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CCIE Qualification Test Sample Questions

CCIE Qualification Test Sample Questions

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Published by Saba Wasim

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Saba Wasim on May 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CCIE Qualification Test Sample Questions
The samples herein are intended to reflect the type of questions presented on the CCIE Qualification Test. In no way does this sample test reflect the diversity of the true test and Cisco assumes no responsibility for the performance of any person taking the CCIE Qualification Test subsequent to passing this sample.
Network Fundamentals:
1. Which layer<s> of the OSI Reference Model provide<s> for internetwork connectivity?
 a.Data Link  b.Physicalc.Sessiond. Network e.Presentation
2. The DSAP and SSAP of an IEEE 802.2 header both are set to 'AA' hex to indicate:
 a.There is routing information included in the packet. b.There is a SNAP header to follow.c.The packet suffered a collision.e .The Ethertype is Localtalk.e.The address was recognized and the frame accepted.
Bridge/Router Technology:
3. In a bridged, IEEE 802.5/Token Ring environment, which combination of bitsindicate to the source that a packet has been forwarded across a bridging device?
 a.A is 0, C is 0 and there is a RIF. b.A is 1, C is 0 and RII is 0.c.A is 0, C is 1 and there is no RIF.d.A is 1, C is 1 and RII is 1.e.The question is not applicable in a Token Ring environment.
4. Certain protocols such as SNA, Netbios and LAT are not routable and therefore mustbe bridged or encapsulated because:
 a. Native IBM protocols do not conform to the OSI RM stack. b.SNA and Netbios cannot be routed but LAT can.c.They would be too CPU intensive.d.They only run in "batch mode" processes where routing is not an issue.e.These protocols have no explicit network address.
5. What is <are> the purpose<s> of the Spanning Tree Algorithm?
a.To keep routing updates from being transmitted onto the same port on which they werereceived. b.To prevent a "loop free" logical tree topology.c.To discover a "loop free" topology and provide, as possible, a path between every pair of LAN's.d.To provide a path between every LAN segment.e.To help ensure that messages will arrive over all possible paths.
6. Some disadvantages of bridging versus routing are: (more than one answer)
a.Bridges cannot provide any form of flow control. b.Bridges cannot provide congestive feedback information to end nodes.c.Bridges offer no form of filtering.d.Bridges are more difficult to administer/maintain than routers.e.Bridges create more overhead traffic than routers.
7. Split Horizon is primarily designed to: (more than one answer)
a.Prevent routing loops between adjacent routers. b.Ensure that information about a route is always sent back over the path on which it arrived.c.Functions to provide extra algorithm stability to "Hold Downs".d.Replace the "Poison Reverse Updates" algorithm.e.Ensure that hop counts are not exceeded.
Internet Protocols:
8. What is the maximum number of hosts that can be assigned to a class "C", non-subnetted network?
a.1024 b.65025c.254d.16e.48
9. The main difference between OSPF and RIP are:
a.Both are IGP's, but the RIP convergence time is much shorter than that of OSPF. b.RIP is a distance vector protocol whereas OSPF is a link state protocol.c.There is no difference between the two, other than RIP is used for IP and OSPF is used for OSI.d.OSPF allows for a lower hop count than RIP.e.RIP works better in large internetworks than OSPF.
10. Given the IP address of and a subnet mask of, what isthe subnet address?
a. b.
d. None of the above.
11. Which of the following is a function of ICMP: (more than one answer)
a.Report TCP, time to exist exceeded.. b.Redirect UDP messages.c.Transport SNMP Getsd.Discover subnet masks.e.Report routing failures.
Cisco-Specific Technology:
12. What EXEC command would display the hardware configuration of a Cisco router:(more than one answer)
 a.list ports b.sh hac.disp hardd.sh alle.sh ver 
13. What EXEC command will copy the current configuration information tononvolatile memory?
 a.write memory b.write erasec.write termd.write rame.write nvm
Network Scenarios14. Refer to Exhibit A below. Router R1 and R2, T0 and T1 ports are configured,functionally, the same. The primary path between these router nodes will be:
a.If OSPF routing, the primary path is T0. b.If RIP routing, the primary path is T0.c.If IGRP routing, the primary path is T1.d.This is a misconfiguration and would cause beaconing on T0, therefore T1 is the primary.e.These rings would always be handled equally.
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