that there are areasthat need needs the attention o the law then so be it as no oneis above the law.In the area o press reedom, Vohor said being one o theleaders who initiated Compre-hensive Reorm Program (CRP)o which one o its principles isgood governance, the peoplemust be shown a good exampleo how a country is governed where people know that theirrights are protected. He said itis true that media must alwaysbe balance in their reporting buthe is one o those that supportspress reedom.He said reports that a mediaorganisation is looking at bring-ing in an overseas prosecutorto deal with its case is a seriousissue that does not refect wellnot only on the government butthe law-enorcing arm o thegovernment.He said i there are set-backs, especially in the judicialsector that prevent the law totake its ull course then he willmake sure these obstacles areremoved.
Govt may also lodgeconstitutional case: PM
Motalava in Torba provincehave realised the importanceo natural disaster preven-tion, preparedness and miti-gation.The community disasteraction work was taken placeduring the second week o  April in the village o Neren-ingman and in Rah Island.The activities carried out were: the replant o trees onthe coastal line, the diggingo drainage in lood proneareas and the creation o rub-bish disposal.Chie Laurent Jean, chair-man o Motalava council o chies, said that Vanuatu RedCross engagement with hispeople in Motalava is crucialas it helps educate the com-munity to not only ocus ondevelopment but also to con-sider disaster risk that thecommunity is exposed to aspart o their own develop-ment. The community disas-ter action plan are integratedinto the chie’s 10 years work plan and thus much ocus isnow put in place to ensureull completion o the actionplan implementation.The three targeted com-munities in Motalava haveinserted the action plan intothe chie yearly plan. Thedays allocated to the chiesare Monday and Friday.However, the chies haveagreed that the action planbe implemented as soon aspossible to increase the com-munity resilience. The com-munities o Motalava areoverwhelmed with commu-nity commitments and it isor these reasons the chieshave allocate a day to thecommunity to work on theiraction plan. All Community Disas-ter Committee’s Chairmen work closely with the chiesto ensure that the chies are well inormed o the activi-ties. It then becomes the duty o the chies to make theannouncement in the villageto make people aware. Thelast announcement is doneon Sunday during the churchservice by the church repre-sentatives.The people o Motalavaare known or their willing-ness and enthusiasm when itcomes to community activi-ty. The people highly respectand cherish the chie’s deci-sions which thereore becomea bond o solidarity betweenthe chies and their people.The community, withthe strong support rom thechies, is very involved inthe implementation o theiraction plan.The involvement o womenduring the implementation o the action plan varies accord-ing to the intensity o the workload. However, womenexpress their participation indierent ways such as pre-paring o oods or men who work or they would bring water to men when they arethirsty, etc.The chies o the communi-ties in Motalava acknowledgeand praise the Vanuatu RedCross or supplying to themthe disaster tools which thecommunity was able to use toimplement the disaster actionplan. The chies encouragethe community to always pri-oritise and consider the dis-aster action plan o the threecommunities to ensure that itis being implemented or thebenet o the community.This project, unded by the European Commission’sHumanitarian Aid Depart-ment, has the objective o limiting the vulnerabili-ty o outlying, inaccessibleand resourceless commu-nities.
Motalava implements its Disaster Action plan
The community of Rah working on their newly evacuation route
From Front Page
“The urgent (amended) con-stitutional application led on27 April, raises important con-stitutional and undamentalrights in the constitution,” theChie Justice said.“In particular the execu-tive government and legisla-tive branch, warranting urgentattention by the Supreme Courthence the ollowing manage-ment orders are issued:“The Appellant’s counsel toserve in sequential relevancethe amended urgent constitu-tional application.“The Appellant’s counselshall ile and serve a urtheramended urgent constitution-al application, with the con-stitutional provisions that arealleged to have been inringedin relation to the irst appli-cant by 5pm Thursday (yester-day).”“The 2nd Applicants in theamended application are nolonger parties in the nature o this constitutional case,” and“The respondents’ legalcounsel will ile their swornstatement(s) and ile theirresponse at 10am today.”
Constitutional orunconstitutional?
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Friday April 28, 2011
By Jane Joshua
 Lunabek has adjourned the Vanua’aku Pati (VP) trial toMay 16-23.Day three o the VP trialThursday morning heard thedeence counsel in the VP caseindicating that there is a likeli-hood that it will be cross exam-ining only 10 o the 12 existing witnesses presented by theClaimant’s counsel.Deence lawyer Silas Hakwatold the Supreme Court that ‘itis likely’ that there are two who will not be cross examined,they are: Finance Minister andEate MP Bakoa Kaltongga andMP or Maewo constituency Philip Boedero.From the claimant’s counsel,Edward Nalyal will be ling inthree sworn statements by May 5, 2011, specically:
•Reply to sworn statement
o Isabelle Kalo which was ledon April 27, 2011.
•Statement of Jessy Dick in
relation to the drating o the VP Congress resolutions onIra and;
•Statement of Christina W
ilson in relation to the eventssurrounding the drating o theIra Congress resolutions andnew sub committees at the Iracongress.The Supreme Court heardthat the deendants will ileand serve the sworn statementso Jessy Dick and Christina
Wilson by May 12,2011.And
the claimant will le and servea sworn statement in reply (i any) by May 13.The deence legal coun-sel had no objection to theadjournment and indicated thatit will be ling a reply to swornstatements (II) and (III).Chie Justice Lunabek hasindicated that the Court seesthat the case must be sortedout as soon as possible thusthe trial adjournment to May 16-23 while other matters onthat date are put aside; hencethe legal counsels are expectedto be “on top o things”.
VP trial adjourned to May 16
By Thompson Marango
 Sunday is Labour Day there-ore the Oice o the Pres-ident o the Republic hasdeclared that according toPublic Holiday Act Cap 114Section 3, Monday the 2nd will be observed as publicholiday.This year’s Labour Day willbe celebrated with the ociallaunching o the rst ever Tri-partite Labour Advisory Coun-cil since Independence.Labour Commissioner,Lionel Kalwat is inviting allpublic servants who are work-ers themselves with their pri- vate sector colleagues to jointhe celebration and witnessthe ocial launching o theTripartite Labour Advisory Council.To commemorate the day there will be a march at8am led by the VMF Bandrom Trader Vic’s to SaralanaStage. Invitations have beensent out to all private com-panies to participate withtheir company banners anduniorms. All governmentdepartments are also askedto join in the march withtheir respective departmentbanner i possible.Since it is a Sunday, the VCC will be conducting amass service or all workers,employers and governmentat Saralana Stage at about9.30am at the end o themarch there will be reresh-ments and inger tips aterthe service and inspection o inormation booths erectedby workers, employers andgovernment or inormationawareness about tripartismand decent work.
Labour Day Sunday, Mondaydeclared public holiday
Compiled by Colson Wari
Pacic Partnership 2011 pro-gram will take place today at the SubenatavuitanoNakamal at the Sanma pro- vincial ground.The ceremony is sched-uled to start at 10am withthe inclusion o music andspeeches by Vanuatu ocialsand the Pacic Partner 2011commander.The ceremony will beextended to a receptiononboard the HMNZS Canter-bury, a New Zealand DeenceForce rigate which arrived
in Luganville Wednesday this
 week with supplies and mili-tary equipment including hel-icopters to be used during thesix-week program.The military vessels havearrived in Luganville orthe program which includeHMNZS Canterbury which was rst to arrive, USS Cleve-land, HMAS Balikpapan andHMAS Betano.On board the USS Cleve-land there is a total o 400crew members, 2 Mh-60S hel-icopters, 1 land crat, utility,57-ton trucks and our long wheel base jeeps and onboardthe HMZS Canterbury there isa total o 100 crew, 1 SA0330Puma helicopter(Frenchdetachment), 2 landing cratand 12 medium trucks.For HMAS Balikpapan andHMAS Betano there are atotal o 13 crews with deploy-able geospatial survey team.The United States o  America provide the largestnumber o medical personal with 130 person in the medi-cal team, New Zealand has atotal o 28 and Australia hasa total o 19 person medicalcontingent.The partnership programhave already started or thepast two weeks with com-bination o Vanuatu MobileForces rom Port Vila andLuganville teaming up with American and New Zea-land personals to carry rep-aration and instalment o school acilities mainly class-rooms and toilets at Banban,Kamewa and schools in therural areas. At the conerence organ-ised with heads o the PublicService Department in Lugan- ville Thursday and Capt Jesse
Wilson, USN (Commander
Destroyer Squadron 23) andhis counterparts rom NewZealand and Australiana stat-ed they are excited and look-ing orward to working sideby side with their Vanuatucounterparts to improve rela-tionships as well to services inthe communities and developcapabilities in coalition opera-tions and disaster response.They also spoke highly o Santo’s history as it was big-gest US military based in
World War 11 and added
Santo has a beautiul scenac-ery and riendly people.
With all partner countries
now have arrived in Santo,it expected Luganville is very busy and many people.Paciic Partnership is anannual deployment o orcesrom the Paciic Fleet o theUnited States Navy (USN),in cooperation with region-al governments and military orces, along with humani-tarian and non governmentorganisation.The deployment was con-ceived ollowing the 2004Indian Oceania earthquakeand tsunmai, as a way toimprove the interoperability o the region’s military orces,governments, and humanitar-ian organisations during dis-aster relie operations, whileproviding humanitarian, med-ical, dental, and engineeringassistance to nations o thePaciic, and strengtheningrelationships and security tiesbetween the nations.The deployment is typically based around an amphibious warare vessel or hospital shipo the USN’s Pacic Fleet.
Pacic Partnership 2011program ofcially openstoday in Luganville
…10 witnesses likely to be cross examine in VP case
A custom land owner from Mele is making his point in no uncertain terms on this signnear Hideaway landing.

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