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Bylaws 2009

Bylaws 2009

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Published by Karmeḽ Ŝadiq

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Published by: Karmeḽ Ŝadiq on May 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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International Federation of Medical Students` Associations - Palestine
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations - Palestine
The first Constitutions and bylaws done by establishers of IFMSA-PS, supervisors and officials,Jerusalem, Palestine 2005www.ifmsa.org.ps
The IFMSA Constitution
1. Name / Seat2. Nature3. Principles4. Objectives5. Members6. Executive Board7. Supervising Council8. Standing Committees, Divisions,Projects and Working Groups9. Officials10. IFMSA-PS Alumni11. Finances12. Amendments to the Constitution13. Bylaws14. Dissolution
The IFMSA Bylaws
1. Name of the organization2. Language3. Mission statement4. Logo5. Members and Membership6. Meetings7. Executive Board8. SUPERVISING COUNCIL9. Standing Committees10. Support Divisions11. Projects12. Reporting13. Elections & voting14. General Secretariat15. Officials16. Amendments to the constitution & Bylaws17. Official relationships18. Supportive Partnerships19. Finance20. Financial Management21. IFMSA-PS Alumni22. Attending IFMSA GAs, IFMSA activities &any representation of IFMSA-PS in any occasion23. Local Committees24. Reference of not written bylaws
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International Federation of Medical Students` Associations - Palestine
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations - Palestine
The first Constitutions and bylaws done
by establishers of IFMSA-PS, supervisors and officials,Jerusalem, Palestine 2005
The IFMSA-PS Constitution
1. Name / Seat
1.1. The official name of the organization isIFMSA - Palestine, (IFMSA stands for:International Federation of Medical
Students` Associations).
1.2. The official abbreviation shall be IFMSAPS
2. Nature
2.1. The organization is an independentassociation of medical students in
Palestine including West Bank and Gaza.
3. Principles
3.1. The federation pursues its aims withoutpolitical, religious, social, racial, national,
sexual or any other discrimination
3.2. The federation promotes humanitarianideals among medical students and soseeks to contribute to the creation of
responsible future physicians
4. Objectives
4.1. The goal of the federation is to serve
society and medical students in general
and in Palestine in particular:
a. Empowering medical students in usingtheir knowledge and capacities for the
benefit of society.b. Providing a forum for medical students in
Palestine with other medical studentsthroughout the world to discuss topicsrelated to individual and communityhealth, education and science and to
formulate policies from such discussions.
c. Promoting and facilitating professionaland scientific exchanges as well asprojects and extracurricular trainings formedical students, thereby sensitizingthem to other cultures and societies and
their health problems.
IFMSA-PS Constitution and Bylaws,
d. Providing a link between medicalstudents, associations, national and
organizations, and toencourage the co-operation betweenthem for the ultimate benefit of society.e. To take part in all IFMSA activities andto represent Palestine in IFMSA activities
and meetings.
5. Members
5.1. The Organization is composed ofmembers, hereinafter also referred to as:full members, associate members and
Alumni Members.
5.2. All medical students inside Palestine areconsidered as Associate members andthe student himself decides how much
active he wants to be in IFMSA.
5.3. All the members have the right to take partin all IFMSA-PS activities, projects and
5.4. IFMSA-PS full members are the only oneswho have the right to vote in officials`
elections and in Executive board electionsor to candidate for them and as describedin the bylaws.
5.5 Full members are members who have
signed in one of the committees and have
been active in IFMSA or IFMSA-PS, orhave been in Executive Board or asIFMSA-PS Official.5.6 Alumni members are the full memberswho have been accepted by officials andAlumni because of there great work
history in IFMSA-PS.
6. Executive Board
6.1. The organization shall be managed by theExecutive Board. The Executive Board ofthe association is composed of at leastthree persons. The full members electthem and appoint one of the ExecutiveBoard members as President, one of the
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International Federation of Medical Students` Associations - Palestine
Executive Board members as SecretaryGeneral and one of the Executive Board
members as Treasurer.
6.2. The Executive Board is elected for a one
year period.
6.3. The Executive Board is entitled to officially
represent the organization.6.4. The Executive Board can delegate tasks to
other persons, but it will remain
responsible for these tasks at all times.
6.5. An Executive Board member will cease tohold office:a. At the end of his term;
b. By a written resignation;c. By his death;
d. By removal from office by court in
cases provided for in law.
e. By removal from office by supervisingcouncil and Alumni members.6.6 Executive Board elected for a year startstheir work on the 1st of November of thatyear and finishes the work on the thirtyfirst of October of the next year.
7. Supervising Council
7.1. The Supervising Council supervises andadvises the Executive Board and otherIFMSA-PS Officials, and has the right todissolute the organization and to cease
Executive Board member as in bylaws.7.2. The Supervising Council is composed of at
least 3 persons. The supervisors shouldinclude a doctor representing the medicalPalestinian college council in Al-QudsUniversity, and one representing FQMS(Foundation of Al-Quds Medical School)and a member of Alumni who is electedby Alumni members and he is not anofficial or executive board member in theIFMSA-PS at that moment.7.3. Supervising Council could include postgraduate students from Alumni memberswho had experience in IFMSA andworked as IFMSA-PS official or ExecutiveBoard member at least for one year, butthey shouldn`t be from the executiveboard or a standing committee nationalofficer of IFMSA Palestine at that time.7.4. The Supervising Council has the power tooverrule decisions of the Executive Boardfor important reasons as described in the
Bylaws of the association.
IFMSA-PS Constitution and Bylaws,
7.5. The Supervising Council has the power tosuspend any Executive Board member orand any IFMSA Official.
8. Standing Committees, Divisions,Projects and Working Groups
8.1. A Standing Committee works to benefit a
specific field of interest. The activities of aStanding Committee shall be continuous.
8.2. A Standing Committee consists of astanding Committee Director and themedical students working in the fields ofinterest within IFMSA-PS in thecommittees that our NMO is member ofthem.8.3. Officials council determines whether to be
a member or withdraw our membership of
a Standing Committee and then provedby Executive Board. Then announced
according to IFMSA bylaws.8. 4. IFMSA-PS Standing Committees are:a. The Standing Committee on MedicalEducation (SCOME)b. The Standing Committee onProfessional Exchange (SCOPE)c. The Standing Committee on PublicHealth (SCOPH)d. The Standing Committee on ResearchExchange (SCORE)e. The Standing Committee on Refugeesand Peace (SCORP)
8.5 As we are part of IFMSA and aim toachieve its goals; IFMSA-PS standing
committees are similar to those in IFMSA.
Standing committee on ReproductiveHealth & AIDS (SCORA) is currentlyunder SCOPH and this is valid unless
SCORA is established nationally.
8.6. In order to regulate the practical internalmanagement of a standing committee, aStanding Committee can have internalStanding Orders. The Standing Ordershave to comply with the Constitution andBylaws of IFMSA and IFMSA Palestine.And as IFMSA bylaws the standing
committees are represented for IFMSA by
the National Representatives of theIFMSA-PS participating in the respective
Standing Committee.
8.7. Changes in Standing Committees at the
level are appliedautomatically on the national standingcommittees, except if the nationalexecutive board or officials sent differentrecommendation, the bylaw changes
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