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Literacy Paper

Literacy Paper

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Published by Jeremy Baker

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Published by: Jeremy Baker on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Baker 1
Jeremy Baker Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 1103February 2, 2011I Am LiterateThroughout my life, I learned to do many things. I learned how to throw a ball, how to tiemy shoe, how to draw, how to cook, how to read, how to write etc. I picked up the capability todo all sorts of things, but I didn¶t learn how to do all of these things well. Deborah Brandtdefines literacy as fluency in a given practice. Using this definition you can say that I becameliterate in the skills that I mastered. The reason I became literate in some areas was because oliterary sponsors. Brandt defines a literary sponsors as ³any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withholdliteracy²and gain advantage by it in some way.´Areas that I have become literate in are reading and writing, mathematics, computers, art,and sandwich making. Most of these areas I was required to become literate in due to today¶sstandards for employment. Schools introduce you to skills like reading, writing, math, andcomputer skills because those are skills that you need to know to be successful in the worldtoday. The sponsors of these skills would be teachers for the most part. Since first grade I¶ve been learning how to read, write and do math. Teachers showed me how to do these things andmy parents helped along the way. I also learned how to use computers from teachers but thatdidn¶t happen until middle school. My high school engineering classes were where I picked upmost of my computer skills. Due to the nature of the courses I had to learn skills in computer drafting programs along with PowerPoint and other Microsoft Works programs. So for those
Baker 2
literacies my teachers and parents would be the sponsors. Both parties got the knowledge of knowing that they helped me succeed and the teachers also got money out of teaching me theseliteracies.Those skills I became literate in because I had to, but my literacy of drawing wasobtained because of my passion for it. I used to watch cartoons all the time like most children do, but I enjoyed them so much that I decided that I wanted to recreate them. I started drawing pictures of my favorite cartoon characters all the time. My parents encouraged my passion bygetting me how to draw books. Then in high school I started taking classes in art. In these classesI learned about things like coordinating and complimentary colors and adding value to drawingslike you would expect, but I also learned a great deal about art history and I could name theartists of several masterpieces. So my parents and art teachers were sponsors in this case too, butthere were others like the cartoons and how to draw books both of which received monetarygains by helping me become fluent in the art of drawing.So I have become literate in areas because I was required to and because I had a passionfor them, but there is one more area I became literate in because I needed to in order to makemoney. This literacy was the art of sandwich making. I was a ³sandwich artist´ at a Subwayrestaurant for about four years. This may not sound like something that someone would be fluentin, but there¶s a lot more to it than you would think. I had to learn how to bake bread, makecookies, learn all of the different types of sandwiches, know the number of each type of vegetable and cheese to put on the sandwiches, and work the cash register too. I was trained bymy manager and my fellow employees so they would be my sponsors in this case. The manager obviously got money out of having people to work in the restaurant, and my coworkers had acompetent ³sandwich artist´ to work with.

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