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Articles of Faith and Qadiani's claims : Recitation of Kalima

Articles of Faith and Qadiani's claims : Recitation of Kalima

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Published by crankthatskunk
Answers to Lahori Qadiani's claims
Answers to Lahori Qadiani's claims

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Published by: crankthatskunk on Apr 30, 2011
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Muslim’s Articles of faith andQadiani’s claims:Recitation of Kalima
Qadianis especially Lahori Qadianis always use this excusethat they recites Kalima and perform prayers, therefore,Muslims should not consider and declare them as non-Muslims. This excuse is not based on honesty; it is based rather onmischief, a hallmark of Qadianis. In this article we willexpose their dishonesty and prove that they are notMuslims by any stretch of the imaginations. Muslims haverightly declared them as non-Muslims and out side thepale of Islam.Instead of re-producing the evidence already displayed inour previous articles, which is valid and relevant for thisarticle, we will explain why the recitation of Kalima oroffering the prayers is not enough to be a Muslim. Theseare two important articles of faith, no doubt, but thesearticles of faith in themselves not enough for some one tobe a Muslim. To be a Muslim one has to follow otherarticles of faith, not accepting one article, or purposefullydistorting or altering one of the article render one as non-Muslim.We have divided this expose’ in two segments, the firstsegment dealt in this article, it deals with the evidencefrom the Holy Quran that recitation of Kalima is notenough to be a Muslim. In this segment another lie of Lahori Qadiani’s, to claim that Mirza never claimedprophet hood, is exposed from undeniable internal
evidence, together with another claim “73
and onlysaved sect”.Second segment deals with the issue of finality of ProphetHood on Prophet SAW, this segment will be dealtseparately in another article. This is the thorny issue forthe Qadianis, and one of the main reasons the Muslimsdeclare them non-Muslims. We will tackle the secondsegment in completely different way then done by otherwriters and commentators.As a matter of fact, even though the second issue alwaysgrab the headlines, but apart from this issue, there isplenty in the writings of Mirza which renders him as non-believer i.e. Kafir.
 Articles of Faith
Recently, on forums, we engaged in discussion ondifferent topics with an official of Lahori Qadianis. Thisinteraction started almost two years ago, after thepublications of our first article on our Web log.During our first encounter with the so called Scholar of Lahori cult, he boldly tried to put the following suggestionsto us instead of discussing the main thrust of the firstarticle, Mirza’s use of the verses from Surah Al-Jin, that“he is given the knowledge of the Unseen” by Allah SWT,like the true Prophets, according to his claims.
Scholar’s invitations
In his response to our invitation to discuss and debate themain topic of the article, the Scholar in September 2008wrote:September 4
, 2008 at 5:45 pmOther topics could be:1. Was Hazrat Mizra sahib a Muslim according to Islam?2. Did he do any service to Islam or none whatsoever?
3. Are members of the AAIIL Muslims according to Islam?4. Has AAIIL done any service to Islam or none?As on his blog on the first page he writes that we falselyclaim that Iqbal was sympathetic to our Movement, let usmake that a topic. In fact, just that topic might sufficebecause he regards Iqbal as a great authority on Islam.Mr Crank… could also get us a promise from the anti-Ahmadiyya ulama that if I prevail in these debates, theywill campaign publicly to have Ahmadis declared asMuslim in Pakistan.We subsequently tried to engage the Scholar in adiscussion and debate on these topics; but he is quitereluctant to engage in very topics he so proudly wanted todiscuss back in 2008. Recently, he did engage briefly, butthat’s another story.
Conditions set by the Scholar and AAIIL
In 2001 a user belonging to the mainstream Qadianifaction asked the Scholar following questions:“You still not get my point, you recite Kalima but rejectprophet of Allah (swt) what kind of Muslim is this now??Allah (swt) says in Quran to accept my prophet whorejects them is a kafir, why Allah (swt) didnt say ONLYkalima is enuff, you dont anything else!!!!Can I reject all prophets of allah and recite kalima, am Istill muslim?? as muslim belive is to belive in allprophets!!, btw the kalima thing is in Hadith and not HolyQuran, dont mean I dont belive in this, BUT only sayingKalima and then rejecting a prophet of Allah(swt), playinwith Islam or what??”In a nutshell, what the mainstream Qadiani follower of Mirza was trying to ask is that the Lahori’s can not beMuslims by rejecting the claims of Prophet Hood of Mirza.He clearly stated his position that recitation of the Kalimais not the only requirement.

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