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English Book, Afghanistan The Genesis of the Final Crusade

English Book, Afghanistan The Genesis of the Final Crusade

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Published by saif ur rehman
English Book, Afghanistan The Genesis of the Final Crusade
English Book, Afghanistan The Genesis of the Final Crusade

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Published by: saif ur rehman on Apr 30, 2011
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The Genesis of the
theFinal Crusade
The Genesis of
Pragmatic Publishing Ottawa
Copyright © 2006 by Pragmatic Publishing, CanadaTrade paperback/bound edition March 2006All rights reserved. The use of any part of this publication reproduced, storedin any retrieval system, or transmitted in any forms or by any means, electronicor otherwise, without prior written consent of the publisher
or, in case ofphotocopying or other reprographic copying, a license from the CanadianCopyright Licensing Agency
is an infringement of the copyright law.Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication Jan, Abid Ullah, 1965-Afghanistan : the genesis of the final crusade / Abid Ullah Jan.Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 0-9733687-4-8 (bound).--ISBN 0-9733687-2-1 (pbk.)1. Afghan War, 2001-. 2. War on Terrorism, 2001-. I. Title.
DS371.412.J35 2006 958.104‘6
C2006-900587-7All sources have been referenced and acknowledged. The author and publisherwelcome any information enabling them to rectify any error or omission infuture editions.PRAGMATIC PUBLISHINGWeb: http://www.pragmaticpublishings.com/  Reprinted and Published in Pakistan by:MARKAZI ANJUMAN KHUDDAM-UL-QURAN36-K, Model Town, LahoreUnder AuthorizationEmail: publications@tanzeem.org  Nov. 2007
Editor’s Note
This is the first book of its kind that presents a compelling insider‘s
perspective with some valuable insight into the war and occupationof Afghanistan.Abid Jan takes you into the minds of the warriors on the battlefield in Afghanistan and to the heart of the decisions that put themthere. In this remarkable piece of work, the author nails the tragedyand absurdity of the prep-planned war on Afghanistan. Abid Jan hasharnessed his first hand knowledge and in-depth analysis to producea work of incantatory power in which the lies and misinformationabout the Taliban are allowed to collapse by sheer weight ofaccumulation.This book gives the first and only clearest and most persuasiveexplanation of how Osama bin Laden was set up for shouldering theblame of 9/11 attacks, why the Taliban become a prime target ofIslamophobes and why perpetrators of 9/11 felt the need to committhis heinous crime.Written with great clarity and precision, this book exposes theextra ordinary religious motivation and political hypocrisy behindthe march to war on Afghanistan.This is the first book which does more than devastatingly refute themendacity of the US Afghanistan policy and proves that the war onAfghanistan is illegal and illegitimate by all standards ofinternational law. Abid Jan presents a chilling portrait of the religiousforces which have commandeered American foreign policy, revealingthe arrogance, assumptions and contradictions about Islam that havehad such disastrous consequences, not only for Afghanistan but theworld at large.

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