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Tiki - forgatókönyv (részlet)

Tiki - forgatókönyv (részlet)

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Published by filmhu

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Published by: filmhu on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tiki8th draftWritten byBalint Mark TuriJacques SimonFruzsina Szakaly26.04.2010© Balint Mark Turi 2010 Balint Mark Turibalint.mark.turi@gmail.com +33637989175+36308589085
1. EXT. - AT THE CIRCUS TENT - DAY An endless line of FREAKS meander in front of the DOLOFOROCIRCUS TENT.LONG, SLOW TRAVELING A piece of paper with the word "CASTING" written on it istaped near the entrance of the tent. A FAT MAN fails to do a somersault. His trousers split. A SKINNY MAN dressed in gym vest and shorts is dragging anoversized weight.THE JUGGLER TWINS are throwing balls to each other. And 2-3OTHER PEOPLE waiting in the line.TIKI, a young man of 25 wearing a backpack, gets in the backof the line.He takes off his backpack, looking for something in it. Hetakes out a black top hat from the back pack.Tiki starts to make concentric movements over the top hat with his hand. Than he draws a white rabbit out of the tophat. With his other hand he reaches for his pocket and takesa small chunk of carrot out of it.He gives the carrot to the rabbit and fondles it. As he looks up at the beginning of the line he spots LEILA. A young woman of 25 with dark eyes and long black hair. Sheis stunningly beautiful with an inescapably strong aura.Tiki’s eye is constantly on Leila.She is holding papers in her hands, walking along the linelooking for someone.LEILA Tiki!...Tiki!...Tiki!Tiki smiles as he makes eye contact with her. She waves,beckoning him. He points to himself, raising his eyebrowsquestioning. Leila continues to waive urgently.Tiki puts the rabit back to the top hat that he almostdrops. He stumbles, top hat in hand, toward the entrance ofthe tent.(CONTINUED)

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