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May 2011

May 2011

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Published by Jeff Holeman

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Published by: Jeff Holeman on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mixteco of San Pablo Tijaltepec live scattered in small towns and villages in the mountains west of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Tijaltepec society is woven together through “compadrazgo” (co-father or co-parent)relationship where the mother and father of one family will be godparents to another family’s children. Althoughpoor, Tijaltepec families are bound to each other. Tijaltepec men are expected to work for the betterment of thecommunity. They also participate in the frequent tribal wars with neighboring peoples. Approximately 3,800Tijaltepec Mixteco live 3 hours west of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico at an elevation of 7,200 feet. Their heartlanguage is the Tijaltepec dialect of the Mixteco language family. Rituals and animistic practices are vital inevery phase of Mixtec Life. The status of evangelization is less than 2% evangelical.Sunday, May 
Ask the Lord to provideopportunities for Ms of the EUPG to reach their people for the cause of Christ as they begin their initial contacts or continue in ministry with their people. Pray that they have a betteunderstanding of the world views and culturesand that their love for their People Groups andtheir passion to reach them with the Good Newswill grow.Monday, May 2
Itinerant Team-In the inkydarkness staying on the narrow path that ledfrom the main road to the house church wasdifficult, so at first I didn’t notice the massive treelooming in the shadows. Later, during the livelyworship service when the foreign guest wasintroduced and the purpose of his visitannounced, I realized the seriousness of thesituation. This muscular, light-skinned man wasa believer in Jesus Christ and a lumberjackwho’d been called from far away to cut down thehuge tree. The house church was packed andneeded to expand their space, which meantremoving the gigantic “spirit tree” used frequentlyin rituals of Santeria, a mixture of Africantraditional religions and the worship of saintspracticed by more than half the population of thiscountry. Many believe that anyone who cutsdown the tree will die. Join us in prayer thatbelievers in this town will have courage to boldlyshare the Gospel and that God’s power willexpose and uproot the evil teachings of Santeria.Pray that people will worship the Creator andnot the creation.Tuesday, May 3 REAPNorth Peru—Thepreparations are being made to receive summer missionaries to work in the Amazon region thissummer. Please pray for the REAP team as theymake the arrangements. Also, pray that theLord is preparing the young people that willcome to serve in this challenging area of theworld.Wednesday, May 4 Venezuela Caracas for Christ Team—Please pray for a series of talkson values that are being presented to thestudents of Colegio Simon Bolivar II during themonths of April and May. Pray that these talkswill create an interest in the students to knowChrist and the difference He can make in their lives. In addition, pray that these talks will openthe door to dialogue with parents who live in thearea of Manzanares.Thursday, May 5
Haiti Earthquake: Almost600 houses have been constructed by IMB andBGR volunteers and their Haitian partnersproviding that same number of families a securehome in which to live. Smiles on the faces of families when given the key to their home speakloud and clear the words in their hearts, “We aregrateful!” In one struggling communityvolunteers recently built a house for an elderlywoman who has no family. Seeing that she wassleeping on a piece of cardboard laid out on therocks in the house, the team built her a bed witha wooden bottom. Church members weretroubled that a woman her age was using thecardboard as her mattress. Members begangiving richly from their poverty to purchase amattress for the elderly woman. These youngbelievers are growing in their love for God andtheir compassion for needy in their community.As a displaced family moves into a house builtby volunteers, members invite them to worshipand Bible study, held in the same yard wherethey began months ago following a prayerwalkand medical clinic. Praise God for this younggrowing church and spiritual maturing of 
believers. Pray emerging leaders will be firmlygrounded in their faith in Jesus and boldwitnesses in the community and beyond.Friday, May 6
Global Mobilizing Cluster—Please continue to pray for the health of oufamilies and Mobilizers. A substantial number ofamilies have had to deal with serious healthproblems in the last month.Diaspora Cluster—Two new street evangelismstrategies are being used by the MadridDiaspora Team. One strategy is a well knownpaint talk. A second method is being used byTaryn Blocker and Brook Johnson together withanother Journeyman from Madrid. Pray that thisevangelism would bear fruit among Latinos andthe normally resistant Spaniards. Pray foboldness for all as they work in selectedstrategic locations of this mega-city, going head-to-head with skepticism and ridicule.Saturday, May 7 –
Central Argentine Team—"Hetold them, 'The harvest is plentiful, but theworkers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest,therefore, to send out workers into his harvestfield.'" Luke 10:2 Asbury & Hope Martin, IMBmissionaries serving in Córdoba, Argentina askyou to pray for them as they begin training agroup of people from the Talleres Sur BaptistChurch in small group evangelism. Pray fothose being trained in how to minister in homesto reach the lost and plant house churches incommunities that do not have a church. Praythat the Lord would continue to raise up morelaborers in His harvest field.Sunday, May 8 Mexico Urban Cluster—OnMarch 12, the Gospel was presented to eightwomen in Colonia Los Angeles (Hermosillo).Using the salvation bracelet as a tool, Beverly R.led the women to assemble the jewelry whilehearing the plan of salvation. Please pray thatthe message will be received despite their belief that they are spiritually healthy because of their traditional religion faith.Monday, May 9
Mexico Mazatec TeamPlease pray for Pat as she is starting therecordings of her story sets and is encounteringmultiple small problems that come with the initialstart up of this work. Pray that she has patiencewith the nationals, herself and the equipment.Tuesday, May 10 –
Pray for students from 12different tribal groups who just finished a courseof Oral Stories led by a M of the EUPG in anindigenous school in Brazil, that they will betransformed by the message of Christ, take themessage to their people, and have a desire tohear and know more about the One True God,the Creator of the Universe. Pray that the Spiritwill work in their hearts and lives, convictingthem that they have heard the truth, even thoughit is contrary to their tribal beliefs and teachings.Ask the Lord to provide the M the wisdomneeded to answer their questions as theycontinue seeking knowledge about the God of the Bible, the one and only God.Wednesday, May 11 Lift up the ChurchPlanting Classes in Panama City that meet everyThursday night. Pray for these new churchplanters to be faithful to the call that God has ontheir lives.Thursday, May 12 – Support Center—Not quitetwo years ago IMB relocated personnel to servein the Americas Support Center. It has taken along time getting everyone moved in, childrensettled in school, many learning the Spanishlanguage and getting to know their new culture,getting financial and technological systems setup and running, and working out all the kinks inso many changes at once. Giving it time to workis an important factor in the adjustment of thesechanges. Thankfully, God's timing is alwaysperfect. He has not given up on us andcontinues to seek us out to mold and perfect usin His image. Pray for personnel who work in theAmericas Support Center to feel God's presenceand pleasure as they so diligently serve the Lordin the areas of Finance, Personnel,Communication, and Logistics.Friday, May 13
Global Mobilizing Cluster—Pray for the extensive follow-up to the importantmobilization meeting held in April. Nationalleaders from countries throughout the Americasmet with your mobilizers to discuss thedifficulties that need to be addressed in thesending of Latino missionaries. Pray that thevisions cast during this time will be met withopen hearts by the national churches and thatmore Latin missionaries will be the result!Saturday, May 14 REAP Ecuador—FBCFestus, Missouri returns to Ecuador May 14-21to continue the ministry to the town oUyumbicho. Please pray for the new believers inthat area. FBC is working in unison with anEcuadorian church to share the gospel to thepeople of that area. Ask that the Holy Spirit helpthese two churches work together to reach thelost.
Sunday, May 15 – Venezuela Caracas for ChristTeam—Pray for talks on self-esteem thatvolunteer Dan Taylor will give for professionalsduring the week of May 15 to 21. Pray thatprofessionals will see the need to develop their spiritual life and will join a formation group wherethey can learn more about Christ.Monday, May 16
Colombia—Each monthmissionary Peggy Wallace prepares a Prayer Bulletin in Spanish which is distributed to all of Colombia´s Baptist churches as well as to other churches and individuals. This Prayer Bulletinserves as a source for a daily devotional, for Christian growth, and as a call to pray for thespread of the gospel among the different Indiangroups of Colombia. Pray that Peggy will beopen and obedient to God´s leadership in thepreparation of this Prayer Bulletin. Intercede fochurches and individuals who receive this Biblestudy/prayer tool asking that they will be faithfulto read the daily scripture passages,accompanying devotional thoughts, and to prayfor non Christian family and friends. If anyone isinterested in receiving this devotional/prayer tool,please let Peggy know. You could modify thespecific prayer requests to the needs in youcountry and/or ministry.nicodemo@etb.net.coTuesday, May 17
Peru Ashéninka Team—Pray for the McAnally and Gayhearts as theytravel to their area of service among theAshéninka to fix up the house for the Gayheartsto live in and to find an Asninka languagehelper for their dialect. Pray God will give thema supernatural ability to comprehend andunderstand clearly the words that are spoken inthis language. Pray that God will send someoneto them who has a heart to reach their ownpeople with the gospel of truth and alsoaccompany them to the villages for theilanguage practice.Wednesday, May 18 – Mexico Urban Cluster—We praise the Lord for the 130 cell churchmembers who were present for the Puebla city-wide cell church celebration service. Themembers were very encouraged to know theyweren’t the only ones meeting in their homes for church. Some even expressed that they hopethey will double in attendance for the nextcelebration service in September.Thursday, May 19
Pray for theAmericas/Caribbean Diaspora teams as they liveout their Christian faith and boldly share their faith with persons on their daily path.Friday, May 20
The Convención BautistaDominicana in the Dominican Republic ispresenting a Doctrinal Conference lead byOctavio Esqueda from Southwestern TheologicalSeminary for all pastors and leaders May 20-21.The Dominican Baptists desire that the Word of God be taught clearly in the Baptist churchesthroughout the island. Please pray for thisconference as it addresses this issue.Saturday, May 21 North Chile team- Missionaries in the Huasco River Valley ask for your prayers as they will be hosting a studentteam from the University of Mobile (Alabama)from May 21 - 30. Please pray with them that theLord will use them as they minister throughprayer walking, visitation, Vacation Bible School,and teaching - that the Father would draw manyunto Himself. Please also ask our Lord to usethis ministry opportunity to form them more intothe image of His Son.Sunday, May 22 –
Praise the Lord for initialcontacts with UPGs made by two teams of theEUPG in April. Ask the Lord’s continueleadership and guidance and open doors. Prayfor the teams led by Clyde S. to have wisdom asthey research Quilombolas and UPGs and thatthey will use time and resources wisely. Praythat God will lead them and they'd be sensitive toHis leading.Monday, May 23 – Central Chile Team–Duringdisaster relief efforts after last year’s earthquake,many doors of opportunity for sharing the gospelwere opened in communities where there is littleor no evangelical work. One of thesecommunities is Botalcura in Pencahue, Chile.Ten temporary buildings were constructed for use as school classrooms for this communityand as a result of the relationships formedaround this community effort, there is a “family of peace” ready to open their home for Bible study.Please pray for a Chilean national to hear thecall to go to Botalcura to start this work and for aUS church to partner with him. Jesus said,“Open your eyes and look at the fields. They areripe for harvest . . . the harvest is plentiful, butthe workers are few.”Tuesday, May 24
London Diaspora Team.Buddy and Lois Woodson share praise for theincrease God is giving to the Wednesday nightgroup. There were 14 young adults from 12different nations and 5 new people. For many itis their first encounter with God's Word andhearing about what Jesus did for us. Pray for 

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