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March/April 2011 Leaders' Link

March/April 2011 Leaders' Link

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Published by: iqsolutions on May 02, 2011
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RWJF Leaders' Link-March/Aprilhttp://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/...tpyk8LbpwCJ5DbtcRqqu-nZX9ZihVzkzX1xsYzGmP2HVSy23BFm7XiAPAiwY59SwPNjdlUGXA%3D%3D[4/28/2011 12:14:15 PM]
Programs’ Progress
Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College 
ScholarsAttend Health Policy Seminar Series
The2011 National Scholars’ CurrentIssues in Health Policy SeminarSeriesbegan in January, withlectures continuing through May 2,2011. This series acts as thecapstone experience for students inMeharry’s Health Policy CertificateProgram. Thus far, the series hasincluded presentations from RWJFscholars including
Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research 
recipientsDavid Williams, Ph.D.,(’94) andJames Jackson, Ph.D., (’09) and
Clinical Scholars 
alumnus Tim Carey,M.D., M.P.H., (’83). Lecturerspresented on diverse topics includingmedical malpractice and health policy,why African Americans are sickerand die younger, and the implicationsof the Affordable Care Act on healthcare disparities. The series has beenbroadcast live on the Internet and isarchived for general public access ontheMeharry Center Web site.
Volume 3, Number 2 — March/April 2011
Foundation Focus
As an RWJF scholar or fellow, you are challenged to think outsidethe box when addressing problems in health and health care ona daily basis. Fortunately, you also have access to a network ofdistinguished colleagues from a variety of fields, both within andoutside your program, whose views and experiences can beuseful and even inspirational as you seek innovative solutions tohealth challenges.For example, the
Executive Nurse Fellows 
are encouraged towork with a top executive mentor outside of the health care field.The
Clinical Scholars 
program trains physicians in community-based participatory research, a partnership between academicsand community health organizations. The
Health Policy Fellows 
merge the expertise of academics, nurses, physicians, behavioraland social scientists, and other health professionals with thepolicy-making process on Capitol Hill.These rich connections provide valuable opportunities to informyour work and help advance our collective mission of improvingthe health and health care of all Americans. Given the importanceof building connections among our grantees, we at the Foundationhave been working to create a place that facilitates the exchangeof ideas and information across disciplines and programs.And now it’s here. The
RWJF Grantee Network
is an onlinecommunity where you can connect with colleagues anddistinguished alumni on topics that matter to you, and can makenew connections both within and outside your field and with theFoundation and program staff. It’s a place for you to contributeyour expertise to discussions, to post questions, and to explorenew resources.I encourage you to join the Grantee Network and expand thepotential of your RWJF experience. To join, email LarryBlumenthal, the network’s community manager, atlarry@openroadadvisors.com. I look forward to seeing you online!Best Regards,
RWJF Leaders' Link-March/Aprilhttp://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/...tpyk8LbpwCJ5DbtcRqqu-nZX9ZihVzkzX1xsYzGmP2HVSy23BFm7XiAPAiwY59SwPNjdlUGXA%3D%3D[4/28/2011 12:14:15 PM]
Inside Intelligence
Have you seenRWJF’s YouTubechannel? Find out what thoseinvolved with the Foundation havebeen up to by watching one of theover 100 videos posted to thechannel. Video subjects range frominspiring stories from programsacross RWJF's portfolios, to researchby RWJF-funded scholars andfellows. Check back frequently, asnew videos are posted often.
In the last
,wedescribed how using social mediacan greatly extend your professionalreach. So where should you begin?Twitter is a great starting point forthe less-experienced social mediauser, since it requires minimal setupand is easy to use. One of the morepopular social media venues, it’s areal-time information network whoseusers stay current with information ona multitude of topics. Twitter is basedon “tweets” that users produce: 140-character posts of whateverinformation they want to share.Twitter users can follow other userswho pique their interest.
Follow us on Twitter:@RWJF_HumanCapDo you have an article that will bepublished in a journal within the next30 to 60 days? Would you likeideas, suggestions or support topromote the research presented?
Linda Wright Moore
Senior Communications Officer 
Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research 
The February 2011issueof
Health Affairs 
includes papers byseveral
Investigator Awards 
grantees. In a project-related paper,What Are the Respective Roles of the Public and Private Sectorsin Pharmaceutical Innovation?Bhaven Sampat, Ph.D., M.Phil, (’06) and colleagueFrank Lichtenberg, Ph.D.,find that direct government funding is more important in the development of“priority-review” drugs—sometimes described as the mostinnovative new drugs—than it is for “standard-review” drugs.SaraRosenbaum, J.D., 2000
Investigator Award 
grantee and nationaladvisory committee member, and colleagueBenjamin Sommers,M.D., Ph.D., write about health reform and “How Changes inEligibility May Move Millions Back and Forth Between Medicaidand Insurance Exchanges.” National Program Director and 1994granteeDavid Mechanic, Ph.D.,reviews John Wennberg’s book,
Tracking Medicine 
, in an article titled “The ‘Brilliant, Persistent’Pursuit of Health Care as a Complex Social System.” In ananalysis and commentaryon mental health,Joseph J. Fins, M.D., (’06), argues that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’ssupposedly humanitarian device exemption allowing patients withneuropsychiatric disorders access to deep brain stimulation surgerycould put patients at risk and limit opportunities for scientificdiscovery. Fins’ paper received media coverage in the
Washington Post 
, and
,among others.
Community Health Leaders 
Profiled in a video on February 8, 2011, on
with Sanjay Gupta, M.D.,Lynne Holden, M.D., (’09) discussedhow she recovered from a life-threatening heart condition andwent on to establish Mentoring in Medicine (MIM), an all-volunteerorganization that encourages and nurtures disadvantaged students
RWJF Leaders' Link-March/Aprilhttp://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/...tpyk8LbpwCJ5DbtcRqqu-nZX9ZihVzkzX1xsYzGmP2HVSy23BFm7XiAPAiwY59SwPNjdlUGXA%3D%3D[4/28/2011 12:14:15 PM]
.Have you taken a new job?Released a new publication?Received an award? Or have someother piece of news to share withthe network? Please submit yoursuggestions for the next edition of
Leaders’ Link 
by May 10, 2011, to
from Harlem and the South Bronx in New York City to enter thehealth professions. Accompanying the video is a blog post writtenby Holden, who noted in the post that with her future as apracticing physician uncertain, her husband challenged her “to finda way to help other young people to achieve their dream ofpursuing a health career.”
About these Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Human Capital programs: 
Annual Meetings and Seminars Health & Society Scholars 
Annual Meeting, Bethesda, Md.,May 3–6, 2011.
Scholars in Health Policy Research 
Annual Meeting, Itasca,Ill., June 1–3, 2011.
New Connections 
Fifth Annual Symposium, Princeton, N.J.,June 8–10, 2011.
Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program 
AnnualMeeting, New Orleans, La., October 4–6, 2011.
Physician Faculty Scholars 
Annual Meeting, San Diego, Calif.,November 29–December 2, 2011.
Nurse Faculty Scholars 
Annual Meeting, New Orleans, La.,November 30–December 1, 2011.
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