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sqr interview questions

sqr interview questions



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Published by Ganesh.am

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Published by: Ganesh.am on Sep 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Peoplesoft Interview questions - SQR
1. What are the sections and paragraphs available?
There are five sections and three paragraphs available in SQR programming. The sections include
a. Begin-setup End-setup.
b. Begin-program End-program.
c. Begin-procedure End-procedure.
d. Begin-heading End-heading.
e. Begin-footing End-footing
And the paragraphs include
Begin-select paragraph.
Begin-SQL paragraph.
Begin-document paragraph
2. Is it possible to increase the array size once defined?
No, it is not possible to increase the Array size once defined

3. What is Load-lookup? Give the Syntax for Load-Lookup?
The LOAD-LOOKUP command defines an array containing a set of keys and values and loads it into memory.
With LOAD-LOOKUP, you can reduce the number of tables that are joined in one SELECT. Use this
command in conjunction with one or more LOOKUP commands.



4. Can you Call a SQR from another SQR? How?
We can call one SQR program from another SQR program using Call.callsystem. But this is possible only in
UNIX Operating system.
5. Briefly explain Most commonly used SQC\u2019s in SQR programs?
: Some of the most commonly used SQC\u2019s are
1.STDAPI.sqc : This Is Process Scheduler Interface which is used to initiate and terminate some
field values such as Process_instance & Run_cntl_id
2.SETENV.sqc : This is used to set the Default Environment based on the Database such Printer
Type, Paper Size,Date formats Etc\u2026.
3.NUMBER.sqc : This file contains generalized routines to format numbers.

4.DATETIME.sqc : This file contains generalized routines to format dates and times.
6.RESET.sqc : This is an important Footing SQc.
6. What are the commands used in filehandling of sqr?

Using File Handling we can Import. Steps are
1. Opening a File Using \u2018OPEN FOR-READING\u2019 command.
1. Reading Data From File Using \u2018READ\u2019 command.

Writing Data into Table Using \u2018BEGIN-SQL\u2019 paragraph & \u2018INSERT\u2019 command
7. What are On-break parameters?
ON-BREAK causes the specified action to perform in a tabular report when the value of a field changes.

The default action prints the field only when its value changes (PRINT=CHANGE).Mainly used for

Redundancy of Printing on a page.
8. How can you Debug SQR programs?
We can Debug SQR using Debugging Commands such as

2. #IF DEBUGxxx
2. DISPLAY and

9. What is the difference between sqr and sqc?
1.This is nothing but the Actual 1.This is like a function in SQR.
Source program.
2.This consists of Program Section. 2.This does not consists of program Section.
3.This can be Compiled & Executed. 3.This cannot be Compiled and Executed.

4.We cannot call one SQR from 4.We can call one SQC from another SQC or another SQR
or SQC. SQR program.
10. What are different types of variables in sqr?

Types of variables in SQR are
1. Column Variables.
2. List Variables.
3. System Variables.
4. Document Variables.
5. Substitution Variables.

User Defined Variables
11. Is there any read-only variable in sqr?
Column Variables & System Variables are Read-Only Variables.
12. How to pass Inputs for sqr program while running from windows?

Using ASK & INPUT Commands.
13. How to pass Inputs to the SQR while running through the Process Scheduler?
Using Procedures & SQC\u2019s to access data on Run Control Page (Run Control Fields).
14. What is the purpose of Stdapi.sqc

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