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Randall Fontes - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Randall Fontes - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

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Randall Fontes is (among many other things) the creator of the Holotope Mandala. The Holotope is a visual consciousness-affective modality which is based off the E8 Polytope-a complex geometric form, a 248 -dimensional object currently frequenty used to represent the symmetry in our known universe.

*To see the E* Polytope in all its glory it would cover the size of Manhattan in NYC.
*Storage requirements for the E8 Polytope Mandala-like geometry: 60GB.
Randall Fontes is (among many other things) the creator of the Holotope Mandala. The Holotope is a visual consciousness-affective modality which is based off the E8 Polytope-a complex geometric form, a 248 -dimensional object currently frequenty used to represent the symmetry in our known universe.

*To see the E* Polytope in all its glory it would cover the size of Manhattan in NYC.
*Storage requirements for the E8 Polytope Mandala-like geometry: 60GB.

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Published by: David 'Arroyos' Kobza on May 02, 2011
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3/25/11 3:57 AMRandall Fontes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPage 1 of 5http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Fontes
Randall Fontes works with the Play of LightMeditation Mandala and Resonant LightProjector
October 20, 1945Hayward, California
United States
PsychologyParapsychologyAltered States of ConsciousnessCounseling
Sonoma State University
Known forOrganic Biofield Sensor Report
Electronicsand BioengineeringLaboratoryS.R.I Project 3194 (Task 3)November1975 byH.E. Puthoff andR. Fontes
Dr. Harold E. Puthoff Dr. David Van NuysDr. Norman Goldstein
Randall Fontes
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Randall G.Fontes
(born October 20, 1945) is anAmerican psychology professional known particularly forhis research in the fields of parapsychology andpsychophysics. He received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) inPsychology and India Studies in 1973 and in 1977 hewas awarded a Master's degree (M.A.) in Psychologyfrom Sonoma State University.
When he spent a semester studying Eastern Philosophy inIndia in 1971
he met an Indian astrologer who toldhim thatin the future he would beconducting scientificresearchin the field of consciousness.Upon returning home in Spring of 1972 he wasintroduced to an IBM Chemist named Marcel Vogel.
After spending several hours of conversation Marcel said,“You are the person who will carry on my research intoplants sensitivity and Human Consciousness”. Marcelgave Fontes all theequipment he needed to begin the work.
1 Research Begins2 The Secret Life of Plants3 Stanford ResearchInstitute (SRI)3.1 Organic Biofield Sensor4 DeAnza College5 The Exploratorium Science and Art Museum6 Play of Light Meditation Experience7 See also8 References
Research Begins
Fontes began his research at Sonoma State University
with help from his adviser Professor Dr. DavidVan Nuys.
In June 1973 he was invited to California State University, East Bay (California StateUniversity Hayward)
as a guest researcher in the Biology Department by Professor Dr. NormanGoldstein. The project was to research action potential in the Algae Nitella, and the parenchama cells
3/25/11 3:57 AMRandall Fontes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPage 2 of 5http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Fontes
Organic Biofield SensorElectronics and BioengineeringLaborator
of the Mimosa pudica to determine their sensitivity to various external stimuli.
The Secret Life of Plants
Fontes’ research was highlighted in the bestselling book "The Secret Life of Plants"
In the course of promoting the book, Fontes and Author Peter Tompkins appeared on radio and television shows such asthe David Susskind Show,
the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson
and the EncyclopædiaBritannica’s Wild Science documentary series.
He was featured in the popular documentary movie"The Secret Life of Plants (film)"
directed by Walon Green and musical sound track by Stevie Wonderand album/CD called the “Journey through the Secret Life of Plants”.
Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
In the Fall of 1972 Dr. Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ began research at SRI for the CIA-InitiatedU.S. Government program to investigate paranormal abilities;.
which eventually became, codename "Stargate Project" a Remote Viewing program. They applied for and received a research grant toprobe plant sensitivity. In Fall of 1973 they brought Fontes to Stanford Research Institute (SRI) toconduct Plant and Human Consciousness Research, also known as “Primary Perception” or the“Backster Effect” discovered by Cleve Backster a polygraph expert who had worked for the CIA.Fontes worked with Remote Viewers Ingo Swann, Hella Hammid
and Pat Price. The product of thiswork culminated in a final report "Organic Biofield Sensor" by H. E. Puthoff and R. Fontes;.
datedNovember 1975.
Organic Biofield SensorVI Summary and Conclusions
"The purpose of the investigation reported here was toassess the feasibility of the use of a special class of device (organic sensor) for real-time contactlessmeasurement of psychological stress or otherpsychological or physiological state in a human subjectbeing monitored. To this end special detectors weredeveloped so that the electrical activity andmicromovements of plants (Philodendron oxycardium,Mimosa pudica) and algae (Nitella) could be monitored.The activity of these sensors while in close proximity toa human subject viewing slides of varying emotionalcontent was then examined. The sensors were locatedinside Faraday cage electrical shielding to eliminatetrivial electrical artifacts. To provide an objectiveindicator of emotional response during viewing, thesubject's GSR (galvanic skin response) was recorded toprovide a signal to cross-correlate with the organic
3/25/11 3:57 AMRandall Fontes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPage 3 of 5http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Fontes
S.R.I Project 3194 (Task 3)November 1975by H. E. Puthoff and R. Fontes
sensor output.""Pilot experiments with the algae Nitella indicated thatthey were nonresponsive to the activity of humansubjects in close proximity, and thereforeexperimentation with Nitella was terminated early in the program. With regard to plantsensors, however, experimental findings with twelve subjects indicated that the electricalactivity of plants in close proximity to a human subject viewing slides of putative emotionalcontent, although not in one-to-one correspondence with subject GSR, nevertheless didshow in some cases (20%) statistically significant evidence of correlation with subject GSR.*Furthermore, such electrical activity is found not to be an artifact of plant micromotion, thelatter being uncorrelated with either subject GSR or plant potential, nor is it a system artifactdue to slide tray activity signals in the GSR channel. Thus, although we must reject thehypothesis that subject GSR and plant potential fluctuations of a nearby electrically shieldedplant are in general correlated, there is evidence for a degree of correlation beyond thatexpected by chance."Subject S-3: p < 4.2 X 10-4; p < 0.024, replication experiment.Subject S-4: p < 0.038.
This Report supports the possibility that plants may respond to human consciousness as contended byCleve Backster.
In Harper's Magazine a hypothesis was offered that may explain how this phenomenon could occur:“Dr. Harold Puthoff, a laser physicist at the Stanford Research Institute, surmises that thesubatomic particle known as a tachyon may hold the answer. Tachyons, from the Greekmeaning "swift," are supposed to travel faster than light. Postulated in 1967 by ColumbiaUniversity physicist Gerald Feinberg, they have so far not been experimentallydetected.”
DeAnza College
From April 1977 through June 1981 Fontes taught Psychology 7, Introduction to Parapsychology nowcataloged as Psychology 57
at DeAnza College in Cupertino, California. This class taught thescientific approach to paranormal phenomena and was fully accredited and transferable to theUniversity of California.
The Exploratorium Science and Art Museum
In May 1987 Fontes, M.A. joined the staff of the Exploratorium Science and Art Museum. In 1993 hebecame a “Life Sciences Project Designer” in the Biology department, under National ScienceFoundation funding. While working at the Exploratorium one program that he designed exhibits for wasthe Human Genome Project (HGP).
This work was funded by the United States Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory Genome Program (DE-FG03-93ER61583).

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