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ENGLISH TEST Daily Routine Fev2010

ENGLISH TEST Daily Routine Fev2010

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Published by Amunraa

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Published by: Amunraa on May 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Read the text carefully.
Mandy Taylor is twelve years old and she’s a studentat Stratford High School in London. She loves herclasses. Her favorite subjects are science andphysical education. She is very good at sports. Sheplays ice hockey at the school’s female team.Mandy has a busy life. She always gets up at 6:00 amduring the week and she has a shower. She brushesher teeth, has breakfast and at 7:00 she goes toschool by car with her mother.Every day of the week Mandy has lunch at school withher friends, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays shepractices ice hockey at the school’s gym. On Fridays,after dinner, she goes to the cinema with her friends.Wednesday is Mandy’s favorite day of the week because she has dance classes and sometimesshe has dinner with her father. Mandy’s parents are divorced. She lives with her mother and atthe weekends she always goes to her father’s house.On Saturdays Mandy wakes up at 7:15 am. After breakfast she goes for a walk with her dogNikita. She has lunch with her father at 12:30. At 3:20 pm she goes to the city’s library andreads some books. At 4:40 pm Mandy goes home and listens to music in her bedroom. She lovesmusic. At 9:45 she goes to bed. She never goes to bed late(tarde).
1 – Write “True” or “False” according to the text and
correct the false 
True / False
Mandy Taylor is thirteen years.
She doesn’t like sports.
She practices ice hockey at the home.
On Wednesday, Mandy has dinner with her mother.
On Sundays she walks her dog.
ENGLISH WRITEN TEST – 6th GradeName: _______________________________________ Class:______ Date: ____________________Evaluation: ______________________________ Teacher: ____________ Parents:_______________
2 - 
Put the underlined (sublinhadas) lines of the text in the first (1 
 ) person: 
I _________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________ 
B – Answer the questions about the text: 
Is Mandy eleven years old? _________________________________________________________________ 2.
Does she study in Dublin ? _________________________________________________________________ 3.
What time does she get up during the week? _________________________________________________________________ 4.
Does she have lunch in the school canteen? _________________________________________________________________ 5) What does she do on Fridays after dinner? _________________________________________________________________ 6) Does she like books? _________________________________________________________________ 7) What is her dog’s name? _________________________________________________________________ 8) What does Mandy do on Saturdays before lunch? _________________________________________________________________ 
C - What about you ? Answer the questions about YOUR daily routine.
What time do you get up during the week ? _________________________________________________________________ 
Do you have breakfast in the morning ? ________________________________________________________________ 3.
What do you do every day after school ? ________________________________________________________________ 4.
Where do you have lunch every day of the week ? ________________________________________________________________ 5.
During the week, do you watch t.v. after lunch ? ________________________________________________________________ 
D – Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple.
1. Students_________________ (not/go) to school at the weekend. They ___________ (play) and _______________ (go) to the cinema.2. Alison ___________________ (not/watch) TV after dinner. She always ______________ (do) her homework. She ____________ (get up) very early everymorning.3. Every morning, Mr. and Mrs. Parker ______________ (read) the newspaper. Then, they ___________ (go ) to work by car4. Bill’s sister ______________ (not/like) football, but she _________ (love) tennis.5. Susie’s mother _________ (to be) a nurse and she ___________ (work) in the localHospital. Her father__________________ (not work) in London. He_____________ (togo) to work by car and he _____________ (to be) a doctor in Manchester
E – Complete the dialogue between you and John with the correct questions:You
: ____________________________________ ?
: I get up at 7.30 a.m.
: ____________________________________ ?
: No I don’t. I brush my teeth after breakfast.
: ____________________________________ ?
: I usually have cornflakes for breakfast.
: ____________________________________ ?
: I go to school by bus.
: ____________________________________ ?
: My classes start at 8.30.
: ____________________________________ ?
: After classes I play basketball.
: ____________________________________ ?
: Yes I do. I go to bed at 10 o’clock p.m.

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