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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

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Published by Trent Clerk
late but always proper
late but always proper

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Published by: Trent Clerk on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Valentines Day, what a commercialized facade of commerce you are. I see no point in your nonsense. You are a fad driven catch phrase, processed and manufactured, as a patch-worked paper bag inwhich to encapsulate love. You are a sick cruel joke that neither scratches loves surface nor has thedignity to include hate. Nothing but a whimsical thing furthering a delusion in a realm already saturatedwith the excreted oils of misconception, self deception, and laziness that tap and flow from the misguidedillusion of self. Not that these misunderstandings are anything negative, in the since they are not theessence of love, because they are. But why should we counteract our natural instincts of delusion, with acontrite farce ritual, that in its strictest validity accomplishes nothing but deteriorating the spine of loveand its twisting nerves. Have we become so lazy and whipped, that the slightest jolt of romance inebriateour senses so strongly we can not fathom life with conflict. Even though it is exactly this terminators soulof life that is the matriarch of that which we now enjoy. You are devoid creature with little more valuethan the rise and fall of bank accounts. A day not flushed red with the warmth of love in my heart, but redwith a trickling ooze of mortification, and wounding from the breast of my soul. Caused by the completedetachment humanity has chosen for love, and the explicit loss of our taste for it. Butstill...........................................Today is the day I seen you glistenThose thieving looks and aimless wishingThe volts that arched when gazes metYour eager lips so luscious and wetAn energy behind every cryptic banter Confusing looks and quiet slander.Still it was only you, and animate desksMy heart was racing my stomach....grotesqueYou changed the color of every leaf Shattered stubbornness and belief You snuffed out my wickedness in one smileI was blinded by you charm and guileIt was splendid chaos but somehow I knewThat it would not be just me..not one but twoHow ironic on the day that bleeds love dryIt browns and crusts and continues to die.Being my moon you gave me seasonsYou love me back I know not your reasonsBut my heart encased in life long winters iceWarmed and thawed free of its pain and viceI have never known love like we shared that dayAnd it lasts and has been tested in every wayIt must be truth or the brushing of its feathersI was always yours...an unbreakable tether It connected us before we met, and when we didWe share it now, and pass it to our kids

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