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Subject Bibliography

Subject Bibliography

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Published by Kalle Covert

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Published by: Kalle Covert on May 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Research Guide to Popular Culture
Kalle Covert12/1/10LIS-652-01Subject Bibliography 
 The topic of this subject bibliography is popular culture. Although the origins of the term“popular culture” are indeterminate, it is often credited to Raymond B. Browne, a scholar andeducator who created the first academic program of study for popular culture at Bowling GreenUniversity in 1973. Although his efforts faced criticism from other scholars early on, the study of the shared cultural experiences of a society began to be accepted in academic circles. There is no one standard definition of popular culture, but it is generally understood to be theshared ideas, experiences and preferences of a given society, including but not limited to art, music,fashion, film, literature and sports, usually sharing a link with some form of mass media. In morerecent times, popular culture has taken the form of Internet memes and viral videos, which can bedisseminated rapidly. This reference guide is not a comprehensive list of pop culture resources; instead the focus isto give the student with an interest in beginning research in popular culture a starting point from which to branch out. For the purposes of this essay I have selected both general resources andthose that are representative of several of the most important facets of popular culture, includinfilm, music, literature, language, history/culture and sports. Although a few of the providedresources reach back to the early 20th century, I have limited the selected resource to focus mostclearly the popular culture of the United States between 1980 and the present. The selectedresources are appropriate for advanced high school or college undergraduates conducting basicresearch. The included retail pricing for several of the items are based on prices listed on Amazon.com.
Hall, Dennis R. The Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture. Connecticut; GreenwoodPublishing Group, 2002. This reference book provides authoritative essays written by authors across a variety of disciplineson 58 different topics pertaining to American pop culture and life. Topics include television,fashion, books and computers. This is a comprehensive reference tool providing users withappropriate bibliographies, important research and locations for primary source materials on thegiven subject. With 4 volumes, this guide retails for nearly $500.00, but it is an absolute necessity forserious pop culture scholars. The subject articles are comprehensive and the abundant researchtools provided make this an invaluable guide.Hoffman, Frank W. Arts and Entertainment Fads. New York; Haworth Press, 1990. This fun and informative guide provides a brief history and overview of some of the greatest fads in American history, including dance crazes, films, TV, art movements and other cultural phenomena. This book focuses on many facets of Americana often left out of history books, providing uniqueinsights into the shaping of American tastes and how fads are created and perpetuated by massmedia channels. This book is appropriate for trivia buffs seeking to brush up on their knowledge of  American pop culture as well as students conducting research.Hoffman, Frank W. American popular culture: a guide to the reference literature. Englewood,Colo; Libraries Unlimited, 1995. This resource is a guide to reference works covering pop culture and other related fields. The book divides popular culture into 4 main subject areas: popular arts, mass media, oral/folk tradition, and

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