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The Yogyakarta Principles - in comic form

The Yogyakarta Principles - in comic form

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Published by LGBT Asylum News
a universal guide to human rights which affirm binding international legal standards with which all States must comply
a universal guide to human rights which affirm binding international legal standards with which all States must comply

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: LGBT Asylum News on May 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello friends,Komik Yogyakarta Principles was created especially for you guys (lesbian, gay,bisexsual and transgenders)—young LGBT in Indonesia. What is YogyakartaPrinciples? These are the principles on the enforcement of human rights relatedto the choice of sexual orientation and gender identity.What is human rights anyway? Human rights are the rights given to human beingsince their birth that do not distinguish them by status, group, race, religion,position or even their sexual orientation and gender identity. So as part of LGBTgroup we do have our human rights like any other human being. But in realitythere are a lot of human rights violation against this group, such as rape, torture,different treatment in workplace, forced arrest and detainment and any forms of violence against the LGBT groups. It ain’t fair, is it???!!!So YP was developed to respond any forms of violence reported from all over the world. Of course these principles were created as an effort to enforce humanrights of LGBT all over the world. The YP principles were composed in a meetingattended by some experts in law and human rights who came from all over theworld on November 6-9, 2006 at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.Institut Pelangi Perempuan that has been working on the empowerment of young lesbian in the Jabodetabek area has the initiative to introduce YogyakartaPrinciples in a form of comic, which will be easier to understand in terms of content because as we know YP has a lot of legal terms that are difcult to beunderstood by our fellow LBTIQs. The concept itself was created as attractive aspossible so that you’ll be interested in reading it.This comic was not coming out of nowhere and printed automatically but it hasgone through a series of process of interview with some young LBTIQ in theJabodetabek area on their daily experiences. We then collected those interviewsinto a ction in this comic. The concept of this comic was a collaborative resultwith academics from Gender and Sexuality Studies of Universitas Indonesia andhuman rights activists that contributed a lot in the creation of this YP comic.So that was the background of this comic, we hope this comic will give certaincolor in our life. The government of Indonesia has not yet adopted YP but byunderstanding the content of YP, it is expected that we will be able to build theawareness of young LGBTIQ to make the application of Yogyakarta Principlesin our life.Salam Pelangi!
Special Thanks
After all the troubles and hurdles that we have gone through we are able tonish the Yogyakarta Principles comic. This long and cautious process wasover and marked by the publication of this comic.Institut Pelangi Perempuan would like to address our gratitude to our friendsand community of young lesbian at the Jabodetabek area who have sharedtheir experiences with us and turned it into story in this comic. We wouldlike also to thank HIVOS who has supported us in making our dream comestrue that is to make the Yogyakarta Principles comic. Kamilia Manaf as theExecutive Directore of Institute Pelangi Perempuan who has given her tiredless support and encouraged us that Institute Pelangi Perempuan shouldbe able to spread the information on Yogyakarta Principle by publishing thiscomic and she also participated in composing this comic.We would like to thank Ino who has spent her times weaving story by storyof our fellow LGBTIQ in the Jabodetabek area either through direct interviewor online. As well as to Yasmin Purba, a human rights activist from IKOHIand Mas Irwan MH, a researcher at the Gender and Sexuality Studies of Universitas Indonesia who were willing to be our partners in discussing aboutthis comic. We could never forget the comic artist Mas Agung who has turnedthe stories into comic that is not only beautiful but also readable. We wouldlike also to acknowledge the hard work of our IPP Staff who contributed a lotin this process: Panca, mely and Nana who would be inseparable parts of IPP.We would like also to thank Yatna as the volunteer who has helped us duringthe process of this comic’s publication.Salam Pelangi!
Human Rights (HR) has been one of the most important andcontroversial issue amongst the international community during the pastdecade. This is more so when rapid globalization often caused HumanRights violations may it be within a state or between states. On the other hand, it is globalization that enables more people to be aware about howimportant HR is. There are also many different understanding about whatare HR in different parts of the world, causing different practices in their enforcement. Many states, such as Indonesia, still consider sex orientationas not a HR issue. In many parts of the world, including in Indonesia, thereare often cases when someone/a group of people are subjected to violence,excommunicated from their family, banned from organizing or establishingassociation, dismissed from employment, arrested, or excluded fromhealth services- just to mention a few – due to their unconventional sexualorientation and/or gender identity- such as transgender, gay, lesbian,bisexual, transsexual, or sex worker.Due to this context a number of HR activists and experts from 25countries decided to compose a set of principles for the implementationof HR law in relation with sexual orientation and gender identity. Theseprinciples were launched in Jogjakarta on March 27, 2007- and they arereferred to as
The Yogyakarta Principles
. The objective of these principlesis to promote the UN members’ governments- including Indonesia’s- to
the HR of their citizens- especially with relationto sexual orientation and gender identity. HR are the state’s obligationto realize. Each citizen has the right to demand the state to perform itsobligation to enforce HR.The comic book in the reader’s hands is a form effort initiated byInstitut Pelangi Perempuan to disseminate information on The YogyakartaPrinciples amongst young lesbian community in Indonesia. This book isan effort to “translate” the principles into a more youth friendly language.The story in this comic book is inspired by the real life story of a number of young lesbians in Indonesia. Comic book was chosen as the media toexplain The Yogyakarta Principles with the hope that it would be easier tocomprehend as compared to brochures or pocket books..It should be noted that the Yogyakarta Principles is not a bindinglegal document for UN member states. However, it expounds upon theobligations of all states to implement effectively their obligation pertainingHR. Therefore there needs to be advocacy efforts by various parties-such as what Institut Pelangi Perempuan is engaged in- to ensure thegovernment of Indonesia exercise its obligations on HR enforcement.
Rape, torture, violation ofprivacy, arbitrary arrest anddetention, execution withoutproper judiciary process, abuseof medical means, violationof freedom of expression,discrimination at the work place,health, education, housing andaccess to immigration justice.Everyone was bornfree and equally interms of dignityand rights, and thisshould also appliedto LGBT Sexual orientation andgender identityHuman rights are foreveryone regardlessof their sexualorientation andgender identity

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