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The Importance of ET Contact

The Importance of ET Contact

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Angelika Whitecliff has had countless interaction with advanced Loving Beings. Here she offers detail as far as an individual or group hoping to experience contact/communication with ufo inhabitants in their lifetime.
Angelika Whitecliff has had countless interaction with advanced Loving Beings. Here she offers detail as far as an individual or group hoping to experience contact/communication with ufo inhabitants in their lifetime.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: David 'Arroyos' Kobza on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Importance of Initiating Contact withExtraterrestrials
Angelika Whitecliff 
Initiating contact with ETs is not in and of itself necessary for one'sown spiritual advancement. With that stated, there are severalreasons why this particular subject is extremely important and I willtake this opportunity to discuss a few. The first looming issue is thatthere is a vast interaction taking place upon this planet betweenhumans and different ET groups. But why has there been perpetratedsuch a through job in maligning, debasing and dismissing almost allof the contactee accounts that report respectful, non-invasive andbenevolent interactions, especially with humanoid beings who onlypromote our own spiritual growth as our real salvation?It is difficult to find such contactee books in our country (not as truein other countries such as Germany, Italy, Mexico and South America)and the media ignores these stories. Instead it cleverly peddles casesof abduction, terror and avid manipulations to promote fear,confusion and finally numbness and non-action. People are skillfullyschooled toward a victim mentality in this way. People not only needto be made aware of inspiring and uplifting cases that are happeningnow, such as the Sixto Paz Wells contacts in Peru, but people needto understand that the choice is theirs to put energy into creatingmore abduction coverage or to instead put this energy into openingthe door wider for positive experiences to come through on all levels.Initiating empowered contact is one path to opening this door. We donot know many of the ET players yet, but we do know more thanenough to begin our own journey of benevolent contact. A secondreason why the action of initiating contact with ETs is ofconsiderable merit is because of the number of starseeds currentlyincarnated on this world. Not all but many feel a sense of lonelinessor loss because of their seeming separation from those they once
knew as a beloved family. (Generally - wherever the majority of yourincarnational time is spent, at least until you obtain a significantenlightened mastery as a being, this is where you will identify ondeep levels as home.) So there is a great longing in many hearts.Calling in your deepest star family connections can be a powerfulway to heal that inner rift and to create a bridge of support that canserve your spiritual goals as well as those of the planet. Third, thereare many paths to enlightenment and higher understanding. Aspiritual master, such as an eastern guru can open your third eye foryou to expedite your path. This is not necessary to achieving thegoal, but many individuals seek out gurus andadepts to help them on their path because they can offer help insome form. There are spiritually advanced races here that can assistin the same way if you desire and accept this sort of assistance.They can act like an older brother or sister who is a little fartheralong the path. Because they have traveled the very path we arenow on, they can hold up a light to illuminate the darkness of theunknown that we are entering. Again, this is not necessary, but it isavailable and the choice is ours to accept assistance or not. There isthe threat of mind control, black projects, alien abductions, this listgoes on and on. How can people win a game so rigged? The answeris that through dedicated self-exploration; meditation and a personalcommitment to the discipline of becoming one with your 'true' self.All these threats lose energy and are eventually rendered powerlessas you connect with the one universal force, the divine oneness. Yetyou do not have to be on the verge of achieving this ultimate goalto be safe, all you have to do is begin walking this path of refiningyour own energies and not look back. Your internal commitment willguide you to safety from within. Non-action, apathy, depression, audgmental & dismissive attitude all leave you very vulnerable to theregressive energies. GalacticDiplomacy.com is dedicated to the ideaof empowered citizen based interactions with extraterrestrials.
Many people come to this arena of information because they feel'contact' is important to their lives in some way. For such peoplewho are passionate about this field, for those who need to overcomeexperiences of feeling victimized by ETs, for those who know thatthis work is part of their individual purpose, and for many otherreasons, this vision of initiating contact with benevolent ETs can bea valuable individual experience and manifestation for the planet. Weall can help each other and the planet by holding to our dreams of abetter world and by doing something, anything, to help our visionmanifest.Many who visit this web site will be the pioneers and courageousleaders who will actually create experiences of empowered andmutually edifying exchanges with our ET friends. In no way does thisinteraction have to remain upon the fringe or characterized bytrauma or genetic engineering programs. When committed individualsand groups get together to promote a new vision, a better way, thisinfluences our reality and offers hope and inspiration to others. This ishow we step by step create a new system, one to replace thecurrent one which does not express our highest expression of lightand love upon this world.••
Angelika WhitecliffThis is a possible, plausible and currently active model for ET contactand the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships which willassist the Earth's entry into the galactic community as a conscious,

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