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Chicago Ara Zine 2 Mayday Edition Online

Chicago Ara Zine 2 Mayday Edition Online

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Published by Laurie O'brian

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Published by: Laurie O'brian on Apr 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Please get in touch if you have information about racist activities,organizations or individuals in your area or if you would like to be-come involved with ARA.Website: http://southsideara.blogspot.comWebsite (backup): http://southsideara.wordpress.comEmail: southsidechicagoara (at) hushmail (dot) comARA Network: http://www.antiracistaction.org
We go where they go:
Whenever fascists are organizing or ac-tive in public, we’re there. We don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!
We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us:
This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops upholdwhite supremacy and the status quo, They attack us and ev-eryone that resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves toprotect ourselves and stop the fascists.
Non-Sectarian defense of other Anti-Fascists:
In ARA, wehave lots of different groups and individuals. We don’t agreeabout everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in thismovement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We standbehind each other.
We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom:
ARAintends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strongmovement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamopho-bia, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination against thedisabled, the oldest, the youngest and the most oppressed peo-ple. We want a free classless society.
• New Jersey Reportback:: The Battle of Pemberton: ARA vs NSM• The Rejection of the Identity of Victimization through Cracking a Nazi’s Skull• 2011 Hitler Birthday Celebration Attacked by Anti-fascists• “The Minutemen” Film Crew Met with Protests, Eggings and a Shit-lled Pie• Anti-Choicers’ Cars Attacked at Joe Scheidler’s Tribute Ceremony• Pro choice Militants take on Joe Scheidler and the Pro Life Action League• Chicago Anti-Fascists Attack Secrets• March 10 Immigrant Rights Mobilization / Liberation Square• October 16 Midwest Regional Anti-war March in Chicago• South Side Chicago ARA Reportback on July 31st Day of Action• Tips for Antifascist Street Battles
• INSF Collapses After Leadership Exposed as Known Pedophile• Wilmette Nazi Patrick Langballe Arrested for Breaking into a Gas Station• Neo Nazi Mariusz Wdziekonski Sentenced to Seven Years• Creativity Movement leader Brian Moudry Arrested for Waving Weapons at Children• Michael Schloer On The Streets: NSM Chicago, Where Are They Now?• Andrew Jackson of the INSF Behind Bars for Attempted Home Invasion• Illinois State Trooper Beaten on St. Patricks Day for Making Racist Comments• Yellow Cab Finally Removes Islamophobic Taxi Cab Ads• Racist Glenn Beck Speaking at Right-Wing Hate Fest “Right Nation 2010″• Brian Lloyd Christian: Pianist, Teacher, and White Supremacist• PROTEST Against “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality”
• Spokane: Bomb Discovered on MLK Parade Route Planted by White Supremacist• NSM to Protest Milwaukee Pridefest and “Communist” Roller Derby Team• Stop Indiana from becoming the “Arizona of the Midwest”• Indiana Anti-Immigrant Bill Reects A “Quiet Awakening” of Racists• Exposing Grand Rapids Nazi Michael Peterson “Ragnar Whiteson”• Confront David Irving’s 2011 Holocaust Denial Tour • David Irving’s Indianapolis Speaking Event Attacked… Twice• Disgraced Neo-Nazi Bill White’s Conviction in Chicago• Iowa Anarchists Shut Down Neo-Nazi Rally in Des Moines• Rumors: Street Stories of Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist Actions in the U.S. & Canada
• Antifascists vs Fascism vs the State: a Three Way Fight, not Democracy in Crisis• Race, Class Struggle & Organized labour in the “Age of Wisconsin”• Advancing the Understanding of the Ones We Destroy
Chicago ARA is pleased to announce that we will be host
ing the 17th Annual Anti-Racist Action Network conferencein 2011. The conference will include workshops, speakers,
caucuses, network plenaries, and social events and will bebringing a diversity of anti-racist and anti-fascist activists fromacross the continent. As time draws near we will announcemore detailed info such as workshop topics and schedule.We hope all individuals and chapters within and outside of 
the ARA Network will join us. Mad props and thanks go out toRose City Antifa for hosting the 2010 conference.
In solidarity with worker and immigrant communi-ties who rise up every year on this date and takeaction against the bosses and politicians that op-press us all, we are proud to release the second
issue of the South Side ARA zine on May Day.
This issue contains action reportbacks from thepast year, information on active fascists in the
area, news & analysis, and more. Please read,copy, and redistribute as you see t.May 1st - International Workers Day is celebrat
ed worldwide. On this date in Chicago, during the1886 General Strike, workers and immigrantsfought and died ghting for better working condi
-tions and an eight hour work day. To this day,the State, the rich ruling class, and street-levelfascists are still attacking marginalized commu-nities and the working class. Several states arepassing legislation to privatize public servicesand attack union collective bargaining rights,while other bills are being passed which encode
racial proling and attack immigrant communities. At the same time, Nazis, the Klan and
other street-level white supremacists are spreading racial terror through vigilante border patrols, rallies and marches, and even attempted assassinations and bombings.
As the crisis of capitalism intensies, it is becoming more and more necessary to orga
-nize and take direct action against the forces that seek to dominate our lives and theplanet. We hope the release of this issue will spark debate and inspire action to destroyall forms of oppression.
The National Socialist Movement (NSM),
a group that tries to dance around the factthat they are Nazis while sporting swasti-kas on their uniforms and sieg heiling, hadbeen planning to host their annual confer-ence along with a rally, redneck horse shoeand band spectacle for several months.
The dates were set for April 15th and 16thin Trenton, New Jersey. Of course we can
assume they expected some unhappyspectators at the rally but what they didn’tpredict was an all out battle that left 4 of 
their “SS security” force in the hospital withmultiple staples. The NSM went through
quite a bit of trouble keeping their eventand sleeping locations private. This was
nothing but a waste of time for the NSM
considering the turncoats within their organization leaked the information to anti-fascistsweeks in advance.
The 15th came around and a phone jam was put on both the hotel, where 50 or 60of them stayed for the weekend(the Comfort Inn off 209 in Bordentown, NJ) and their conference location (the 449 club at 6 Pemberton Ave in Pemberton). Just as the confer 
ence was about to begin 30 of us took the streets about 2 blocks away and marched in
black bloc to the conference location. Within that time several people living and passingthrough the neighborhood began to stare from the cars and porches as we let them know
Nazis were meeting in their town. One person, upon notication, parked his car and joined the bloc immediately, eager to confront the boneheads. By the time we arrived todemonstrate a few nazis from the NSM gathered outside of the conference space butwithin a few seconds about 30 or 40 of their fully SS uniformed security were out with
chairs, thinking they were about to kick some antifa tail. After some exchanged words
the NSM walked off the property to engage us. They wanted a brawl…and we defended
ourselves successfully.After a brutal rumble of evenly matched
numbers the NSM quickly scurried back
to the property with bashed skulls, bruisedfaces and damaged property, sending 4
boneheads to the hospital (2 of which may
still remain there). At this point the copshad shown up and we managed to retreat
with one comrade minorly injured and two
arrested. It can be assumed that if the con-ference was not shut down completely, thetalking they were doing had nothing to do
with rank promotions and ve year plans,
as it was supposed to. This was the part of the purpose of our demonstration; we arenot trying to change their minds or tell themthey have been bad little nazi sub-humans.We want to disempower them, leave themin fear and most importantly crush whatthey are trying to build. Not only did we winthe physical battle by a mile, but given thegoal at hand, they were completely defeat-ed. The conference was now minimized to
a retreating space where the NSM would
pout and discuss their defeat. According tosome sources not only did some members
of the NSM check into a different hotel, spending more money and fearing more attacks,
but even the cops were laughing at how bad the nazis were beat and were quoted saying
“ARA isn’t playing this weekend”, but then again, are we ever?The next day, April 16th, it was time for the downtown rally in Trenton followed by thebackyard concert on Jason Heickes’ property. Before the NSM showed for their hour 
long spectacle in which they gained no supporters whatsoever, not only were ARA, thenew Black Panthers and other radical groups ready to confront the Nazis but the com-
munity itself lled the streets with rage looking to clean house. The NSM was protected
by several hundreds of cops, as you can expect, and because of this there really was nophysical stand off aside from a few rocks hurled at their busses as they exited the city.This was a second victory for us since they gained absolutely nothing and no one out of the formality while we showed our numbers and that we were more then prepared for an-other round. After the Nazis left, one of our other enemies in the three way struggle, thecops, moved aggressively to force us out of the city, but not before a few folks smashedsome Bank of America windows. These actions show that the rage against the fascistsis not based out of a will to preserve the status quo or protect capitalism but rather a willto reclaim what is ours and to smash racism, fascism and all oppression and apparatiof control. Since one of the band members from Zyklon B had his head split wide open
in the melee and because it was raining we assume the outdoor concert on Heickes’property was at the very least not what they expected bringing. Yet another victory for 
our side.
NSM wave ags at the New Jersey state
house protected by hundreds of police

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