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Phase II Report 2 FINAL

Phase II Report 2 FINAL

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Published by Shannon MacDonald

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Published by: Shannon MacDonald on Apr 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Phone: 780.235.0191 | Fax: 780.483.2519 | 6819-95 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6B 1A9
Eng M 530 – Engineering Project ManagementLaboratory Development ProjectFinal Report
Project Manager:Shannon MacDonaldTeam Members:Luke Glistak Sean HodgsonMk NimeshAnand Rohit
Comprehensive Project Plan - Summary of Subsidiary Plans
1. Detailed Scope Statement
The project scope statement details the project deliverables, objectives, boundaries,constraints, assumptions, and milestones of the laboratory development projectChrome Engineering has undertaken for Dr. Lipsett. This detailed scope statementcaptures in very broad terms the product for this project. It outlines what is requiredfor approval, success and risks involved in taking this project. This scope statementestablishes an agreement between our team and Dr. Lipsett establishing whatfundamentally is involved in the management and delivery of this projects labdevelopment.
2. Work Breakdown Structure
WBS is a deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of work to be executed,more specifically, the work to be executed by the project team. A comprehensive listof deliverables outlined in the detailed scope statement is used to prepare the WBS.WBS is a very important tool for the project and is used throughout the projectplanning process. All the deliverables have been carefully analyzed to develop theWBS. The project has been divided into different phases to minimize the disruptionsto ongoing work, with each phase having its own key deliverables. As can be seenbelow, the WBS captures major deliverables of the project. The Lab migrationproject is divided into six major deliverables, namely lab MEC E 1-38, MEC E 2-22,infrastructure, transportation means, compliance documents and projectmanagement documents. Each deliverable is then decomposed into smaller, moremanageable deliverables.
3. Detailed Statement of Work
The detailed statement of work describes deliverables which will be produced foreach major component of the project. It describes in detail, the work necessary toperform and produce the project deliverables. If any scope changes occur in theproject, in alignment with the project charter, detailed statement of work will bemodified to reflect approved changes.
4. Work Package Dictionary
WBS dictionary documents the description of work packages within the WBS. Theproject WBS dictionary contains descriptions of activities to be performed in all ofthe work packages. The WBS dictionary contains details which include due date forthe work package, resources identified, interdependencies between various project
activities, deliverable acceptance criterion and any assumptions made. If any scopechanges occur in the project, in alignment with the project charter, the WBSdictionary will be modified to reflect approved changes.
5. Scope Management Plan
The scope management plan describes how the laboratory development project willbe defined, managed, controlled, verified and communicated to the project team,Dr. Lipsett and the other associated stakeholders. It is established to ensure ashared understanding of how the detailed scope statement and the WBS will becreated. It also establishes a formalized process for the handling of engineeringchange requests. The scope management plan establishes the criteria for formalverification and acceptance of scope and WBS changes.
6. Quality Management Plan
Due to the nature of the project, quality of services provided will be of paramountimportance. Quality will be measured in terms of safety of personnel whileperforming the migration and the movement heavy machinery. The aim of themovement is to safely transfer the machinery and other small pieces equipmentwithout disturbing the ongoing research projects & other professors, researchstudents and University students.
7. Human Resources Plan
The human resources which have been made available to the project team includeDr. Lipsett, the project manager (Shannon MacDonald), the project team, laboratorytechnicians, a cleaning service, and research students under Dr. Lipsett. Eachindividual group of human resources has various constraints which wereconsidered. The constraints include: minimal available time, non-project relatedcommitments, labor agreements/regulations, and the need for advancednotifications. The risk associated with the human resources from a managementperspective is small based on the nature of the project. Working conditions, risks,work durations, and breaks all conform to the rules and regulations set byOccupational Health and Safety as well as University of Alberta. To promote asense of ownership for the project, tasks have been delegated to those individualswho volunteer for them. This allows individuals to work within their fields of interestmaking the work more enjoyable. Sufficient human resources are available for theproject and all human requirements have been filled.

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