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Midterm 1

Midterm 1

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Published by cladd1

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Published by: cladd1 on May 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ladd 1Caroline LaddProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1102-026March 2
, 2011
Midterm Reflection
When I began my journey into this English class in January I was prettynervous. English classes have never been a strong point of mine, but I always try mybest to go into everything in my life with an open mind. Now that we are well into thiscourse, my whole idea about this class and writing in general have changed.When I reflect back on all the writing pieces that I have done thus far, I sort of shock myself because it doesnt seem as though I have done as much writing as I have.I love Dr. Riemans grading approach to writing that is that she doesnt give grades. Iam always so nervous about making sure that I am going to make the grade that it takes away from the potential that I have as a writer. I have felt more relaxed in thisEnglish class that I ever have in an English class before.Out of all the different writing styles we have tackled in this class I would haveto say that the style I enjoy the most would be the writing to explore pieces. When Isit down to do my writing explore piece for that week, it is one of the few times that Ihave actually been eager to write. The topics that Dr. Rieman has given us to write onare very interesting to me, and some of them push me to think and write in ways that I have never thought of before. I was especially challenged in the Writers on Writingpiece that I did, the topic where you had to watch the video and reflect on your ownwriting process. I found this assignment challenging because I felt that before I wrote
Ladd 2the piece I didnt really have my own writing process. But after sitting down andreally focusing I figured out some things about my own writing style that I did not know before, and I was really proud of my final product.This English class has taught me a lot about my own writing process. I think the most important thing that I have learned so far is where I write best. Beforereflecting on my own writing process I always tried to write wherever I was at thetime; now I know that if I really want to do the best I can I need to go somewhere that is quiet and peaceful. When I have interruptions I loose my train of thought, andtherefore my paper suffers. Another thing that I have learned about myself throughout the semester is that if I dont stress out so much and constantlyconcentrate on getting the paper finished, that what Im trying to say will come to meand it wont be such a struggle. I am glad that I found this out about myself because it has made my writing assignments much more enjoyable and easier.I feel most challenged in this class when I am writing the blogs to the essaysthat we are assigned to read. Whenever I get the email about what are we going to dofor the week, I cross my fingers and hope that an essay isnt assigned. I feel that most of my discomfort about the blogs comes from the difficulty of the readings. I know fora fact that if the readings werent so hard for me to read, then my reflections would bemuch better. It is a huge relief to me that we go over what the essays are about inclass because then I feel like I have a much better grip on them. This is really the onlyarea of the class that I feel challenges me.When I re-read the course goals and look back on these past few months, I feelthat I have begun to accomplish all the things that are stated. I never expected to go

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