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Cbcpmonitor Vol15 n09

Cbcpmonitor Vol15 n09

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Published by cbcpmonitor
- Speak the truth with courage—CBCP head
- Rome, world prepare for beatification of Pope John Paul II
- Decree Concerning Liturgical Worship in Honor of Blessed John Paul II
- Tripoli prelate lauds Filipino nurses in Libya
- Does PNoy really know RH Bill’s contents? Laguna clergy asks
- CBCP head slams journalists for fake news
- Speak the truth with courage—CBCP head
- Rome, world prepare for beatification of Pope John Paul II
- Decree Concerning Liturgical Worship in Honor of Blessed John Paul II
- Tripoli prelate lauds Filipino nurses in Libya
- Does PNoy really know RH Bill’s contents? Laguna clergy asks
- CBCP head slams journalists for fake news

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Published by: cbcpmonitor on Apr 29, 2011
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 Vol. 15 No. 9
 April 25 - May 8, 2011
Php 20.
SOME Laguna priests have expressed doubtswhether President Benigno “Noynoy” Simeon C.Aquino has studied thoroughly the contents ofthe controversial Reproductive Hill bill (RHB),otherwise known as House Bill No. 4244 (theproposed Responsible Parenthood, Reproduc-tive Health and Population and DevelopmentAct of 2011).The clergy are baffled by the president’s claimthat he is against abortion, and yet he continuesto strongly push for the approval of the ques-tionable bill.The priests are asking whether P-Noy knowsthat by definition “reproductive rights” whichRHB is trying to promote, is actually pushing for
Illustration by Bladimer Usi
FILIPINO health personnelmay have varied reasons inopting to stay in war tornLibya, but a Tripoli prel-ate lauded their presencethere as a shining witnessof Christian commitment inserving the needy.Msgr. Giovanni Inno-cenzo Martinelli, apostolicvicar of Tripoli, said thepresence of Filipino nursesin war-torn Libya providinghealth care assistance to thewounded gives an exampleof Christian witness to the
 ‘In resurrectione tua,Christe, coeli et terralaetentur!
CBCP head slams journalists for fake news
THE head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferenceof the Philippines (CBCP) has faulted some journalists for fabricating news.CBCP President Bishop Nereo Odchimarwas reacting against newspaper reports quot-ing him attacking Davao City’s proposed birthcontrol ordinance.In the reports, Odchimar was quoted say-ing: “We will counter any government officialpushing for the passage of a city ordinance
Fake / A6
Beatication / A6
Speak / A6Decree / A6Tripoli / A6
George Weigel slamscritics of John Paul II’sfast track to sainthood
www.cbcphealthcare.org www.cbcpmedia.com
   C  o  u  r   t  e  s  y  o   f   B  a   t  a  a  n   T  e  c   h  n  o   l  o  g   i  c  a   l   P  a  r   k ,   I  n  c .
Rome, world prepare for beatication of Pope John Paul II
 Tripoli prelate lauds Filipinonurses in Libya
Laguna / A6
By Pinky B. Barrientos, FSP
THE trimphat joy of theResrrectio shold challegeeery Christia to preach thetrths of faith withot fear i theface of ogoig attacks o thedigity of life, a high-rakig Catholic prelate said.
CBCP president and Tandag Bishop NereoOdchimar, in an Easter message, called onthe faithful anew to safeguard the dignityof life and counteract “every form of attackagainst the dignity and welfare of human-kind.”
“Let us not be selsh as to deprive others
of their right to live,” Odchimar said in hismessage.The Catholic Church has been staunchlyopposing the reproductive health bill beingdeliberated in Congress, citing the proposedmeasure as anti-life and anti-family.On March 25, an interfaith rally was or-ganized by the Archdiocese of Manila at theLuneta Grandstand calling on all Filipinos to
unite and ght the passage of the RH Bill.
Odchimar urged the people to contributein building a transformed society, encourag-ing everyone to “work for peace that lastsand justice that enhances human condi-tion.”He said the rising of Jesus from the deadmakes us the “victorious children of the res-urrection” and it would be “unjust of us notto proclaim the triumphant joy of Easter tothose who are seeking for light and life.”The prelate exhorted the faithful to remainsteadfast in preaching the truth of the gospeleven amidst opposition of “those whosehearts are hardened by pride and humanlymotivated principles.”He said there are people even now who
have remained rm in their unbelief, because
either they have not heard the gospel, orsimply trapped in atheistic values.But Jesus’ resurrection has conquereddeath and “once and for all crippled thefortress of darkness” and all the “evil en-slavement” characteristics of our societytoday, he said.“Our Lord himself who became man likeus went through even the worst of humandegradation and suffering in the hands of acorrupt humanity. His agony in the gardenof Gethsemane uncovered human fear in theface of death.” Jesus’ rising from the dead has overcomeVATICAN City (CNS)—As thecountdown continued for the
beatication of Pope John Paul II,
church and civil authorities put
the nishing touches on logistical
plans to handle potentially mas-sive crowds at the main eventsin Rome.Meanwhile, Vatican officialswere heartened at the massiveresponse to online projects de-
signed to make the beatication
a universal experience.Pope Benedict XVI will cel-
ebrate the beatication Mass in St.
Peter’s Square, May 1. Because notickets are being handed out forthe liturgy, no one really knowshow many people to expect.Estimates range from 300,000 to1.5 million, and crowd controlbarriers will be set up for blocksaround the Vatican.Immediately after Mass, thefaithful can pray before Pope John Paul’s unopened casket,which will be set in front of themain altar in St. Peter’s Basilica.The veneration is expected tocontinue most of the day.A large crowd is also expectedfor the prayer vigil April 30 atthe site of Rome’s ancient CircusMaximus racetrack, where PopeBenedict will make a video ap-
pearance. Rome church ofcials
have organized that event tounderline the strong connectionbetween the Polish pope and theDiocese of Rome.The French nun whose heal-ing was accepted as the miracleneeded for Pope John Paul’s
beatication will share her story
with pilgrims at the prayer vigil.Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, amember of the Little Sisters of theCatholic Motherhood, had been
Does PNoy really know RH Bill’s contents?Laguna clergy asks
The News Supplement forCouples for Christ
Speak the truth withcourage—CBCP head
diagnosed with Parkinson’s dis-ease and believes she was curedin 2005 through the intercessionof the late pope.
The morning after the beatica
-tion, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,the Vatican secretary of state, willcelebrate a Mass of thanksgivingin St. Peter’s Square. That liturgy,too, is expected to attract tens ofthousands of people.While the size of the crowdsremained a mystery, Vatican of-
cials said their online initiativeshad already taken the beatica
-tion to groups and individualsaround the world. For example,
the Vatican’s special beatication
Facebook page at www.facebook.com/vatican.johnpaul2 has hadmore than 6 million visits and hasgained nearly 50,000 followers.Similar pages have been opened
Congregation for DivineWorship and the Disciplineof the Sacraments
Decree Concerning Liturgical Worshipin Honor of Blessed John Paul II
ON account of his exceptional virtueacknowledged by the entire CatholicChurch throughout the world, the
Beatication of Venerable John Paul II
of happy memory is to be celebratedat the Basilica of St Peter in Rome withthe Supreme Pontiff Pope Benedict XVIpresiding. Given the extraordinarynature of this event and the numerousrequests received concerning liturgicalworship in honor of the new Blessedat certain times and in certain places,the Congregation for Divine Worshipand the Discipline of the Sacraments
sees t to communicate in a timely
manner what has been decided in thatrespect.
Mass of thaksgiig 
It has been decided that during
the year following the Beatication
of John Paul ii, that is, until 1 May2012, it will be possible to celebratea Holy Mass of thanksgiving in cer-tain places and on certain days. Theresponsibility of establishing the dayor days as well as the place or placesfor gathering the People of God forthis purpose belongs to the DiocesanBishop. Having considered the local
needs and pastoral benets, one Holy
Mass in honour of the new Blessedmay be celebrated on any Sundayduring the year or on another day ofthe week designated in numbers 10-13of the Table of Liturgical Days.Similarly, in religious communities,it is the responsibility of the SuperiorGeneral to establish the days and plac-es of such celebrations for the entirereligious community.As far as regards the celebration ofMass, besides the permission to singthe Gloria, the appropriate collect isto be prayed in honour of the Blessed;the other prayers, as well as the Pref-ace, the Antiphons, and the Readings,are to be taken from the “Common ofPastors: For a Pope”. If the celebrationfalls on a Sunday in Ordinary Time,appropriate texts for the First Read-ing, Responsorial Psalm, and Gospelmay be taken from the “Common of
Catholic community andthe rest of the
population, ac-cording to a news report fromAsiaNews.“Nurses and doctors con-tinue to provide their ser-vices with passion and con-scientiousness,” the vicarsaid, “giving their all tothe Christian community inLibya”.The same news report notedthat Filipino nurses are em-ployed in almost all of Libyanhealth facilities and many areworking in Benghazi, Misra-tah and Brega, areas wherehostilities between govern-ment forces and the rebels areongoing.The prelate also lauded thesteadfast faith of the Catholiccommunity in Tripoli, com-posed mostly of Filipinosand sub-Saharan African mi-grants.On weekends, at least 200people take part in Massesand pray together, he said,bearing witness on the im-portance of the Christian
A shrine dedicated to soon-to-be beatied Pope John Paul IIrises at a former refugee camp in Morong, Bataan which thepontiff visited 30 years ago. The shrine will be inauguratedat the former Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC)now known as the Bataan Technology Park, Inc. (BTPI) onMay 2, a day after the pope’s beatication in Rome.The Blessed Pope John Paul II
 Vol. 15 No. 9
April 25 - May 8, 2011
CBCP Monitor
First visit to Vietnam by arepresentative of the Holy See
 World News
   B  r  o .   J  a  a  z  e  a   l   J  a   k  o  s  a   l  e  m  w  w  w .   t   h  a  n   h  n   i  e  n  n  e  w  s .  c  o  m
ROME, Italy, April 25, 2011—Scholar and papal biographerGeorge Weigel batted asidecriticism of John Paul II’s speedycanonization process, sayingaccusations that the pontiff isresponsible for scandals thattook place under his watch areultimately unfounded.“The investigation into JohnPaul II’s life has been very thor-
ough, and the results ll four
thick volumes,” Weigel toldCNA in an April 25 interview.Author of the 1999 biographyof John Paul II, “Witness to
Hope,” Weigel rst countered
the claim that the late pontiff’scanonization process has movedtoo quickly.“John Paul himself waived the
ve-year waiting period usually
prescribed between someone’s
death and the ofcial openingof a beatication process in the
case of Mother Teresa—anotherinstance where there was greatpopular conviction about thedeceased’s sanctity,” he said.Weigel also took on the argu-
HANOI, Vietnam, April 21,2011—Bishop Leopoldo Girelli,representative of the Holy See
to Vietnam, undertook his rst
visit to the country. The prelatearrived in Hanoi last Mondayon the invitation of the Viet-namese Bishops’ Conference,welcomed by Archbishop PeterNguyen Van Nhon and manyother bishops as well as menand women religious.His trip includes a stop inHanoi for Holy Week and Eastercelebrations with Mass in thecapital’s cathedral and a meet-ing with the city’s Catholic com-munity. He will also participatein the biannual meeting of theVietnamese Bishops’ Confer-ence in Ho Chi Minh City on25-28 April. Afterwards, he willtravel to various dioceses in thesouthern part of the countrybefore leaving for Singaporeon 2 May.On 13 January 2011, BenedictXVI appointed Msgr. Girelli asapostolic nuncio to Singapore,LONDON, April 24, 2011—This week,some 900 Anglicans joined the CatholicChurch. While this may be a small startto some, Monsignor Andrew Burnham is
encouraging his ock to remember that
there were even fewer Christians at the
rst Easter.
Some 30 groups of former Anglicans,including more than 60 clergy, joinedthe Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady ofWalsingham, the new ordinariate for for-mer Anglicans coming into the CatholicChurch under the plan proposed by thePope in “Anglicanorum Coetibus.”At the reception of some 20 new mem-bers on Tuesday at the Oxford Oratory,Monsignor Burnham noted that even1,000 new Catholics is still not “statisti-
cally signicant.” The priest is one of three
former Anglican bishops who were ordainedto the Catholic priesthood in January.“Every time we hear a set of national sta-tistics,” he said, “even the statistics for rarediseases, the numbers seem to be in the 1,000s
and tens of thousands. What signicance
have 20 or 30, 60, 900 or 1000?”He warned of a “dangerous” scenariothat the “groups of incoming Anglicans willsimply melt into the crowd,” and that the“Pope’s imaginative and prophetic gesturein ‘Anglicanorum Cœtibus’ will have cometo nothing.”“But, there is a much more exciting scenar-io which could unfold,” Monsignor Burnhamcontinued. “And here we need to go back to
the rst Easter. Even smaller numbers than
now were involved.“By the end of the Last Supper the dis-
 Anglican ordinariate adds 900 members
George Weigel slams critics of JohnPaul II’s fast track to sainthood
ment that the sex abuse scandalswhich came to light during Pope
 John Paul’s ponticate—as well as
the problems that began to surfacewith Fr. Marcial Maciel, founderof the Legionaries of Christ—aredisqualifying factors.“As a matter of fact, in the U.S.and elsewhere, the majority ofabuses cases did not happen on John Paul II’s watch, althoughthe revelations of them did,” heexplained.“John Paul II was a great re-former of the priesthood, and theChurch’s ordained ministry is infar better shape today, because ofhim, than it was in 1978.”“Unless one understands that,one is not in a very secure posi-tion from which to assess how John Paul handled the abusecrisis when it burst into publicview in 2002,” he added.Weigel acknowledged that
certain Vatican ofces, especially
the Congregation for the Clergy,“were slower than they ought tohave been in recognizing the na-ture of the problem in the Unitedciples were down to eleven. By the time Jesus died on the cross there were onlytwo there—Our Blessed Lady and Johnthe Beloved Disciple. At the Gardenof Resurrection there were ones andtwos.”“From those small beginnings,” he af-
rmed. “Christianity moved from being
a small suspiciously-Galilean, rather un-fashionable Jewish sect to becoming the
ofcial religion of the known world. Andnot entirely successfully at rst.”
“I pray that groups of former Angli-cans, as here in Oxford, may grow andflourish within the fertile soil of theCatholic Church,” the monsignor stated,adding that the growth of the Churchlies in “the contribution of each one ofus.”
as well as apostolic delegate to
Malaysia and Brunei, and rst
non-resident representative toVietnam. This appointment isthe first concrete outcome oftalks between Holy See andVietnam, which have been go-ing for a quite some time. In2009, a joint Holy See-Vietnamgroup was set up to formalisenegotiations.On 19 April Msgr. Girelli, thearchbishop of Hanoi and other
ve prelates celebrated Chrism
Mass. Msgr. Girelli thankedhis hosts for their warm wel-come, expressing admirationfor the country’s “dynamic androbust” religious life. He alsourged priests to remain unitedwith their bishops, and leada religious existence “with achaste spirit and a big heart”.He also reminded them thatthey do not live for themselvesbut for others.State media did not reportthese Church-related events.Some reports did suggest thatthe faithful did not participatein the welcoming ceremony;however many of them wereoutside the Archbishop’s Resi-dence, carrying banners thatsaid, ‘Welcome the Holy See’sRepresentatives to Hanoi,’ ‘TheStates and in devising appropri-ate remedies for it.”However, as for Pope JohnPaul himself, “once it becameclear, in April 2002, that thiscould not be handled by theAmerican bishops themselvesand that a papal interventionwas required, he intervened andmade unmistakably clear that‘there is no place in the priest-hood for those who would harmthe young.’”As for the Pope’s relationshipwith Fr. Maciel, Weigel said that John Paul II was “deceived” bythe ex-priest, along with “many,many people.”The papal biographer said thatthe only relevant questions with
respect to the beatication are
“whether John Paul II’s failureto see through Maciel’s decep-tions was willful or venal ormalicious.”
Weigel explained that the rst
situation would mean “he knew
about Maciel’s perdies and did
nothing about the situation,”and the second would mean “hesheep need true shepherd’ and‘The sheep need no rent-a-shepherd’.The faithful reportedly pre-sented a letter to Msgr. Girelliwhose contents are not known.
ABU DHABI, April 22, 2011—Eventhough they had to emigrate to the UnitedArab Emirates (UAE) to earn their living,in Abu Dhabi Filipino Catholics have notgiven up on living their faith, despite theusual difficulties and restrictions imposedin Muslim countries. On Good Friday,Abu Dhabi’s small Catholic community(pictured) went on the traditional pil-grimage of the ‘Seven Churches’ (VisitaIglesia) visiting the few Catholic placesof worship that exist in the country, hun-dreds of kilometres from one another insome cases.Orlan Santos, who works as a clerk for AlAin Hospital’s emergency department, wasone of the organisers of this year’s VisitaIglesia. He said dozens of people took partin the event, despite the distance and desertheat. Many of them are foreign Catholics inUnited Arab Emirates for work.“In the Philippines, the churches are all inthe same neighbourhood, but here they [are]hundreds of kilometres from one anotherand we have to take the bus” to visit them,he explained.In order to maintain an atmosphere ofsilence and meditation, pilgrims recited theMysteries of the Rosary during the trip.The tradition of the ‘Visita Iglesia’ wasbrought to what is now the Philippines bySpanish missionary in the early 18th century.The custom follows the traditional visitto seven Roman basilicas. It is somethingthat brings together all Filipinos on GoodFriday.Worshippers can choose the places theywant to visit and at each church, they canmeditate at two of the 14 stations of the Wayof the Cross.For this pilgrimage, Abu Dhabi Filipinoschose St. Joseph’s Church in Abu Dhabi, St.Mary’s churches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,St. Francis of Assisi Church in Dubai, St. Mi-chael’s Church in Sharjah, and St. Anthonyde Padua Church in Ras al-Kaimah.Although for many of them, the VisitaIglesia is only done for “tradition’s sake”,Orlan Santos said, for him that is not the case.“I can only hope that my children wouldfollow what they see in us, and teach this totheir future kids as well.”Santos is one of the over 250,000 Catholicforeign workers in the United Arab Emir-ates, the only Gulf state that allows a certaindegree of religious freedom and has not op-posed Christian places of worship.About ten million Filipinos work abroad,about two million in Muslim countries, mostof which ban churches and public display ofthe Christian faith.In order to help migrant workers, the Cath-olic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippineshas set up a website (www.visitaiglesia.net);this enables overseas Filipinos to visit in avirtual pilgrimage the main Catholic placesof worship in Manila.This year, the site received about 50,000visits per day since the start of Holy Week.On Good Friday, about 100,000 visitorsare expected, twice as many as last year.
Abu Dhabi: Filipino Catholics visit seven churches,braving distance and desert
Bloggers look forward to Vatican meeting
Bloggers worldwide, from moms to bishops, are looking forwardto the May 2 meeting in the Vatican regarding the use of blogtechnology in dialogue with the Catholic faith. Lisa Hendey, aCalifornia-based Catholic mom who was chosen as one of the 150participants in this meeting, shared hopes “to learn more about
the Vatican’s plans for employing technology, and specically
social media, in catechesis and evangelization.”
Prelate condemns World War II gypsy genocide
A history of discrimination and persecution, including genocideperpetrated by the Nazis during World War II, calls for an ac-tive integration of gypsies in society, says Archbishop Antonio
Vegliò. The head of the Pontical Council for Migrants and
Travelers stressed the importance of this integration so that thepeople of this cultural group will be able to overcome their fearof being absorbed and deprived of their identity.
Pope contrasts Easter joy with suffering humanity
In his Easter message, Benedict XVI contrasted the joy of theResurrection with the sufferings and “painful situations” that
continue to afict mankind, such as natural disasters, poverty,
illness and war. Before imparting his blessing “urbi et orbi” (tothe city of Rome and the world), the Pope noted that at Easter“the hosts of angels, saints and blessed souls join with one voicein our exultant song. [...] But alas, it is not so on earth!” “Here,in this world of ours,” he said, “the Easter alleluia still contrastswith the cries and laments that arise from so many painful situ-ations: deprivation, hunger, disease, war, violence.”
Pontiff mourns Cardinal Saldarini
Benedict XVI affirmed his personal grief at the death ofCardinal Giovanni Saldarini, the retired archbishop of Turinwho died April 18 at 86. A papal telegram sent to the currentarchbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosiglia, noted the cardinal’s
“long illness lived with condent abandonment in the Lord.”
“Thinking with affection of this dear brother who servedgenerously the Gospel and the Church,” the Bishop of Romeexpressed to Archbishop Nosiglia, to the whole Turin com-munity and to the deceased cardinal’s family his “profoundparticipation in your sorrow.”
Vatican newspaper goes online in English
For the rst time ever the Vatican newspaper will now provide
a daily news service in English. Up until now L’OsservatoreRomano has only printed a weekly English edition. Its dailyedition meanwhile has always been in Italian. But now the
Vatican’s semi-ofcial paper has launched a new website
aimed at providing constantly updated coverage in bothEnglish and Italian. The newspaper says it eventually wantsto expand the languages available online to include German,Spanish, French, Polish and Portuguese. However, these of-ferings would only be updated weekly.
St. Adalbert of Prague, bishop and martyr,remembered April 23
On April 23, the Catholic Church will celebrate the martyrdomof St. Adalbert of Prague, a bishop who lost his life standing upagainst the pagan practices of Central Europe during the 10thcentury. Originally given the name of Wojtech, the boy whowould be known as St. Adalbert was born to a family of nobilityin the Central European region of Bohemia during the mid-900s.When Wojtech became seriously ill during his childhood, hisparents resolved that they would offer their son to God as apriest if their prayers for his survival were granted.
Vatican withdraws recognition of international Catholicpress group
The Pontical Council for the Laity has withdrawn the canonical
recognition of the International Catholic Union of the Press as aCatholic organization because of operational irregularities. “It is adisaster from a functional point of view,” said Guzman Carriquiry,undersecretary of the council. Carriquiry said that the council’sdecision had nothing to do with questions involving faith or moralsbut were motivated by questions involving the rights of members
and the transparency of UCIP’s staff and top ofcers.
Quest for God’s love, wisdom must never stop, popesays
Never stop searching for God and being open to receivinghis love and wisdom, Pope Benedict XVI said. “Driven bylove, God has set out toward us” in order to “meet the unrestof our hearts, the unrest of our questioning and seeking,” hesaid April 21 during the chrism Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.“That restlessness for God, that journeying toward him, so asto know and love him better, must not be extinguished in us,”said the pope in his homily.
Vatican Brieng
knew that Maciel was a socio-pathic fraud and didn’t care.”“There isn’t a shred of evi-dence that would sustain apositive answer to any of thosequestions,” he stressed. “To eventhink that such could be the caseis to utterly miss the character ofthe late Pope.”Weigel added that it’s “gro-tesquely disproportionate, fromany serious historical point ofview” to “focus so much atten-tion on Maciel at the time of John
Paul II’s beatication, as if his
case offered a privileged win-dow into a twenty-six and a halfyear pontificate that changedthe history of the Church andthe world.”Weigel also addressed the crit-icism that Pope John Paul failedin his duties, given the decline ofChristianity in Europe in recentdecades as well as the scandals
under his ponticate.
“He didn’t fail, and those whosuggest that he did are living ina very strange place,” he said.
 Vol. 15 No. 9
April 25 - May 8, 2011
CBCP Monitor
  w  w  w .  z   i  m   b   i  o .  c  o  m
us so much that he suffered for us, thatfrom his death there might emerge a
new, denitive and healed life.”
The Easter reoltio
Benedict XVI said that the events ofEaster fundamentally changed the ori-entation of the week for early Church.In the Jewish tradition, the week culmi-nates on the seventh day, which is theSabbath, the day of encounter with God,and a day of rest.For Christians in the early Church,
however, the rst day of the week, Sun
-day, became the day to commemoratethe Resurrection, the day that Christshowed himself to his disciples, and theday of the Eucharist.“The structure of the week is over-turned,” the Pope noted. “No longerdoes it point toward the seventh day, asthe time to participate in God’s rest. It
sets out from the rst day as the day of
encounter with the Risen Lord.”“This change is utterly extraordinary,considering that the Sabbath, the sev-enth day seen as the day of encounterwith God, is so profoundly rooted inthe Old Testament,” the Pontiff added.“If we also bear in mind how much themovement from work towards the rest-day corresponds to a natural rhythm,the dramatic nature of this change iseven more striking.”He stated that the “revolutionarydevelopment” of the early Church “canbe explained only by the fact that some-thing utterly new happened that day.”On Easter, Benedict XVI said, “theworld had changed”: “This man whohad died was now living with a life thatwas no longer threatened by any death.A new form of life had been inaugu-rated, a new dimension of creation.”
“The rst day, according to the Gene
-sis account, is the day on which creationbegins,” he said. “Now it was the dayof creation in a new way, it had becomethe day of the new creation.”
“We celebrate the rst day,” the Holy
Father said. “And in so doing we cel-ebrate God the Creator and his creation.Yes, we believe in God, the Creator ofheaven and earth. And we celebrate theGod who was made man, who suffered,died, was buried and rose again.
“We celebrate the denitive victory
of the Creator and of his creation. Wecelebrate this day as the origin and thegoal of our existence. We celebrate itbecause now, thanks to the risen Lord, it
is denitively established that reason is
stronger than unreason, truth strongerthan lies, love stronger than death.”
News Features
  w  w  w .   k  a   t  o   l   i   k  o .  o  r  g  w  w  w .  r  c  a   l   d .  o  r  g
Bishop / A7
Pope prays for peace, freedomin world’s troubled spots
 Youth challenged to create new Renaissance with social media
ROME, April 15, 2011―The Secretaryof the Vatican’s Pontical Council
on Social Communications says hewants to challenge young Catholicsto “be geniuses and creators of a newRenaissance” using social media.Monsignor Paul Tighe likenedthe blossoming of social media tothe ancient architectural wonders
created during the rst Renaissance.“The magnicent churches of Romewere built during the rst Renais
-sance using the new technology, artand engineering of the time. Youngpeople can now do the same todayusing the wonderful new technolo-gies at their disposal including newmedia,” he said in an April 15 inter-view with CNA.
The pontical council Msgr. Tighe
works for was established in 1948by Pope Pius XII primarily to moni-
tor and critique the lm industry.
Since then its work has expandedas modern forms of communica-tions have proliferated. Presently theCouncil is helping to overhaul theVatican’s presence on the Internet,bringing all the Church’s major newsagencies together onto one web-site. That includes the newspaper“L’Osservatore Romano,” VaticanRadio and Fides news agency.Msgr. Tighe now wants youngCatholics to realize the potential ofthe image and likeness of God—toseek friendship. I’d hope youngpeople can then open up to thatultimate other, God, through thesame means.”Msgr. Tighe pointed to websitessuch as “Sacred Space” which, hesays, provide online “silence andsolitude” for anybody seeking God.Meanwhile, the project to bringall the Vatican’s media outlets ontoone website should be completeby Easter Sunday this year.
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Bishop lauds parents’ role in priests’ early formation
VATICAN City, April 23, 2011―Faith
in God and in the events of salvationhistory must necessarily begin witha belief in God’s role as Creator, saysBenedict XVI.In his homily at the Easter Vigil, heldtonight in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Popeasked, “Is it really important to speakalso of creation during the Easter Vigil?Could we not begin with the events inwhich God calls man, forms a peoplefor himself and creates his history withmen upon the earth?”“The answer has to be no,” he stated.“To omit the creation would be to mis-understand the very history of God withmen, to diminish it, to lose sight of itstrue order of greatness.”“The sweep of history established byGod reaches back to the origins, back tocreation,” the Pontiff explained. “Ourprofession of faith begins with thewords: ‘We believe in God, the FatherAlmighty, Creator of heaven and earth.’If we omit the beginning of the Credo,the whole history of salvation becomestoo limited and too small.”According to the Holy Father, thecentral message of the creation accountin Scripture was summed up best by St. John in the opening words of his Gospel:“In the beginning was the Word.”“The world is a product of the Word,”Benedict XVI stated, “of the Logos, asSt. John expresses it. [...] ‘Logos’ means‘reason,’ ‘sense,’ ‘word.’ It is not reasonpure and simple, but creative Reason,that speaks and communicates itself.It is Reason that both is and createssense.”“The creation account tells us, then,that the world is a product of creativeReason,” he continued. “Hence it tellsus that, far from there being an absenceof reason and freedom at the origin ofall things, the source of everything iscreative Reason, love, and freedom.”As a result, the Holy Father explainedthat the creation account of Scripture
and St. John’s Gospel afrm “that in the
beginning is reason,” and that mankindwas not the product of random evolu-tion “in the expanding universe, at alate stage, in some tiny corner of thecosmos.”“If man were merely a random prod-uct of evolution in some place on themargins of the universe, then his lifewould make no sense or might evenbe a chance of nature,” he said. “Butno, Reason is there at the beginning:creative, divine Reason.”The Pontiff urged the faithful to “placeourselves on the side of reason, freedomand love—on the side of God who lovesDAGUPAN City, April 23, 2011—Lin-gayen-Dagupan Archbishop SocratesVillegas praised the memory of thepriests’ parents and their contributionto the clergy’s early formation dur-ing the chrism mass celebrated at theCathedral of St. John de Evangelist onHoly Thursday.
He extolled the sacrices of parents
in bringing up their children imbuedwith the truth of the Catholic faith andthe love of God.
Reecting on the gift of priesthood,
Villegas reminded the clergy that their journey to the priesthood did not com-mence on ordination.Instead, he said it began way back ininfancy, at home under the care of one’sparents and family.
“Before we knew the church, we rst
knew our family. Before we saw the
father of the parish, we rst knew the fa
ther of the home. Indeed the rst priest
we knew was our father at home—heprovided for us, he disciplined us, hecared for us, we kissed his hands andhe blessed us. Before we heard that theChurch is our holy mother, we firstexperienced the caress of our motherat home. Before we tasted the Bread of
Life, we rst tasted the sweet milk from
our mother’s breast. In the beginning,there were no priests; there were onlyparents,” Villegas said in his homily.He reminded the priests not to fallinto the temptation of thinking they arebetter off than their parents because oftheir long seminary training and ad-vanced studies.“The greatest in the kingdom of
Faith in God begins withcreation, says pope
this digital age.
“The rst thing is that for young people
‘new media’ isn’t actually new. It’s justeveryday life to them. So I want them tohave a sense of how things were beforeand how exciting this digital age actuallyis. It has big potential,” he said.He also noted that the social mediacan be used to draw people to Christ.“It’s interesting how the new technolo-gies are being used by young people asa way of seeking friendship with others.That’s not just a cultural phenomenon.It’s actually in our nature—made inVATICAN City, April 24,
2011―In an Easter blessing
to the world, Pope BenedictXVI prayed that Christ’s res-urrection may open paths of“freedom, justice and peace”for troubled populations of theMiddle East and Africa.The pope urged an end toviolence in Libya and IvoryCoast, assistance to refugeesflooding out of North Africaand consolation for the victimsof the Japanese earthquake. Heprayed for those persecutedfor their Christian faith, andpraised their courage.He spoke from the centralbalcony of St. Peter’s BasilicaApril 24 in his blessing “urbi etorbi” (to the city of Rome andto the world), after celebratingMass for nearly 100,000 peoplein St. Peter’s Square. Broadcastto many countries and live-streamed on the Internet, itwas the last major event onthe 84-year-old pontiff’s heavyHoly Week schedule.Pope Benedict said the res-urrection of Christ must notbe viewed as “the fruit ofspeculation or mystical experi-ence.” It happened in a precisemoment and marked historyforever, giving human eventsnew strength, new hope andnew meaning, he said.“The entire cosmos is rejoic-ing today,” and every personopen to God has reason to beglad, he said.But the joy of Easter con-trasts with “the cries and la-ments that arise from so manypainful situations: depriva-tion, hunger, disease, war,violence,” the pope said.He prayed that “the splen-dor of Christ reach the peoplesof the Middle East, so that thelight of peace and of humandignity may overcome thedarkness of division, hate andviolence.” In Libya, he said,diplomacy and violence needto take the place of armedfighting, and the sufferingmust have access to humani-tarian aid.The pope alluded to thecivil unrest that has spreadthroughout northern Africaand the Middle East, encour-aging all citizens there, espe-cially young people, to workfor a society where povertyis defeated and where “everypolitical choice is inspired byrespect for the human person.”The refugees who have fled theconflicts deserve a generousresponse by other populations,he added.The pope said the manyforms of suffering in “thiswounded world” make theEaster message all the moremeaningful.“In our hearts there is joyand sorrow, on our faces thereare smiles and tears. Such isour earthly reality. But Christis risen, he is alive and hewalks with us,” he said. Hethen offered Easter greetingsin 65 languages, including Chi-nese, Hindi and Swahili.The pope arrived at theEaster liturgy in an open jeep,riding through a crowd thatoverflowed the square intoadjacent streets. Many of thepilgrims were Poles who hadalready arrived in Rome forthe May 1 beatification of Pope John Paul II.As clouds gave way to sun-shine, the pope celebratedMass on an altar surroundedAlbania, China, Peru, Russia,Singapore and Switzerland.He poured holy water from agolden shell over each catechu-men’s head, and later acceptedoffertory gifts from the newlybaptized.In a sermon, he analyzedwhy the Christian’s sense ofenvironmental responsibilityis directly connected to thecore beliefs of the faith.“We relate to God the cre-ator, and so we have a respon-sibility for creation,” he said.“Only because God createdeverything can he give us lifeand direct our lives.”The trajectory of salvationhistory, which reaches a sum-mit with Christ’s resurrec-tion, reaches all the way backto creation, he said. For theChristian, he said, the accountof creation is not about thescientific process involved,but something deeper: it saysthat the source of everything isnot pure chance, but “creativereason, love and freedom.”The pope rejected an evolu-tionary account that excludesa divine purpose.“It is not the case that theexpanding universe, at a latestage, in some tiny corner ofthe cosmos, there evolvedrandomly some species of liv-ing being capable of reasoningand of trying to find rationalitywithin creation, or to bring ra-tionality into it,” he said.“If man were merely a ran-dom product of evolution insome place on the margins ofthe universe, then life wouldmake no sense,” he said. “Rea-son is there at the beginning:creative, divine reason.”The pope said Easter was aGod is not the most educated or the
most popular or the most inuential
but the one who stoops down to serve.The greatest is the servant,” Villegasstressed.He commended the parents’ simplebut deep piety, telling priests that it is“our mother’s novenas that we nowridicule as self proclaimed intellectu-als were the prayers that sustainedus and continue to nourish us in theministry.”
 Delivers homily at Easter Vigil in St. Peter’s
good time for Christians to re-mind themselves that the faithembraces everything about thehuman being, from his originsto his eternal destiny.“Life in the church’s faithinvolves more than a set offeelings and sentiments andperhaps moral obligations,”he said.On Good Friday, the popepresided over a nighttime Wayof the Cross liturgy at Rome’sColiseum, where traditionholds that early Christianswere put to death. Kneeling ona platform on a hillside facingthe ancient amphitheater, thepope opened the ceremonywith a prayer that drew atten-tion to the constant strugglebetween good and evil in hu-man history.He appeared to refer to thepriestly sex abuse scandalwhen he spoke of the “hour ofdarkness” when “an emptinessof meaning and values nul-lifies the work of education,and the disorder of the heartdisfigures the innocence of thesmall and the weak.”The meditations for the 14Stations of the Cross werewritten this year by an Augus-tinian nun, Mother Maria RitaPiccione. The texts encouragedChristians to develop the abil-ity to listen to the subtle voiceof God that speaks through thehuman conscience, and not toignore the needs of the poorand suffering in their midst.In a closing talk, the popesaid that reliving the dramaof Christ’s crucifixion demon-strates that the cross is not atriumphal symbol but ratherthe sign of “God’s immenselove” for humanity.
by flower gardens of yellownarcissus, cream-colored rosesand blue delphiniums—alldonated and shipped to Romeby Dutch florists.After the Gospel reading, anOrthodox choir sang a hymn ofpsalms of the Byzantine liturgi-cal tradition, marking the factthat the Catholic and Orthodoxcelebration of Easter fell on thesame day this year.In a lengthy Easter vigilMass in St. Peter’s Basilica thenight before, the pope baptizedand confirmed six adults from
Archbishop Socrates Villegas embraces his priests during the chrism Mass held at the Cathedralof St. John de Evangelist.

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