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Selangor Times April 29 - May 1, 2011 / Issue 22

Selangor Times April 29 - May 1, 2011 / Issue 22

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Published by Selangor Times
Community paper in Selangor
Community paper in Selangor

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Published by: Selangor Times on Apr 29, 2011
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April 29 — MAy 1, 2011
issue 22
Leukaemiapatientsseeking publicdonations
Community mapping to solveoa land disputes
12 & 13
International ‘avour’
 Alvin Yap
Gan Pei Ling
petaling Jaya:
Restaurant guidelines orPetaling Jaya will now be issued in Myanmar, Bang-ladesh and Nepal languages.Te Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) said themeasure was being taken due to the inux o oreign workers rom these countries.“When you go to a restauranthere, you ind many o the oodhandlers are migrant workers,” saidMBPJ assistant health director Dr V Chithradavi.Te move to include the guide-lines in oreign and vernacularlanguages is to help workers betterunderstand the proper handling and storage o both raw as well ascooked ood.he cleanliness and sanitaryguidelines list 24 important criteriaor sae ood handling, ranging rom personal health and hygieneto storage and serving o ood.Te booklet also includes a ow-chart on the procedures involved inrevoking a restaurant’s licence.Dr Chithradavi said ood han-dlers and restaurant owners can nolonger use “I do not understand” asan excuse.She said Mayor Datuk RoslanSakiman had suggested the inclu-sion o the oreign languages tomake the inormation readily avail-able to migrant workers.City councillor Latheea Koyasaid the publication should clariyquestions on the procedures.She pointed out that MBPJ willnow strictly enorce the “three strikerule” to shut down eateries oundto have louted cleanliness andsanitation three times within a year.Te booklet has received positiveeedback rom eateries in Petaling  Jaya, according to Latheea.“We have good response romthe respective restaurant associa-tions during a sot launch o thebooklet,” she said.It lists the departments and rank-ing ocers allowed to sign of onshutting down dirty restaurants.Tis is done so that operators willnot be taken in by bogus or low-ranking MBPJ ocers.Latheea added that the guide-lines, with latest amendments to the procedures, take into considerationeedback rom restaurant operators.“hey (restaurant operators) want more inormation on the vari-ous laws and regulations,” she said.Latheea said the booklet signalsMBPJ’s seriousness in combating ood-borne illnesses.She said the council has gone theextra mile to print the comprehen-sive booklets, and would not sparedirty eateries.MBPJ health ocers said out o some 2,500 restaurants in the Petal-ing Jaya area, the department hasclosed or “sealed” 15 errant eateriesas o end o April.Furthermore, 42 compounds were issued by MBPJ during ull-scale health and sanitation opera-tions so ar this year.However, the council could noturnish details on the number o ood poisoning cases.
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Cl-u clv: th KlMuicil Cucil hs quidsl fm is HlhDm wih mccls wihsidcs  cl hd--ch bck
for guidelines
April 29 — MAy 1, 2011
(603) 5510 4566
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
Nick Choo, James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Victor Chong
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
One o the cata-lysts o the 2008 political tsunami will soon regain its prominenceollowing the rebuilding o the SriMaha Mariamman temple inPadang Jawa.Te demolished temple is being rebuilt near the Padang Jawa KMcommuter station, which is about500m rom its original location.Demolished just a ew days be-ore Deepavali in November 2007,the new temple will be built in a15,000 sq  area.Selangor state executive council-lors, community leaders, and Indianresidents rom the ormer Kampung Rimba Jaya attended the laying o the oundation stone ceremony lastSunday.he ceremony started at 9am with prayers, ollowed by the laying o the oundation stone in a 4t-deep hole, over which the main altaro the temple will be built.Te temple was demolished by theShah Alam City Council aer theRimba Jaya village was cleared ordevelopment under Barisan Nasi-onal’s zero-squatter programme.However, the demolition drew protests rom the Hindu commu-nity nationwide, which led to thehistoric Hindra rally in 2007 andsubsequent loss o support or theBN.Selangor state health, plantation workers, poverty and caring govern-ment standing committee chairper-son Dr Xavier Jayakumar said theland was donated by Ken Rimba Jaya, the developer.“he state is contributing RM300,000 to the [temple] build-ing und as the Pakatan Rakyat wants to resolve an issue that hascaused much anguish to the Indiancommunity.“Te temple was the catalyst orchange, and we want to recognise itssignifcance,” he said at the ceremony.
Destroyedtemplebeing rebuilt
State to launchanti-ISA campaign
He acknowledged that there wasa delay in the rebuilding because o squabbles among devotees.“But everything has been re-solved and there should not be any problem now,” he said.Dr Xavier added that all the landor places o worship in Selangor hasbeen gazetted, and the state hasgiven out land titles to about 70temples since it took power.“We have done what could notbe achieved in 52 years,” he said.During the ceremony, Dr Xavier was honoured with garlands andalso accorded the title o “templesaviour”.“We are prepared to do more orthe Indian community. Last year, wegave RM2.5 million to [Hindu]temples,” he said.Among those at the ceremony were state executive councillor Ron-nie Liu, Bukit Melawati assem-blyperson M Muthiah, Port Dick-son assemblyperson M Ravi, andSenator M Ramakrishnan.emple building committeechairmperson N hiagu said theconstruction would be completedin about a year, provided there wasenough unds. he temple is ex- pected to cost about RM700,000.“Te state’s allocation has comein handy, and we urge all Indians tohelp as this is undoubtedly one o the most signifcant temples now.“We cried when the temple wasdemolished, and we are also crying now. It’s tears o joy,” he said.He said the temple would not just be a place o worship but amonument or Malaysian Indians.State executive councilor Rod-ziah Ismail, who was also present,said there was no issue that couldnot be resolved.“Compromise and acceptance isthe solution as Malaysians shouldrecognise dierent religions andcultures. Using the Pakatan Rakyatapproach, many issues can be re-solved. I am glad the issue has fnallyhas been resolved,” she said.
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
To place your
Timothy Loh
Ivan Looi
Vincent Boon
Selangor willspend RM600,000 to put up bill-boards in its soon-to-be-launchedanti-Internal Security Act (ISA)campaign.Menteri Besar an Sri KhalidIbrahim said “Save Malaysia: Abol-ish ISA” billboards will be installedin all 56 constituencies in the state within the next two months.“Tis is consistent with PakatanRakyat’s promise that it wouldabolish the ISA within 100 days [i the coalition comes into power atthe ederal level],” said Khalid aerchairing the executive councilmeeting on Wednesday.Khalid said the unds wouldcome rom abung Amanah Pen-swastaan and be distributed byMenteri Besar Incorporation.He added that the installa-tion and construction o the bill-boards will be done through opentender, and will be adver-tised in newspapers.Te state will also be organising road shows and inviting ormer ISAdetainees and current assemblyper-sons like Saari Sungib (HuluKelang) and M Manoharan (KotaAlam Shah) to speak to the public.Selangor’s state assembly had passed a motion in March to cam- paign against the hal-a-century-old law which allows or detention without trial.Besides Saari and Manoharan, who were detained or years, Kinr-ara assemblyperson erasa Kok hadalso been detained or seven daysunder the ISA in 2008.
Dr Xavier (brown shirt) laying the foundation stone while Liu looks on.
MPK records RM10m surplus
Basil Foo
he Klang MunicipalCouncil (MPK) has made history byrecording a RM10 million surplus intheir 2010 budget.Among the departments which con-tributed to the surplus was the Environ-ment Department, which beneitedrom cost-cutting measures.“Since taking over garbage manage-ment rom Alam Flora last year, MPKhas recorded savings. We managed tosave RM5 million in expenses,” said Wan Mohd Sufan at Wednesday’s ullboard meeting.Te MPK Environment Departmentdirector expects the council to saveanother RM2.5 million aer taking over public cleaning services this month.Councillor Lim Lip Suan said thecouncil has also managed to increase itsrevenue rom the collection o assessmentees and arrears or the past three years.“In the past ew years, Klang has hada lot o mega housing developments which have increased assessment ees byseveral million,” he said.However, Lim said the main reasonor the surplus was the savings romgarbage ees – rom RM60 million in2008 to the current RM40 million.He added that the EnvironmentDepartment, which used to run defcits,now has enough unds to lend to otherdepartments.Lim congratulated the council or wisely managing its fnances.
Schedule needed for road resurfacing
Brenda Ch’ng
Priority to get pothole-riddled roads resuraced with the municipality’s limited undsresulted in a heated discussion at aull board meeting o the Subang JayaMunicipal Council (MPSJ) on Wednesday.All 24 councillors insisted thatMPSJ should have a “zero-tolerance policy on potholes”.he councillors also wanted allcomplaints to be attended to imme-diately.“MPSJ should have a proper roadsystem to determine the age o theroad so it will be easier to prioritiseroads which need resuracing,” saidDr Loi Kheng Min.he councillor said residentsshould be provided with schedulesto determine a deinite time rameor all roads that need to be resur-aced.Under MPSJ’s current policy,roads used by heavy vehicles areresuraced every ive years, cityroads every seven years, and resi-dential roads every 10 years.“But despite the policy, MPSJcan’t do anything because they donot have enough unds or roadresuracing,” said R Rajiv.he councillor pointed out that patching up potholes was at best atemporary but costly measure.Rajiv said the council’s limitedbudget or roads would be betterspent on resuracing roads accord-ing to a deinite schedule.However, MPSJ has only allo-cated RM4 million or road repairsthis year.“he unds will not be enoughto repair all roads under the mu-nicipality’s jurisdiction. I thinkmore money should be budgetedor roadworks,” said councillorEdward Ling Sieak Meeng.MPSJ deputy president Abdul-lah Marjunid said he would lookinto the suggestions.
 ⁄ April 29 – MAY 1, 2011

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