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Imagine - Spring 2007

Imagine - Spring 2007

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Published by Chris
The Spring 2007 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.

The Spring 2007 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.


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Published by: Chris on Apr 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ambitious new plansgiven green light
Launch set for 2008
Democratic ‘roadmap’key to success
 S P E C IA L  E X T E N D E D  E D T I O N ! 
Republic is set to embark on anambitious long-term campaign projectafter the Board of Directors gave their backing to exciting new plans putforward at the most recent Boardmeeting in March.After a series of meetings betweenRepublic and high-level marketingprofessionals – who have volunteeredtheir services to the organisation tohelp develop our strategy – the draftplan for the republican ‘roadmap’project was discussed and agreed to,subject to Republic raising thenecessary funds.Scheduled for a high-profile launchin mid-2008, the roadmap project isintended to raise the level of debatesurrounding the issue of monarchy byhooking our issue on to a series of shorter-term constitutional debates.The future of the House of Lords, thecreation of a written constitution andthe disestablishment of the Church of England could, for example, allbecome issues we would tie into thelonger-term goal of abolishing themonarchy. Stepping stone reformssuch as those mentioned, we wouldargue, would each be a further steptowards a logical end: ademocratically elected head of state.In developing the draft plans,Republic has accepted that we facecertain ‘emotional’ obstacles totacking the issue of monarchy, suchas feelings about the current Queenand the attitude that “it won’t happenin my lifetime”. Republic will beaiming to challenge politicians, themedia and the public to accept thatan elected head of state is aninevitable and necessary reform inBritain. It is far more than anargument about our present Queen or Prince Charles.
A key to the success of the projectwill be allowing the public tocontribute directly to the reformagenda. The project will use newinternet technology to allow people toget involved with the debate, todesign their own roadmap and todiscuss the items on the agenda. Wewill also use more conventionalmethods, such as leaflets,conferences, meetings and mediawork, to reach a wider audience.
More details about the project willbe revealed over the next twelvemonths. In the meantime a lot of work, planning and preparation needsto be done.The project is subject to Republicsecuring the necessary funding andso we will be working hard to raiseupwards of £50,000 before the projectlaunch. This will fund salaries, launchevents, conference exhibits and muchmore. We will be asking each andevery member to do what they can tohelp with this ambitious goal. Youmight be in a position to make agenerous and sizeable donation, or aseries of donations over the comingmonths. If every member gave just£40, in addition to their subscription,we would be well on the way toreaching our target. But it doesn't allhave to come from your pocket. We'llbe seeking grants and new donors,and looking at new ways to raisefunds. You too could raise moneythrough car boot sales, raffles or byrecruiting new members. If everymember recruited just one newmember we would raise an extratwenty to thirty thousand pounds.We’ll also be asking members andsupporters to volunteer to help withevents and with developing thedetails of the project. We are inparticular need of people with IT andinternet skills (see page 10).This project can launch Republic toa whole new level of success. Wehope you’ll be a part of it.
£8 in advance, £10 on the door.Everyone welcome!The Freemasons Arms81-82 Long Acre, Covent GardenLondonWC2E 9NGThe evening will feature a free buffet, prize draw and speakers. It will be agreat opportunity to meet other Republic members and supporters. Everyoneis welcome, so bring friends and family.
Come to the launch meeting of the London Campaigning Group! This newgroup is being set up to help organise and coordinate activities in the capital,whether to promote Republic locally or help the national campaign.The meeting will feature discussions on tactics and activities as well asspeakers from the national campaign team.The launch will be on Saturday June 2nd, 11:30am at:The Resource Centre356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA.
I think the national anthem for aBritish Republic could be 'AllTogether Now' by The Farm, whichacknowledges past conflicts andencourages us to rise above them.Our motto might be simply 'We ThePeople'. The title of our republiccould be The Republic of Britain or The Three Nations Republic or evenThe United Republics of Britain.Phil McNallyBolton
There are those who do not wantLand of Hope and Glory or anythingrelating to God as our nationalanthem.Maybe "I Vow to Thee My Country"might be acceptable. I'm afraid Icannot remember who composed thishymn. It happened to be PrincessDiana's favourite. We could havehad her as our President! The Irishseem to have done very nicely withtwo super lady Presidents.Maureen Gobener Hampshire
We recently visited the Holbeinexhibition at the Tate Britain and,earlier, the Rembrandt at theDulwich. Both contained items"graciously lent by Her Majesty theQueen".None of these items ought to bereturned to the royal storehouse. Allought to be on permanent publicdisplay.How about the building becomingthe London equivalent of the Louvre?Then all the art works the Queen"owns" could be enjoyed by thepeople. The National Gallery couldshare the space to show some of itsnon-shown treasures too.Ralph GordonEssex
I wonder if Gordon Brown’sproposed written constitution will be ademocratic constitution.George SmithSuffolk
Send your letters toimagine@republic.org.uk or 
PO Box 69, Brighton, BN50 9GS.
 If you would like to contribute an articleto Imagine email imagine@republic.org.uk or call Graham Smith on 08708508 825 and ask for a copy of theWriter’s Guidelines.
If you would prefer to receive
by email, please send an email to imagine@republic.org.uk
Although Republiccontinues to facesignificant hurdles, notleast of which isfunding, I believe theorganisation isheading in the rightdirection and makingprogress.As you'll see fromthis edition of 
, Republic’sBoard of Directors has given the goahead to an ambitious new project,one which I believe will help driveRepublic forward for the next fewyears. The project is itself democratic, optimistic and dynamic,and is centred on the idea thateveryone can participate directly inshaping the reform agenda, settingpriorities and laying out the pros andcons of reform. By using thisroadmap to chip away at theconstitutional props that support themonarchy, we’ll be steering thedebate toward creating a sense of inevitability about Britain becoming arepublic. It is an ambitious project,and I hope we will be able to counton your support over the comingtwelve months.My optimism was maintained at theRepublic Spring Conference inManchester. The location wasentirely fitting: one hundred yearsago this year Emma Goulden, whowas born in Manchester, moved toLondon with a singular ambition – toget the vote, not just for herself butfor all women. We all know her better as Emmeline Pankhurst.Manchester has long beenrenowned for it’s radicalism. It’simportance on this road to better democracy led to the Peterloomassacre. On the day of the springconference many were celebratingthe 75th anniversary of the masstrespass on the moors aroundManchester that led, eventually, tothe ‘Right to Roam’ legislation.At the conference membersdisplayed a really positive attitudeduring the debates and discussionsand were enthusiastic about what wecan do to raise funds and recruit newmembers and were keen to discussthe arguments we employ tochallenge the monarchy. A number of ideas were brought forward fromour discussion groups - ideas aboutstunts Republic can use to gainpublicity as well as how memberscan support the campaign.I've also been watching withinterest the continuing successionfrom Tony Blair to Gordon Brown,and Brown's recent commitment toconstitutional reform. This couldn'thave come at a better time for us.When our new Prime Minister starts adebate about the nature of thatreform, we'll be there from the outset,making the case for a republicanconstitution. And that debate willcoincide nicely with our own roadmapproject, helping to make our campaign that much more relevant tocontemporary mainstream politicaldebate.Republic has a lot of work to do toreally make a difference to thiscountry’s attitude to the monarchy.But we’re making progress, gainingmedia attention and new supporters.To paraphrase Churchill, we may besome way from the beginning of theend, but I believe we’ve seen the endof the beginning of this campaign.Now the hard work begins.
PO Box 69BrightonBN50 9GSTel/Fax: 08708 508 825www.republic.org.ukenquiries@republic.org.uk

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