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Table Of Contents

1) What is an IP address?
2) What is a subnet mask?
3) What is ARP?
4) What is ARP Cache Poisoning?
5) What is the ANDing process?
6) What is a default gateway? What happens if I don't
7) Can a workstation computer be configured to browse the
8) What is a subnet?
9) What is APIPA?
10) What is an RFC? Name a few if possible (not
11) What is RFC 1918?
12) What is CIDR?
13. You have the following Network ID:
14.You have the following Network ID: You
15.You need to view at network traffic. What will you
16. How do I know the path that a packet takes to the
17. What does the ping -l 1000 -n 100 command
18. What is DHCP? What are the benefits and drawbacks of
19.Describe the steps taken by the client and DHCP server
20. What is the DHCPNACK and when do I get one? Name 2
21. What ports are used by DHCP and the DHCP clients?
22. Describe the process of installing a DHCP server in
23. What is DHCPINFORM?
25.What options in DHCP do you regularly use for an MS
26. What are User Classes and Vendor Classes in DHCP?
27.How do I configure a client machine to use a specific
28. What is the BOOTP protocol used for, where might you
29. DNS zones ± describe the differences between the 4
30. DNS record types ± describe the most important ones
31. Describe the process of working with an external
32. Describe the importance of DNS to AD
33.Describe a few methods of finding an MX record for a
34. What does "Disable Recursion" in DNS mean?
35. What could cause the Forwarders and Root Hints to be
36. What is a "Single Label domain name" and what sort of
37. What is the "in-addr.arpa" zone used for?
38. What are the requirements from DNS to support AD?
39. How do you manually create SRV records in DNS?
40. Name 3 benefits of using AD-integrated zones
41. What are the benefits of using Windows 2003 DNS when
42. You installed a new AD domain and the new (and first)
43. What are the benefits and scenarios of using Stub
44. What are the benefits and scenarios of using
45. What are the differences between Windows Clustering,
46. How do I work with the Host name cache on a client
48. What is the address used for?
49. What is WINS and when do we use it?
50. Can you have a Microsoft-based network without any
51. Describe the differences between WINS push and pull
52. What is the difference between tombstoning a WINS
53. Name the NetBIOS names you might expect from a
54. Describe the role of the routing table on a host and
55. What are routing protocols? Why do we need them? Name
56. What are router interfaces? What types can they be?
57. In Windows 2003 routing, what are the interface
58. What is NAT?
59. What is the real difference between NAT and PAT?
60. How do you configure NAT on Windows 2003?
61. How do you allow inbound traffic for specific hosts
62. What is VPN? What types of VPN does Windows 2000 and
63. What is IAS? In what scenarios do we use it?
64. What's the difference between Mixed mode and Native
65. What is the "RAS and IAS" group in AD?
66. What are Conditions and Profile in RRAS Policies?
67. What types or authentication can a Windows 2003 based
68. How does SSL work?
69. How does IPSec work?
70. How do I deploy IPSec for a large number of
72. What is PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) in IPSec?
73. How do I monitor IPSec?
74. Looking at IPSec-encrypted traffic with a sniffer
75. What can you do with NETSH?
76. How do I look at the open ports on my machine?
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System n Network Admin q n A

System n Network Admin q n A



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