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False Memory Syndrome Foundation & MK-ULTRA

False Memory Syndrome Foundation & MK-ULTRA

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Published by MansonCaseFile

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: MansonCaseFile on May 01, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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False Memory Syndrome Foundation
accused members
A lot of the intelligence/mind control information has come from Dr. Colin A. Ross,M.D., who received many FOIA documents pertaining to US government mind controlresearch.
Dinges, David F.
- Scientific Advisory BoardDirector of the FMSF who replaced Hyman. Faculty head (one of two) of the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, together with Dr. MartinOrne (who founded the unit; died in 2000). Martin Orne, a member of ScientificAdvisory Board of the FMSF, has been at the center of the creation of a Manchuriancandidate, has worked with Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, the HumanEcology Foundation (a major CIA funding front for MKULTRA), and almost certainlyalso the NSA and Army Intelligence.
Freyd, Pamela
- Founding executive director Wife of Peter Freyd. Stood by her husband's conclusions that her daughter, Jennifer, wasimagining her childhood sexual abuse. Remained head of the FMSF after her husbandresigned over the controversy.
Freyd, Peter
- Founding executive director Accused of childhood sexual abuse by his daughter Jennifer, who is a professor of  psychology at the University of Oregon. Jennifer:
"My family of origin was troubled inmany observable ways... I refer to the things that were never 'forgotten' and 'recovered',but to things that we all knew about... During my childhood, my father sometimesdiscussed his own experiences of being sexually abused as an 11 year-old boy, and called himself a 'kept boy'" 
Peter Freyd graduated to male prostitution as an adolescent.At the age of 13, Jennifer Freyd composed a poem about her father’s nocturnal visits.Part of it read:
"I am caught in a web. A web of deep, deep terror." 
The diaries of her youth chronicle the reactions and feelings (guilt, shame and terror) of a troubled girl andyoung woman.
"My parents oscillated between denying these symptoms and feelings…tousing knowledge of these same symptoms and feelings to discredit me... My father told various people that I was brain damaged." 
 Pamela Freyd turned to her own psychiatrist, Dr Harold Lief, another advisory boardmember of the FMS Foundation, to diagnose Jennifer.
"He explained to me that he did not believe I was abused," 
Jennifer recalls. Dr Lief's diagnosis was based on his belief that Peter Freyd's fantasies were strictly "homoerotic". Of course, his daughter furrows a brow at the assumption that homoerotic fantasies or a heterosexual marriage exclude the possibility of child molestation.
"At times I am flabbergasted that my memory is considered 'false'" 
, Jennifer says,
"and my alcoholic father's memory is considered rational and sane... I was at home a few
hours after my second session with my therapist, a licensed clinical psychologist working within an established group in a large and respected medical clinic. "During that second visit to my therapist's office, I expressed great anxiety about the upcoming holiday visit with my parents. My therapist asked about half way into the session, whether I had ever been sexually abused. I was immediately thrown into a strange state. No one had ever asked me such a question. I responded, 'no, but….' I went home and within a few hours I was shaking uncontrollably, overwhelmed with intense and terrible flashbacks." 
Jennifer asks herself why her parents are believed.
"In the end, is it precisely because I wasabused that I am to be discredited despite my personal and professional success?" 
 Supposedly, in an electronic message from her father, he openly acknowledged that in hisversion of the story "fictional elements were deliberately inserted".
"Fictional is rather an astounding choice of words," 
Jennifer observed at the Ann Arbor Conference. Thearticle written by her parents contends that Jennifer was denied tenure at another university due to a lack of published research.
"In fact," 
Jennifer counters,
"I moved tothe University of Oregon in 1987, just four years after receiving my Ph.D. to accept atenured position as associate professor in the psychology department, one of the world’sbest psychology departments…My mother sent the Jane Doe article to my colleaguesduring my promotion year – that is, the year my case for promotion to full professor wasbeing considered. I was absolutely mortified to learn of this violation of my privacy and this violation of the truth." 
(from Alex Constantine)
Lief, Dr. Harold
- Scientific Advisory BoardLief was the personal psychiatrist to the Freyd family who told Jennifer he didn't believeshe was sexually abused from a young age by her father. Former major in the Armymedical corps. Close colleague of the co-FMSF board member Dr. Martin Orne (theMKULTRA-connected scientist with many connections to different intelligence agenciesand mind control research) and consulted with him on several studies in hypnotic programming and behavioral modification experiments at the University of Pennsylvania.Past president of the Sex Information and Education Council and director of the Centrefor Sexuality and Religion. His academic writing reveals an interesting range of  professional interests, including a study entitled 'Orgasm in the PostoperativeTranssexual.' Ross:
"Who is this guy Robert Heath? Well, we are going to see him in a future slide too. My secretary has actually interviewed him, and I might go down and interview him myself at Tulane in New Orleans. He did brain electro implant research for the CIA and he would put brain electrodes in human brains for non-therapeutic purposes, and he would pour in psyllicibin(sp), mescaline, LSD, and other chemicals to see what would go tingle-tingle in the electrodes. And I will tell you more about that. He's funded by the CIA and the military. In one of his papers, he thanks Harold Lief for referring in one of his brain electrode implant research subjects." 
Loftus, Dr. Elizabeth
- Scientific Advisory BoardFebruary 11, 1996, Toronto Star:
"She is a prolific research psychologist - with noclinical experience and no expertise in child sexual abuse or traumatic memory - whocriss crosses the continent as a highly paid witness for the accused. A current  Psychology Today profile practically drools with admiration, not least over her cream-
colored Mercedes and fancy home. Some observers estimate that, according to her ownboasts, Dr. Loftus must have earned between $3 million and $5 million as an expert witness - for hire - she even testified on behalf of mass murderer Ted Bundy." 
After 20years she suddenly quit the American Psychological Association (APA) in January 1996,arguing that the association was moving
"far from scientific thinking and more toward therapeutic and professional guild interests." 
Later it turned out that in November 1995two separate ethics complaints had been filled with the APA against Loftus. Jennifer Hoult and Lynn Crook had recovered memories of severe childhood sexual abuse, foundcorroborating evidence, sued their fathers, and won. Hoult's father, who was defended byLoftus, appealed the case as far as possible, losing each time. Jennifer was awarded$500,000 in damages. The rule of the APA is that no member is allowed to resign whilean ethics complaint is being investigated. Supposedly, Loftus didn't know about thesecomplaints at the moment she resigned. Interestingly, Jennifer's father became an activemember of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation after the trial.
McHugh, Paul
- Scientific Advisory BoardDr. Colin Ross, who received many FOIA documents pertaining to US government mindcontrol research:
"Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins who says that 100% of casesof DID are iatrogenic and says that all the DID Units should shut down. He connectsover to Walter Reed Hospital because when he was in the military he did researchconnected to Walter Reed Hospital that is listed in his c.v. which is a major site for military intelligence work, and is directly connected into the mind control network. Nowwhy do I have Johns Hopkins connected to MKULTRA? Because a prior Chairman of  Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins named James Whitehorn was on the Advisory Board of the Human Ecology Foundation. He had Top Secret Clearance and was Witting. The Human Ecology Foundation was actually a [major] funding front for MKULTRA. So one of hisimmediate predecessors was directly in network with Top Secret Clearance. Theresearch in his c.v. - and I haven't actually got the papers out and read it - that he did inthe military doesn't look like mind control research. But then the whole questionbecomes, what are the hypotheses that account for his behaviour? Here we have anapparently relatively bright guy who is the Head of the Department at one of the leading medical schools in the world, who just doesn't get it, he thinks that all DID is iatrogenic. Is this because he is not smart enough? Doesn't seem to be a plausible explanation. Well,is it because of some sort of peculiarity of his personal experience in his psychology that we don't know about? Maybe. Maybe it's disinformation. No way to know, no way to prove it one way or another. But this is the network for the creation and the denial of thecreation of the Manchurian Candidate. It is a very funny little network." 
Ofshe, Richard
- Scientific Advisory BoardDr. Colin Ross, who received many FOIA documents pertaining to US government mindcontrol research:
"In his book, "Making Monsters" where he ridicules me as a CIAconspiracy nut who believes that the CIA has been creating MPD (which in fact is adocumented fact)... Margaret Singer publishes with Joly West, and Margaret Singer  publishes with Richard Ofshe, who is an expert on coercive mind control and cult  persuasion techniques." 
Ofshe is sharply at odds with much of the AmericanPsychological Association (APA). He has filed a suit, with Margaret Singer, for $30

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