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Pets Assignment

Pets Assignment

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Published by joshua.redin

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Published by: joshua.redin on Sep 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If yaremefor unabyouthe
level, the vieweanimal. As the ssoul." This is truesee much moreat eye level thaabove the anim Another way toclose. Fill the fradistractioyour pet.
In Con
Number patient! Rand theyaccompliyou'll havdevoted
are Fun to Photograph
 u have a pet around the house, chancesyou enjoy taking photos of this specialmber of the family. Pets make great subjechotographs, probably because they are sredictable. They also aren't self-consciousut having their picture taken, socan usually catch them when're at their best. (Or worst!)
Photography Techniques
 One of the quickest ways toimprove your petphotographs is to bring thecamera down to eye level with the pIf your dog or cat is sitting on the floor,get down on the floor with him. Bybringing the camera down to eyewill be able to identify more closely with thying goes, "The eyes are the window to thfor dogs and cats as well. You'll be able toof your pet's character in a photo takenone taken from a standing position, far al.improve images of pets is to move inme with the animal to eliminates and focus the viewer's attention on
 ne tip when photographing your pets? Beemember they have a short attention spahave no idea what you're trying tosh. Take lots of pictures and before longe a photo album filled with photos of your friends.t
Pets are Fun
If you have a ptaking photos omake great subjthey are so unpabout having ththem when the
Pet Photogra
One of the quicis to bring the cdothetomogois true for dogsmore of your pethan one takenanimal.Another way toFill the frame witfocus the viewe
In Conclusio
Number one tipRemember theyno idea what ypictures and bewith photos of y
o Photograph
 t around the house, chances are you enjothis special member of the family. Petsects for photographs, probably becauseedictable. They also aren't self-consciouseir picture taken, so you can usually catch're at their best. (Or worst!)
phy Techniques
 kest ways to improve your pet photographsmera down to eye level with the pet. If yoor cat is sitting on the floor, get down onfloor with him. By bringing the camera doye level, the viewer will be able to identifye closely with the animal. As the sayings, "The eyes are the window to the soul." Thind cats as well. You'll be able to see mucht's character in a photo taken at eye levelfrom a standing position, far above theimprove images of pets is to move in close.h the animal to eliminate distractions andr's attention on your pet.
 when photographing your pets? Be patienhave a short attention span and they havu're trying to accomplish. Take lots offore long you'll have a photo album filledour devoted friends.
Pets are Fun tPets are Fun tPets are Fun tPets are Fun t
If you have a pet arouenjoy taking photos ofamily. Pets make greprobably because thearen't self-consciousthem when they're at
Pet PhotograpPet PhotograpPet PhotograpPet Photograp
One of the quickestdown to eye level witon the floor with himthe camera down to eviewer will be able tomore closely with thethe saying goes, "Thethe window to the sofor dogs and cats asable to see much morcharacter in a photoeye level than one takAnother way to imprthe animal to elimina
In ConclusionIn ConclusionIn ConclusionIn Conclusion
 Number one tip whepatient! Remember tthey have no idea whlots of pictures and bfilled with photos of 
 nd the house, chances are youf this special member of theat subjects for photographs,are so unpredictable. They also bout having their picture taken, so you can usually catchtheir best. (Or worst!)
hy Techniqueshy Techniqueshy Techniqueshy Techniques
ys to improve your pet photographs is to bring the cameh the pet. If your dog or cat is sitting on the floor, get do. By bringingye level, thidentifyanimal.eyes arel." This is trell. You'll bee of your pet'taken aten from a standing position, far above the animal.ove images of pets is to move in close. Fill the frame withe distractions and focus the viewer's attention on your pe photographing your pets? Beey have a short attention span andt you're trying to accomplish. Takefore long you'll have a photo albumour devoted friends.r

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