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Psychic Shielding

Psychic Shielding

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Published by fg77

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: fg77 on Apr 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic Shielding
by Druidess of DisirGood shielding techniques should, in my personal opinion, be one of the first fewessential lessons for those seeking to learn how to sense and use their own personalenergies and the energies present in the world around them. And so I offer my owntechniques and experiences on this very important basic lesson.Most good shielding requires the student have some aptitude at and knowledge of visualization techniques, which may be combined with meditation. Basic energy sensingand manipulation is also helpful, although not necessarily required. Both are beyond thescope of this essay.
 Importance of Shielding
I cannot stress enough the importance of good shielding techniques. Opening oneself tobe able to feel and manipulate internal and external energies can also leave onevulnerable to attack and influence of directed and undirected energies. Below are a fewexamples of “directed and undirected energies”:
Car salesmen (or any salespeople, for that matter) are notorious schmooze artists.Part of their innate charisma is a natural ability (subconscious or not) toenergetically push their will upon their customers. This would also apply to anysuccessful con artist. A good shield on the part of the customer may cause somevexation to the salesman who is unable to convince him to buy more than he canafford.
Most people at one time or another have had the experience of walking into aroom just after a heated argument has occurred. Even though they may not havewitnessed or heard the fight, and the people in the room were acting friendlytoward each other, a good number of people will say they can “feel the tension inthe air” and may actually be more prone to hostility after entering the room. Thiscan be thought of as psychic residue, and can strongly affect some people. Thesame could be said for a space in which any emotionally charged event hasoccurred. Shielding can help keep such free-floating energies from having anunwanted effect.
There are quite a number of people who, through either natural ability or goodtraining, can sense details about other people. That is, people who can psychically“read” another person if that person is not well shielded. Conversely, nearlyeveryone could probably come up with the names of a few people who neverseem to let on what they’re truly thinking. They are “unreadable” and probablyvery well shielded through either innate ability or practice.
There are some people who are so negative that they drain other people mentally,emotionally, physically and psychically. Almost everyone can probably think of at least one friend or acquaintance who can ruin the best day and make them feeltired or even physically ill. Effective shielding can reduce or eliminate this effect.
 Basic Techniques – Visualizations
The basic techniques for shielding are very simple, but they require quite a bit of practiceat first to be effective. Here are a few simple methods for the novice.
 Beginner Visualization (The White Egg)
The most basic shielding technique involves the student visualizing a barrier of some sortaround him/herself. The most basic barrier is probably the sphere or egg of white light.The technique is as follows:Ground and center your energy using whatever method you wish. Close your eyesand breathe deeply for a few minutes. Allow yourself to see your body with yourmind’s eye. Hold this image until it becomes stable. Now see your skin begin toglow with white light. Allow this light to become a layer that covers your entirebody. Let it expand to be as thick as you think it needs to be and continue to growoutward. As it moves away from the surface of your body, it becomes a glowingwhite egg (or sphere) encircling you from all directions. Allow it to expand to theedge of your personal comfort zone. Know that you are safe within this space, andallow yourself to feel calm here. Hold this image firmly in your mind for severalminutes before opening your eyes.Use this visualization whenever you feel you need protection, and particularly beforedoing any other energetic or psychic work. It is also a good practice to begin your daywith this visualization and to consciously draw your attention toward the mental image of your shield throughout the day whenever you think about it or when you feel you need it.At first, it may be necessary to go through the entire visualization (which may take somepeople up to 10 minutes or so) every time you want to shield yourself. This is perfectlynormal. It should become much easier with practice, and it may eventually require only afew seconds to complete the visualization.
Visualization Variations
There are many different ways to visualize a shield around your physical body. Somepeople like the white light method. Others prefer to visualize something more familiarand solid around them than a glowing white egg. I have included below some variationsto use in place of the white egg. Just use the exercise above and replace the egg withwhatever else you’d like to use.
Marshmallows or pillows: to give the feeling of a little extra padding between youand whatever you happen to face.
Wire mesh: filters out the bad stuff while still allowing “good vibes” to comethrough.
Mirror: reflects negativity back to the originator.
Brick walls: for especially tough shields.
Fire: burns away bad stuff.…And the list goes on! Whatever you can imagine that you think would be a good shieldyou can use. The important thing is that it makes you feel safe and that you practice withit enough that you are comfortable putting up your shield on short notice.

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