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You Shouldn't Play With Fire

You Shouldn't Play With Fire

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Published by sunnibunni770
Bella is not who you think she is and Jasper will figured out.
Bella is not who you think she is and Jasper will figured out.

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Published by: sunnibunni770 on Apr 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Okay, this is about Bella and Jasper, of course.So, this is before New Moon, but like, after Twilight, like in the middle. So just say this is theNEW New Moon. Anyways, Edward and Bella retogether, but everyone in the house has secrets. Well, you’ll just have tofigure out. Bella ischanging and driftingaway from Edward.Jasper doesn’t,honestly, like Bella. Hethinks as her as aliability and is kinda a jerk in this. But, he findsher interesting in a way.So, Bella’s looks likethis! I know what you’rethinking ‘Finally Kristen’!I also liked Jasper’s hair in Eclipse so that’s what he looks like in thisstory. The whole baseball scene thing never happened.Okay, I have changed a few things so you shouldprobably reread this, sorry! Also, I changed her blonde because Bree said it would be cute.Honestly, I think she’s cuter as a blonde.
“She’s not my fucking mate!” I growled in outrage, glaring at myso-called-brother. He rolled his red eyes, but glared at me with thesame anger, squeezing the steering wheel.“For someone who’s been a vampire almost as long as Carlisle,you’re pretty fucking retarded!” he snarled back.“Fuck you, Peter! Like you know shit!” I replied sarcastically,venom leaking into my voice. He screeched the car to a stop and Islammed into the dashboard, causing a dent.He was out in a blur, on my side, yanking the hard door off androaring at me in anger and frustration, “Get out of the fucking car,you fucking dick! I am so sick and tired of listening to you mopeand complain! Go do that shit somewhere else! You’re my brother, but you can obviously see you love this fucking girl, so why doyou deny?” he was breathing heavily and I was shocked at hisscreaming.
Obviously he has a death wish…
“She’s not my mate. She has Edw—” I started, but he suddenlylifted the big SUV and turned it over, causing it to roll down thesteep hill. I jumped out, growling at him. The car made a giantsplash, falling into the water.“Shut the fuck up! Edward is nothing but a pawn to the pixie.They’re using your mate! They’re feeding her lies and you just upand fucking left because you were scared to show your realfeelings!” he hissed in my face.
“Fuck you, Peter! I’m not in love with Isabelle!” I snarled. Hegrowled in annoyance.“Your attracted to her, you like her personality, you care if shecares, you like her voice, you like her scent, or should I remindyou?”Suddenly, there were pictures flowing through my mind. That waswhat Peter’s power was, to weasel his way into your mind. Isabellewas sitting by a stream, a short skirt on, showing off her nice legsand a blue button up, which was squeezing her breasts. I growledin anger.She slowly lifted a hand and unbuttoned the first fasten, showingthe innocent white lace under the material.“Stop it!” I hissed. Peter didn’t listen.She laid down in the sun, her long hair being swept by the gentlewind and sun. Her fingers grazed against her neck, right over her exposed bra. Her legs bent, riding up the skirt…“STOP!” I roared. I tackled him to the ground and we startedrolling down the hill like the truck. He kicked me off, my brainfuzzed from Isabelle’s body.
“Now, you see what she’s doing. How you want to hold her, feelher,
her…”“Shut the FUCK UP!” I bellowed, throwing myself at him again. Igot the upper hand this time and we landed inside the water. Ithrew him down to the bottom and took joy in him hitting the bottom with a

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