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Another Discussion With a Hindu

Another Discussion With a Hindu

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Published by Moinullah Khan
Definition of the Almighty Allah: He is the One, Eternal, Absolute, He begetteth not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him (Chapter no. 112 of Quran).

Definition of the Almighty Allah: He is the One, Eternal, Absolute, He begetteth not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him (Chapter no. 112 of Quran).


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Published by: Moinullah Khan on Apr 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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mann_dlp: hiiiiiiusaisamuslimcountry21: what is ur religion?mann_dlp: hindumann_dlp: u?BUZZ!!!usaisamuslimcountry21: hindu is not a religion but sanatan dharammann_dlp: no its a religionmann_dlp: r u frm?usaisamuslimcountry21: r u mad all hindustani r hindumann_dlp: ohhh realymann_dlp: i like thats thingBUZZ!!!mann_dlp: n umann_dlp: r u frm?usaisamuslimcountry21: do u know dr. zakir naik?mann_dlp: yaaamann_dlp: he is a big blue movie makerusaisamuslimcountry21: watch his all dvds to clear your doubtsmann_dlp: okkkkmann_dlp: thn?usaisamuslimcountry21: do u have his website?mann_dlp: ya i hvmann_dlp: i thnk u muslimmann_dlp: so u jalish hindusmann_dlp: because v beat all muslims
usaisamuslimcountry21: where u beat all muslims?mann_dlp: all placesmann_dlp: in pakistan,bangladeshusaisamuslimcountry21: r u a terrorist?mann_dlp: afgan,iran,erak,n mayymann_dlp: no i'm not muslimmann_dlp: n nt terroristmann_dlp: all terrorist r muslimmann_dlp: u knowmann_dlp: wellBUZZ!!!usaisamuslimcountry21: Do u know about Kalki puran out of 18 purans written by Shree Ved Vyas Ji?mann_dlp: thenusaisamuslimcountry21: Almighty God Allah is the greatest of all, He created Jesus (Mahesh), Abrahm(Brahma) and Noah (Manu) http://www.sultan.org MuslimsJewsFalse Mediahttp://www.scribd.com/moinishatusaisamuslimcountry21: Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) in various religious scriptures of the world is available onmy mic for true persons http://www.sultan.org MuslimsJewsFalse Mediahttp://www.scribd.com/moinishatmann_dlp: frst tell r u from?usaisamuslimcountry21: usausaisamuslimcountry21: n umann_dlp: from in usa?mann_dlp: india
usaisamuslimcountry21: do u know about my researches on ur religion?mann_dlp: no i dont knowmann_dlp: bt v r greatusaisamuslimcountry21: ok visit my sitemann_dlp: n this is a so old religionusaisamuslimcountry21: http://www.scribd.com/moinishatmann_dlp: okkkmann_dlp: just wait i'm visiting uusaisamuslimcountry21: thanksmann_dlp: can u give yr mail idmann_dlp: because my frnd want chat with uusaisamuslimcountry21: chat heremann_dlp: u moin khanmann_dlp: yaBUZZ!!!usaisamuslimcountry21: i have done a great research on ur religion and i know ur religion more than umann_dlp: ohhhhhhmann_dlp: so can u do chat wth my frndusaisamuslimcountry21: yesmann_dlp: so wht u know abt my hindu religionmann_dlp: so plz give yr idusaisamuslimcountry21: ur original religion is nothing but Islammann_dlp: ohhmann_dlp: u so gr8 fakemann_dlp: faker

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