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1-3 Power of Attorney -FLossie

1-3 Power of Attorney -FLossie

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Published by richard_rowland

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Published by: richard_rowland on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ACKNOWLEDGMENTGrant of Exclusive Power of Attorney to conductall tax, business, and legal affairs of PrincipalPOWER OF ATTORNEY
1. I,FLOSSIE MAE GARRETT, Grantor (hereinafter “
”), at329, GOLDEN ROAD SENATOBIAMISSISSIPPI 38668, do hereby authorize and appointFlossie-Mae:Garrett, c/o507 St Paul Avenue, Senatobia,Mississippi; Near  [38668], Republic, Non Domestic Without the US, as my private attorney in fact (hereinafter “
”), to take exclusive charge of, manage, and conduct all of my tax, business, and legalaffairs, and for such purpose to act for me in my name and place, without limitation on the powers necessary tocarry out this exclusive purpose of attorney in fact as authorized:
Indorse or otherwise sign Principal’s signature, without liability, on all documents and instruments,of any type or nature, where Principal’s signature is requested or required for the purpose of authenticating the writing in all commercial activity between Principal and other artificial persons;
To demand, collect, receive, take possession of, hold, receipt for, sue to recover, recover, and manageall sums of money, real estate and all other property, which Principal now owns, or which may nowor hereafter become due, owing, or payable to Principal from any source whatsoever;
To deposit funds into, make withdrawals from, or sign checks or drafts against any account standingin Principal’s name individually or jointly in any bank or other depository; to cash coupons, bonds, or certificates of deposit; to endorse checks, notes, or other documents in Principal’s name; to haveaccess to, and to place items into or remove them from any safety deposit box standing in Principal’sname individually or jointly; and otherwise to conduct bank transactions or business for Principal inPrincipal’s name;
To pay on behalf of Principal any just debts and expenses, including reasonable expenses incurred byPrincipal’s Agent
in exercising this exclusive power of attorney;
To retain and manage any investments, and to invest in stock, bonds or other securities, or in realestate or other property on behalf of Principal;
To give general and special proxies or exercise rights of conversion or rights with respect to shares or securities; to deposit shares or securities with or transfer them to protective committees, or similar  bodies; to join in any reorganization and pay assessments or subscriptions called for in connectionwith shares or securities.
To sell, exchange, lease, give options, fund trusts, convey title by deed, and make contractsconcerning real estate or other property for such considerations and on such terms as Agent mayconsider prudent;
To improve or develop real estate; to construct, alter, or repair building structures and appurtenancesto real estate; to settle boundary lines, easements, and other rights with respect to real estate; to plant,cultivate, harvest, and sell or otherwise dispose of crops and timber; to explore for, drill for, mine,develop, extract, remove, refine, process, ship, transport, utilize, convert, and sell minerals of alldescriptions, oil, natural gas, and geothermal resources lying on or beneath the surface of real estateand/or solar, wind, or hydroelectric energy available on or above the surface of real estate; to lease,sell, option, joint venture, or coop minerals of all descriptions, oil, natural gas, geothermal resources,solar, wind, or hydroelectric energy and rights and title thereto, and do all things necessary or appropriate to good husbandry and stewardship of such property and resources;
To provide for the use, maintenance, repair, security, or storage of Principal’s tangible property;
1 of 3INITIALS ___________Initials __________
To purchase and maintain such policies of insurance against liability, fire, casualty, or other risks asAgent
may consider prudent;
To settle or compromise any and all claims, now existing or hereafter arising, against Principal and/or any of Principal’s collateral; and to execute, sign, and indorse any and all claims, instruments,receipts, checks, drafts, or warrants issued in payment for Principal’s collateral.2. The Creditor Flossie-Mae:Garrett, named herein on the Form UCC-1 and Commercial Security Agreementfiled with the SECRETARY OF STATE of MISSISSIPPI, is authorized by law to act for and in control of the Principal,FLOSSIE MAE GARRETT,FLOSSIE M GARRETT,FLOSSIE GARRETT, or any derivative thereof. In addition,Flossie-Mae:Garretthas the exclusive power of attorney to contract for all business andlegal affairs of FLOSSIE MAE GARRETT, Principal.3. The term “exclusive” shall be construed to mean that while these powers of attorney are in force, onlyAgent may obligate Principal in these matters; and Principal forfeits the capacity to obligate self with regard tosame. This grant of Exclusive Power is irrevocable during the lifetime of Agent.Executed and sealed by the voluntary act of my own hand, this ___ day of ____________, 2011. This instrument was prepared byFlossie-Mae:Garrett.Acceptance: ______________________________________ __________________________________________ FLOSSIE MAE GARRETT, PrincipalFlossie-Mae:Garrett, Agent I, the above named exclusive attorney in fact,do accept the responsibility for the herein-namedPrincipal and do execute the herein granted power of attorney with Due Diligence.
Using a notary on this document does not constitute any adhesion, nor does it in any manner alter any legalstatus of any of the parties hereto. The purpose of a notary is verification and identification only and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction.
On the _____ day of _____________, Two Thousand Eleven, before me,____________________________, a Notary, Personally appearedFlossie-Mae:Garrett, known to me (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactoryevidence of identification) to be the livingwomanwhose name is subscribed upon this instrument andacknowledged to me thatsheexecuted the same inher authorized capacity; and byher signature on this instrument,Flossie-Mae:Garretthas acted on behalf of the person who executed this instrument.
Witnessed, my hand and official seal.
2 of 3INITIALS ___________Initials __________

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