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Published by Rem-State

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Published by: Rem-State on Sep 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Course Name:
Latin: Tasting Journal /Notebook
Item made:
Sopa del pollo, del maíz y de la cal 
:Chicken, Corn and Lime soup
Wk# 1
 AmountMeasure Ingredien
1 tablespoon ½ ounce, 14 ml Vegetable oil
1 cup 4 ounces, 112 gWhite Onion, ¼ inch (.6cm) dice
2 each Garlic cloves, minced3 cups 18 ounces, 504 mlChicken stoc1 ½ cups9 ounces, 252 gRoma tomatoes, peeled, seeded,¼ inch (.6 cm) dice1 ½ cups8 ounces, 224 gCorn kernels2 each Jalapeno chilies, seeded, minced1 teaspoonCumin, ground1 cup 6 ounces, 168 gChicken thigh meat, fat trimmed
, thinly
3 tablespoons8 gCilantro, chopped1 ½ tablespoon ¾ ounces, 21 ml Lime juice, freshTo taste Salt and pepper 
>Submerged poaching>Vegetable Cookery
Method directions
1.Heat oil over medium heat, add onion and garlic, cook 8-10 minutes or until verysoft2.Add Chicken stock, tomatoes, corn, chilies, and cumin, bring to boil, reduce tosimmer and cook 5-8 minutes to blend flavors.3.Add chicken and simmer about 3 minutes to cook meat4.Stir in cilantro and lime juice
Correct seasoning
Drawn Class Diagram:
Electronic PhotoPlating
Successes, failures, Time line issues, Adjustments
Course Name:
Latin: Tasting Journal /Notebook
Item made:
 Arroz Blanco con Verduras:
White Rice with Vegetables
 AmountMeasure Ingredien
Hot water to cover 1 cup 7 ounces, 198 gLong-grain, unconverted white rice2 tablespoons1 ounce, 28 gCorn oil¼ cup 1 ounce, 28 gWhite onion, ¼ inch (.6 cm) dice2Garlic cloves, minced½ cup 1 ounce, 28 gGreen onions and tops, finely chopped1 cup 2 ½ ounces, 70 g White mushrooms, ¼ inch (.6 cm) slices1 Serrano Chile,
remove seeds and veins
, minced1 ½ cup12 ounces, 353 mlChicken stocTo tasteSalt and peppe1/2 cup2 ounces, 56 gCorn kernels1 cup 4 ounces, 113 gQueso Fresco, grated2 tablespoon¼ ounce, 7 gCilantro, chopped1.Pour hot water over the rice and let stand for 2o minutes. Drain and rinse wellunder cold water. Let drain for 10 minutes2.Heat the oil until it smokes and add the rice, stir until all the grains are well coated3.Cook until the rice just begins to take on a colo4.Add the onions, garlic, mushrooms and chili, cook over high heat for ten minutes,until white onion and garlic are translucent. Stirring constantly5.Add chicken stock and corn, cook uncovered over medium heat – do not stir again – until the liquid has been absorbed and small air holes appear in the rice.6.Remove from heat and let stand, covered, for 10 to 15 minutes7.Add the cheese and cilantro, and stir into the rice with a fork 
Course Name:
Latin: Tasting Journal /Notebook
Item made:
Pescado à la Veracruzana : Fish Veracruz-style
 AmountMeasure Ingredien
44-6 ounces, 113-1170 g each Fish fillets,
 boneless white firm flesh
1 tablespoon ½ ounce, 14 mlLime juice, fresh1 teaspoon8 gSalt2 tablespoons1 ounce, 28 mlVegetable oil1 cup 4 ounces, 112 gWhite onion, sliced thin2 eachGarlic cloves, minced3 cups 18 ounces, 508 mlTomatoes, peeled, seeded,
¼ inch (.6cm) dice
1 cup 8 ounces, 224 mlFish stock or wate1/3 cup 2 ounces, 56 gGreen olives, pitted, sliced thinly2 tablespoon6 gParsley, minced1 t1 gOregano, dried1 eachBay lea1 tablespoon½ ounce, 14 gCapers, rinsed, drained2 each Jalapenos, seeds and veins removed,sliced thinly1 each Cinnamon stick 2 each Cloves, wholeTo taste Salt and pepper 1.Marinate the fish in the lime juice and salt, 30 minutes to one hour 2.Heat oil over medium heat, add onions and cook till translucent3.Add garlic and cook 1 minute4.Add remaining ingredients, bring to simmer and cook 15 minutes until almostsauce consistence5.Add fish to tomato sauce, cover with sauce, cover and simmer until fish is cookedServe with rice 
Course Name:
Latin: Tasting Journal /Notebook

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