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Evolving Technologies Affect Aud Consumpt MM34

Evolving Technologies Affect Aud Consumpt MM34

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Published by Julie Thrasher
Evolving Technologies Affect Aud Consumpt MM34
For G322 Backgorund reading
Evolving Technologies Affect Aud Consumpt MM34
For G322 Backgorund reading

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Published by: Julie Thrasher on May 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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| December 2010 |english and media centre
family would be brought together to watch thecharacters live out their lives on screen.It could be argued that these programmeswould offer the audience a reflection of their ownsociety, revealing a set of morals and lifestylechoices that the audience would identify as thenorm and most likely choose to follow. Therefore,
television was a method of constructing aform of collective identity for the viewers
as the storylines highlighted family values,friendships and respect for elders; yet the dramaand plot twists were simple in comparison withtoday’s episodes.Changes in the style of soaps is arguably dueto
a change in audience behaviour
. Uponthe release of these soaps the audience wasrestricted as to how and when they could watchtheir favourite; most houses would only haveone television, and limited channels would meanfixed scheduling of the programmes. The familywould need to be together at the same time towatch their soaps as there was only one viewingopportunity.Due to technological and media developmentthis began to change. Not only did the
numberof channels
increase, offering chances for repeatscheduling, but the
number of televisions in thehome
also increased. Family members could nowwatch soaps at different times and in differentrooms; the audience had become fragmented.Entertainment no longer brought the familytogether.
Going online
Consumption was steadily changing, andthis was spurred on by further technologicaldevelopments such as
online media
. Theinternet offered a new platform for televisionto reach its audience; with the launch of mediaservices such as the
BBC iPlayer
in 2007,audiences could now choose to watch episodesof 
anytime up to seven days after itsfirst play on BBC. Audiences no longer neededto be at home to consume their favourite show; The advent of the television as a populardomestic medium in the second-half of the 20thCentury brought together the family as oneaudience. This novel technology offered a newworld of entertainment that was exciting forpeople of all ages. From programmes such as
Coronation Street 
, launched in 1960, throughto
, first screened in 1985, the
Changes in Audiences and Consumption
How have advances in technology brought about changes in audience trends?Holly Taylor investigates changes in TV viewing habits.

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