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Published by Gisel Saillant
short article analysis of the importance of virginity.
short article analysis of the importance of virginity.

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Published by: Gisel Saillant on May 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gisel SaillantMedia logProfessor Griffin
In a Recent article by BBC reporter Magdi Abdelhadi entitled, “Egypt angerover virginity faking,” explains the uproar by Egyptian scholar Abdul Mouti Bayoumiover the devices that imitate liquid blood. This article reminded me of a BrazilianSoap Opera called “Clone” some years ago that featured women of Moroccandecent that had grown up in Brazil. She then gets sent to Morocco where she has toadapt to live in the lifestyle. The protagonist had sex before she wed her firsthusband. The wedding night the groom is supposed to show the family membersthe stained blood sheets as proof of their virginity, the groom like in any soap operais in love and cuts his wrist to imitate the blood that flows when the hymen isruptured. This situation is not what happens in real life, because according to theBBC article, “Professor Bayoumi, a scholar at the prestigious al-Azhar University,said it undermined the moral deterrent of fornication, which he described as a crimeand one of the cardinal sins in Islam.” (BBC)
An article on ABC News 20/20 featured an array of women that instead of using the blood dispenser device they would pay for surgery to get their hymenreconstructed. The article entitled,
Women Have Surgery to 'Restore' Virginity 
byLynn Sheer was very interesting because it featured cross-cultural perspectives onthe subject. The article mentioned a young Dominican woman who recently lost hervirginity wanted to get the surgery done because she wants to keep an allusion of being a virgin because she feels pressured to her Dominican “machismo” culture.The article also mentioned that while Muslim women that live in Europe and U.S. dothe surgery due to their values and culture, non-Muslim women in the U.S do it as aValentine’s present for their partner.I did not want to focus on issues in the Islamic communities about virginitypreservation; I wanted to learn more about how the idea of virginity preservationaffects women’s sexuality. In study conducted by Laura Carpenter entitled,
Girlsinto Women: Scripts for Sexuality and Romance in Seventeen Magazines,
how Seventeen magazine was addressing issues of women’s sexuality ins slightly different manner, in that it almost contradicted itself. Carpenter also

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