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Strategic Plan5

Strategic Plan5

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Published by Siena College

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Published by: Siena College on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Living Our Tradition 
Sc P2011-2016
Living Our Tradition 
Sc P2011-2016
 Siena college is proud to be a part of the 800-year-old Franisan intelletual tradition. Siena’s future will beinformed and laried by its past and present onnetion to this tradition.One dimension of the Franisan intelletual tradition speaks diretly to the human heart. t begins in the13th entury with St. Franis and St. clare of ssisi whose ospel-entered lives helped transform theexperiene of the people that they enountered. orresponding omponent of this tradition speially seeks to advane and develop the human intellet.t nds its rst expressions in the medieval universities of urope. t Paris and Oxford, Franisans like
St. ­Bonaventure
, and
manifested the highest ommitment to intelletual develop-ment and aademi exellene through their teahing and sholarship.For nearly 75 years, Siena college has ultivated students in this tradition whose hearts are open to love andwhose minds are open to wisdom. hese goals of a Siena eduation are ompatible with the broad-basedideals of a liberal arts urriulum that elebrates the onnetion between the heart and the intellet of thehuman person.s we move into the future, we will speak diretly to the hearts and to the minds of our students so thatthey too may have the opportunity to be transformed by this tradition and to go forth as graduates who areattentive, intelligent, reasonable, ompassionate and responsible partiipants in the world.
 Living Our Tradition—The Siena College Strategic Plan 2011 to 2016 
ommits the ollege to pass on anddevelop this tradition for our future students.
Strategic Plan 2011–2016
† tems marked with this symbol are dened in the ppendix.
Strategic Plan 2011–2016
Living Our Tradition
 ,­is­situated­within­the­wider­­ framework­of­the­College’s­mission­statement.
Siena College is a learning community advancing the ideals o a liberal arts education, rooted in itsidentity as a Franciscan and Catholic institution
As a learning community,
Siena is ommitted to a student-entered eduation emphasizing dynami faulty-student interation. hrough a blending of liberal arts and professional eduation, Siena college providesexperienes and ourses of study instilling the values and knowledge to lead a ompassionate, reetive andprodutive life of servie and leadership.
As a liberal arts college,
Siena fosters the rigorous intelletual development of its students through a healthyexhange of ideas both inside and outside the lassroom. t provides opportunities to develop ritial andreative thinking, to make reasoned and informed judgments, to appreiate ultural diversity, to deepenaestheti sensibility and to enhane written and oral ommuniation skills. t develops in eah individual anappreiation for the rihness of exploring knowledge from a variety of perspetives and disiplines.
As a Franciscan community,
Siena strives to embody the vision and values of St. Franis of ssisi: faith ina personal and provident od, reverene for all reation, afrmation of the unique worth of eah person,delight in diversity, appreiation for beauty, servie with the poor and marginalized, a ommunity wheremembers work together in friendship and respet and ommitment to building a world that is more just,peaeable and humane.
As a Catholic college,
Siena seeks to advane not only the intelletual growth of its students, but theirspiritual, religious and ethial formation as well. o this end, Siena is omposed of and in dialogue withpeople from different religious and ultural traditions; fosters a ritial appreiation of the catholi intelle-tual heritage in onversation with ontemporary experiene; provides ample opportunities for worship andservie; explores the moral dimensions of deision-making in business and the professions; and afrms thedignity of the individual while pursuing the ommon good.

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