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Table Of Contents

Navigating the User Interface
Performing Common Tasks as You Work in Revit MEP
Planning Mechanical Systems
Creating Zones
Assigning a Color Scheme to Zones
Performing an Energy Analysis
Designing Air Systems
Placing Air Terminals
Using a Schedule as an Air Systems Design Tool
Creating Secondary Supply Air Systems
Using Views to Validate Duct Geometry
Drawing the Primary Supply Air Duct
Resolving Routing Conflicts
Sizing the Primary Duct:Velocity Method
Assigning a Color Scheme to Duct
Sizing the Secondary Air System Duct: Equal Friction Method
Inspecting Air Systems
Placing Air Conditioning Units
Completing the Supply Air Systems
Checking Air Systems
Designing Piping Systems
Creating Piping Views
Placing Radiators and a Boiler
Creating the Piping Systems
Creating Pipe Runs
Resolving Pipe Interference
Connecting the Boiler
Sizing the Pipe Runs: Friction & Velocity Methods
Placing Circulator Pumps
Inspecting Piping Systems
Checking Piping Systems
Planning Electrical Systems
Preparing the Electrical Plan
Defining Required Lighting Levels
Assigning Room Color Fills According to Required Lighting Levels
Creating Power & Lighting Usage Reports
Placing Electrical Equipment
Creating Power Circuitry
Creating Lighting Circuitry and Wires
Creating Switch Systems
Creating Multi-Circuit Wire Runs
Checking Your Design
Defining Circuit Loads
Planning Plumbing Systems
Preparing the Plumbing Plan
Configuring Plumbing and Piping Systems
Designing Plumbing Systems
Add Plumbing Fixtures
Begin Creating the Sanitary System
Connecting Sinks to the Sanitary System
Refining the Sanitary Stack
Refining the Urinal Lines
Adding Vents to the System
Create the Cold Water System
Create the cold water system
Create the Hot Water System
Create the hot water system
Designing Fire Protection Systems
Starting the Fire Protection Project
Creating Schedules and Placing Sprinklers
Connecting the Sprinklers
Creating the Fire Protection Dry System
Modifying Pipe Diameters
Creating Views
Duplicating Plan Views
Creating Elevation and Section Views
Creating Callout Views
Modifying View Tag Appearance
Setting Visibility and Graphics Options in Views
Creating a View Template
View Range and Plan Regions
Using Filters to Control Visibility
Masking Portions of a View
Working with Visual Overrides
Creating Drawing Sheets in a Project
Creating Drawing Sheets
Adding Views to Sheets
Modifying the Building Model from a Sheet View
Creating and Modifying a Title Sheet
Tagging Objects
Sequentially Placing and Tagging Rooms
Tagging Doors and Windows
Tagging Other Objects
Defining Schedules and Color Diagrams
Creating a Window Schedule
Adding Project Parameters to a Window Schedule
Creating a Unit-Based Door Schedule with a Filter
Creating a Room Schedule
Scheduling Rooms from a Program List
Creating a Room Color Diagram
Creating a Material Takeoff
Create a material takeoff
Scheduling Shared Parameters
Creating a Shared Parameter File
Adding Shared Parameters to a Family
Placing,Tagging, and Scheduling a Family with Shared Parameters
Scheduling Uniformat Assembly Codes
Scheduling Uniformat Assembly Codes and Descriptions
Exporting Project Information with ODBC
Exporting Schedule Information to Microsoft Access
Changing the Base Elevation of a Project
Relocating a Project
Creating Dimensions
Creating Automatic Wall Dimensions
Controlling Witness Lines
Creating an Office Standard Dimension Type from Existing Dimensions
Creating Text Annotation
Adding Text Notes to the Floor Plan
Creating a Detail from a Building Model
Detailing the View
Adding Detail Lines
Adding Text Notes
Creating Detail Components
Adding Keynotes
Creating Line-based Detail Components
Modifying a Keynote Database
Creating a Drafted Detail
Importing a Detail into a Drafting View
Creating a Reference Callout
Creating a Detail in a Drafting View
Creating a Symbol Legend
Creating a Component Legend
Using Revision Tracking
Setting Up a Revision Table
Sketching Revision Clouds
Tagging Revision Clouds
Working with Revisions
Importing from Other Applications
Importing Image Files
Importing Text Documents
Importing Spreadsheets
Using Dependent Views in Documentation
Using Dependent Views for Floor Plan Views
Using Dependent Views for Elevation Views
Viewing a Building Model
Exploring the Building Model
Creating a Perspective View with a Camera
Creating a Section View
Creating Elevation Views
Controlling Fill Pattern Colors
Controlling the Fill Pattern Color of a Material
Setting the Coarse Scale Fill Pattern Color for a Wall Type
Creating a View Plan Region
Creating a Plan Region in a Floor Plan
Rendering an Exterior View
Applying Materials and Textures to the Building Model
Adding Trees to the Site
Creating a Perspective View
Selecting a Scene and Rendering the View
Rendering an Interior View
Adding RPC People
Creating the Interior Perspective View
Creating a New Render Scene
Defining Daylights and Rendering the View
Creating and Recording Walkthroughs
Creating a Walkthrough
Changing the Walkthrough Path and Camera Position
Recording the Walkthrough
Creating Views for Solar Studies
Creating a Solar Study - Courtyard View
Creating a Solar Study Section Cutaway View
Creating a Solar Study Plan Cutaway View
Saving Solar Study Settings and Previewing Animations
Creating Solar Studies - Summer and Winter Solstice
Previewing Solar Study Animation
Exporting Solar Studies
Exporting the Study as AVI
Exporting a Study as PNG
Creating an Internal Plan Solar Study
Creating an Internal Plan Study
Orienting to True North for Solar Studies
Orienting to True North
Rendering Interior Shadow Views
Adding a Floor Plan View to the Analytique
Preparing a Floor Plan for the Analytique
Using Advanced Model Graphics
Adding the Floor Plan to a Sheet
Adding an Elevation View to the Analytique
Preparing the Elevation Analytique
Adding the Presentation Elevation View to the Presentation Sheet
Adding Section Views to the Analytique
Preparing a Section View for the Analytique
Adding Shadows and Silhouettes to a Section View
Adding the Presentation Section to the Analytique
Working with a Presentation View Template
Working in a Callout Analytique
Creating 3D Cutaways with Section Boxes
Creating Cutaway Isometric Views
Creating Cutaway Perspective Views
Annotating the Analytique
Using Families and the Family Editor
Introduction to Families
Creating a Door Family
Drawing the Door Plan View Components
Creating the Door Leaf Solid Geometry
Assigning Materials to the Door Components
Defining New Door Types
Creating a Window Family
Specifying the New Window Parameters
Creating the Window Frame Solid Geometry
Creating the Window Sash Solid Geometry
Creating the Window Glass Solid Geometry
Creating the Window Mullion Solid Geometry
Assigning Materials to the Window Components
Defining New Window Types
Creating a Furniture Family
Specifying the New Rolltop Desk Parameters
Creating the Desktop Solid Geometry
Creating the Desk Drawer Base Solid Geometry
Creating the Rolltop Solid Geometry
Creating the Drawers Solid Geometry
Defining New Furniture Types
Creating a Baluster Family
Drawing a Baluster
Assigning the New Baluster to a Stair Run
Creating Profile Families
Drawing a Sweep Profile
Drawing a Rail Profile
Drawing a Stair Nosing Profile
Drawing a Reveal Profile
Drawing a Host Sweep Profile
Applying a Sweep Profile to a 2D Path
Applying a Host Sweep Profile to Walls
Creating a Room Tag
Specifying Room Tag Parameters
Creating an Annotation Symbol
Creating a Custom North Arrow Annotation Symbol
Adding the New North Arrow to a Project
Creating a Titleblock Family
Drawing Linework for a Titleblock Sheet
Adding Graphics and Text to a Titleblock
Adding the Titleblock to a New Project
Creating In-Place Families
Creating the Dome Roof In-Place Family
Creating the Concave Floor In-Place Family
Planning a Parametric Component Family
Determining Component Needs
Selecting the Family Template
Creating the Component Skeleton
Adding Reference Planes
Adding Dimensions and Constraints
Creating New Length Parameters
Flexing the Component Model
Adding Solid Geometry
Creating Solid Extrusions
Adding Constraints to the Solid Geometry
Creating Additional Solid Geometry
Testing the Family in a Project
Loading a Family into a Project
Testing a Family Instance in a Project
Working with Nested Subcomponents
Adding a Nested Component
Creating Formula-controlled Parameters
Arraying Nested Subcomponents
Reloading a Family into a Project
Applying Subcategories, Materials, and Parameters
Creating and Applying Subcategories
Creating Material Parameters
Controlling Component Visibility
Assigning Detail Level and View Controls
Creating Component Types
Creating Multiple Component Types
Creating Conditional Formulas
Creating Roofs
Creating an Extruded Roof
Creating a Gable Roof from a Footprint
Creating a Roof with a Vertical Penetration from a Footprint
Creating a Hip Roof from a Footprint
Specifying Spelling Options
Modifying Snap Settings
Modifying Project Settings
Creating and Applying Materials
Creating and Applying Fill Patterns
Controlling Object Styles
Modifying Line Patterns and Styles
Modifying Annotations
Setting up Shared and Project Parameters
Creating Named Print Settings
Create named print settings
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