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In The Area 2 (Winter 2010)

In The Area 2 (Winter 2010)

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Published by AFA Ireland
Issue 2 of In The Area, AFA's Ireland newsletter.
Issue 2 of In The Area, AFA's Ireland newsletter.

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Published by: AFA Ireland on May 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In The Area
A Newsletter from AFA IrelandIssue 2, Winter 2010
AFA take over O’ConnellStreet!
We spoke in Issue 5 of our magazine “No Quarter” abouta collaboration with the Dub-lin St. Pauli Supporters Club.This now looks like its going tobecome a regular event, along with the involvement of theIreland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with the creationof a new, regular “Sounds of Resistance” night.
The three organisations cametogether on October 30th for
our rst joint effort in Murrays
on O’Connell Street. The nightwas our second gig to be billedunder the “Sounds of Resistance”
name, the rst coming back in July, where we had AFA DJs fromMilan, Freiburg and Dublin playin front of 130 people for a jointAFA/ St. Pauli Supporters Club
endeavour.October’s gig, with The Freeboo-
ters and Dropping Bombs takingto the stage, with backing fromDJs Carax, Ang and GlitterGirlsaw over 200 people pay in atthe door to see ve acts over
four hours, three merch stalls,
plenty of dancing and plenty morediscussion. As per the rst gig, wehad an international presence,
and again, information and con-
tacts were shared. Amongst many
others in the crowd, we were
privileged to have a member of punk legends The Oppressed in
attendance.The largest cheers of the night
undoubtedly went out to The
Freebooters, who were launchingtheir album at the gig and whose
set included the tracks “Paddy
Hitler” and “Stormfront in a Tea-
cup,” both unashamed attacks on
Irish boneheads.
This is only the beginning for the
“Sounds of Resistance” nights,
there are big plans for the future,starting with Scottish folkrockersThe Wakes hitting our shores inDecember and rumours of a wellknown German Anti- Fascist bandcoming our way in January!
Outrage as Italian Fascists launch“Sidro Sands”
A portion of the crowd at October’s gig
Irish republicans and anti-fascists
have reacted in anger at the news
that an Italian neo-fascist group is
to launch a brand of cider namedafter IRA volunteer and socialist
Bobby Sands. Anti-fascists herehave passed on the shockingnews to the Bobby Sands trustand hope that they will publish a
statement, distancing themselves
completely from the group Casa
Pound, which can be then trans-
lated and spread through left-wing media outlets in Italy...
...Continued on page 3Check out “Sounds of Resistance” on Face-book for more info.
2 / In The Area
International News
(3) Members of the Polish neo-Naziskinhead band ‘Tormentia’ wereattacked by a squad of militantanti-fascists on the day they weresupposed to play an importantneo-Nazi concert. 
The planned gig (which was sub
sequently cancelled because of 
the ambush) was was organised
in memory of Mariusz Szczerski, aleading Polish neo-Nazi and mem
-ber of the band ‘Honor’, who
died in a car crash in 2005. (Hisauthority in the fascist movementwhile alive, the way in which he
died and large memorial concerts
has caused many to call him thePolish ‘Ian Stuart Donaldson’.)The attack on ‘Tormentia’ left one
band member unconscious andcaused hundreds of euro of dam-
age to their equipment.
(2) A march by the National Social-ist Movement (NSM) in Phoenix, Arizona didn’t go quite as plan ashundreds of counter-protestersblocked their path.
Police used tear gas to disperse
the anti-fascists, two of whom
were arrested for throwing rocks
at the fascists and charged with
aggravated assault. The protestwas organised in support of Arizona’s controversial immi
gration law and attracted onlyaround 30 NSM members, mostly
tattooed men with shaved heads.Some were dressed in uniform
and carried shields and swastikaags. One of the most extraor
dinary of the day’s events saw aheavily-built black man, rumoured
to be a born again Christian, act
as a bodyguard for one of theleading NSM members J.T. Readyclaiming that ‘even a Nazi had aright to speak’. Anti-fascists inNorth America once again pre
vented neo-Nazis from havingtheir way and marching around
town unmolested.
(1)On Saturday 30 October, a gang of neo-Nazis from the SwedishResistant Movement (SMR) at-tempted to attack a public meet-ing, organised to start up a new extra-parliamentary left-wing  group, in the Southern town of Kristianstad.
The masked Neo-Nazis, whowere armed with shields, sticks
and bottles, did their best to
break into the meeting but wererepelled by a counter-attack by
the socialists inside.
Eight neo-Nazis required medi
-cal attention after the botchedraid while others were chased
for over a mile through a park 
-ing lot and forest. The left-wing
group Revolutionary Front issued
a statement afterwards reiterat-ing that the socialist movementin Sweden will refuse to allow to
the Nazis to ‘disrupt the social
ist development’ and will ‘use allmeans available’ to stop them.
(4) Anti-fascists in Russia organised avigil to mark the death of Timur 
Kacharava who was murdered fve
years ago by a group of neo-Nazisin Saint Petersburg.
Kacharava, who was only twenty
at the time, was an active anar-
chist and guitarist with the punk band Distress. He is one of doz
-ens of left-wing activists and anti-fascists who have been murdered
or seriously injured in Russia byfascists in recent years.
In August, a large gang of neo-Na-
zis attacked a group of anti-fascistfootball fans of the Karelia-Dis
covery Soccer Club at a soccermatch in the town of Pushkin.Russian anti-fascist Fillip Kostenkohas commented that this attack 
has shown “that the threat is stillhere” from fascists. Internationalanti-fascists must offer their un-
reserved support to the besiegedRussian anti-Nazi movement andsupport them in whatever waythey are asked.
An Antifascist Action ag ies over the Tory HQ in London during recent student protests
round up of some international AFA activities in October & November
In The Area / 3
Not that AFA would complain,but just when it seemed that thefascists in Ireland couldn’t be-come more disorganised, it hasbecome apparent that the dispa-rate ‘friends of Adolf’ have ceased even to dream of having any kind of effect on Irish politics.
Having long retreated to the net,
Ireland’s Nazis in recent times
have fallen out with each other
over nationalism and loyalism.
Throughout the island of Irelandboth these traditions have served
both Irish and British fascists asa rallying point. As the squabblesintensied, there were those thatnaively believed that the irrationalphilosophy of ‘white pride’ couldserve to replace and placate both.One US based Nazi websitethat had long been used by Irishfascists, saw its Irish page beinglocked down when the petulantexchanges became too embar
-rassing. The loss of their websitethen has been another nail in
the sad ineffectual cofn of that
which had thought of itself as the
Irish Nazi movement.While Nazis across Europe attack ethnic minorities as easy targets,
Downward Spirals
Continued from front page...
Casa Pound are a self-described
‘third millennium’ fascist groupfounded in Rome in 2003. Theyhave turned their back on bothelectoral politics and typicalWhite Power street thuggery andinstead focus on setting up radical
right-wing social centres.
Unfortunately, Italy has a historyof radical right groups adoptingIrish republican imagery and try
ing to identify with their struggle.
fascists in Ireland wallow in self-
pity, endlessly complaining abouthow they are not allowed toorganise by anti-fascists. However,given the examples that full-grown fascist groups in Europegive us, it is seen by AFA that pull
ing fascist weeds up by the rootsbefore they can develop is theonly sane course of action. Thesuccess of this policy came tothe surface last year when a largegroup of Eastern European Naziscame to Ireland for a birthdayparty where they clashed withanti-fascists (see No Quarter4). Signicantly however, these
showed no interest in getting in
touch with the local specimen of 
fascist here in Ireland.
They irrationally view it as sim
ply a Catholic, Gaelic nationaliststruggle against foreign occupiers.In doing so, they ignore and dele
the strong anti-fascist, interna-tionalist and socialist strand of 
Irish republican politics. Anti-fas
cists in Ireland, Italy and the restof Europe must continue to buildlinks with each other and actagainst neo-fascist groups whotry to latch on to the Irish repub
-lican struggle for their own gain.
No alla Sidro Sands!
 A report compiled by the IrishCentre for Human Rightsat NUIG has shown damn-ing evidence of racist policiesamongst the taxi industry there.
The controversial report saysthat no taxi company in Galwayemploys black drivers and showshow companies can operate un
der anti- racist laws by “becomingan organisation akin to a private
club where each driver is a share-holder.”
The report continues “They vet
 newcomers to their business
under a silent code and practice.The presumption under whichthey operate is that there are noconsequences to their high prob
ability of racist employment prac
tices in Galway. No taxi company
ploys African drivers.”This exclusion of drivers based
the colour of their skin de
serves the widespread condem
-nation it is getting. At a time of 
extreme economic strife, it ismore important than ever for
anti-fascists to get organised as
disputes like this are ready madefor fascists to stand in and manip
-ulate the concerns of 
the working
class.Fascists have no interest in the
concerns of the working class,they seek to divide and enslavethis class while daring to speak inits name. In response to this, AFAembraces the perspectives of militant working class resistanceto fascism believing that only
through militant action will fas-
cists be put down. Get involved.

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