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Published by Ovi Diumajina

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Published by: Ovi Diumajina on May 03, 2011
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Kids Online: Final Report
Co-funded by the European Union
Sonia Livingstone and Leslie Haddon
Coordinator, EU Kids Online The London School of Economicsand Political Science
This is a report from the
 EU Kids Online
networkFor a complete list of participants, see Annex 2
Kids Online: Final Report
Sonia Livingstone and Leslie Haddon
Coordinator, EU Kids OnlineThe London School o Economicsand Political Science
This is a report rom the
EU Kids Online
network.For a complete list o participants, see Annex 2
Please cite this report as ollows:
Livingstone, S, and Haddon, L (2009)
EU Kids Online: Final report 
. LSE, London: EU Kids Online.(EC Safer Internet Plus Programme Deliverable D6.5)
ISBN 978-0-85328-355-3June 2009
European Research on Cultural, Contextual and Risk Issuesin Children’s Safe Use of the internet and New Media
‘EU Kids Online’ is a thematic network unded by the EC
Internet plus Programme
(SIP-2005-MD-038229; (
) rom 2006to 2009. It has examined research ndings rom 21 member states
into how children and young people use the internet and new online
technologies. The aim was to identiy comparable ndings acrossEurope and evaluate the social, cultural and regulatory infuences
aecting online opportunities and risks, along with children’s andparents’ responses, in order to inorm policy. It has charted available
data, pinpointed gaps and identied actors shaping the capability o
European research institutions. Finally, it examined methodological
issues relating to the cross-cultural study o children’s online experience.
For more inormation see

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