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The Nairobi Nights Prostitute

The Nairobi Nights Prostitute

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Published by Sue Maisha
These are thoughts and anecdotes of Sue, the Nairobi prostitute building a brand.
These are thoughts and anecdotes of Sue, the Nairobi prostitute building a brand.

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Published by: Sue Maisha on May 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nairobi Nights:
These are the true thoughts and experiences of Sue, the Nairobi prostitute building abrand.For more stories and to contact Sue, the author;Email:maishanairobi@gmail.com Follow on Twitter: @suenairobiFacebook: Sue MaishaVisithttp://www.nairobinights.co.cc for more…
Episode 1: I Can't Feel Your Thing
 Men in there in their twenties and thirties are a weird lot. They are most likely to swindlea prostitute for no good reason other than thinking its macho to do so. They are alsowith lots of ego problems. They want a girl to scream, moan and cry in bed; it makesthem feel on top of the world. When a girl is indifferent they feel lesser men; and that’stheir Achilles’ heel. A man picked me up yesterday, near Kengeles, around one in themorning. We agreed on a figure of two thousand shillings, only to get to his house andsay he only had half the amount. At that hour of the night, in an isolated Kabeteneighborhood there wasn’t much I could do. I wasn’t sure whether he was lying but byvirtue of his age, he looked early thirties, probably he was.So I didn’t fake an orgasm, like I usually do. I just stared blankly at the man as hepanted, thrusting on top of me. Not a sound left my mouth, my body didn’t twitch and Ididn’t smile. It was my way of getting back at him for shortchanging me. I was clappinginside, looking at him getting frustrated on realizing he was not having any effect on me.Not that men tickle me much. Like they say, it’s all in the brain. When you are like me;having sex everyday, with different men, without the slightest of passion then sex losesits flavor. Of course on one or two occasions I get lost into the act and have fun, butthose are rare moments.But I have to make good men feel great. I fake the pleasure; I wiggle, get into fits andcry out their name. Do that to a man and he won’t feel a pinch when you ask for morecash. He is also more likely to be a regular. From about two years of practice I havenoted men react in two ways when a girl is indifferent. First and most likely; the man willdislike the girl and never want to see her again. They dare not bruise their egos again.Second the man might seek to redeem himself and his ego by sleeping with the girlagain, hoping and praying that the girl responds positively.I didn’t want to see the man I was with yesterday ever again. I hated him, so I decidedto hit where it hurts. At 5 in the morning after our last round of sex and ready to leave Isaid to him “That your thing disappears inside me, I can’t feel it at all.”
Episode 2: Why Should I Not Open My Legs?
 Every girl at some point has dreams of a happy marriage and kids. We are notexceptional; we had those dreams and somehow still nurture them. But then one of theside effects of prostitution is that it makes it almost impossible to trust the institution of marriage. How are you going to believe your man is not cheating when you have sleptwith countless married men? Some even without protection? And then that’s only asmall part of it. A key pillar of marriage is how the married view sex; as the special thingthat should be shared only by your partner. Once a prostitute you lose respect for sex. Itbecomes just another resource.So having a husband and kid in the house is no excuse not to sleep with the neighbor, if you can get something out of it. You can’t go hungry or leave below your dreams in thename of faithfulness. It doesn’t matter if you are married to a rich honey and are self sustaining; there will be always that something that you want, and when the opportunityto part your legs in exchange for it comes you will seize it. A large number of girls herehave kids. And an equally large number have boyfriends. Most don't know what their girls do.Some of the clients here get carried away by the girls they sleep with and decide tokeep them in the house as wives. The assumption is if they provide for the girl or open abusiness for her she will keep her legs together. But it never works. Seems it the curseof the trade. A few of the girls here are also married and hearing what they say you pitythe husbands at home. Ironically most of us want to get married. We have to try it out, if it works well and good, if it doesn’t too bad. The dream of course is to land a white manbecause of the prestige and the money associated with it. But the white men in this cityare too clever to fall for a prostitute unless of course if they want some sort of sex slavein the house. The foolish ones are at the coast.I am not interested in marriage. I know very well I can’t remain faithful or locked up inthe house the whole night. But I want a kid. Yeah, a kid. And the father will certainly bea client with the right genes. Ironically too a man with the right genes will be the last tohave unprotected sex with a prostitute. And that’s a challenge, at the right time; I willhave to trick the right man to his seed inside me.
Episode 3: Anything At The Right Price
 There is a general notion that at the right price a prostitute will do anything. Thus thereare many men who pick prostitutes hoping to fulfill all their sexual fantasies. That maybe right or wrong. An easy justification while joining prostitution is that it’s aboutpleasure and money. Pleasure in the default way of love making. A few days in to thebusiness and one realizes it’s more about the money than the pleasure. That’s usuallythe breaking point; when one decides to what bodily extremes one can go to for the
money. But doing out of the ordinary things doesn’t mean one is dehumanizing herself;it comes with some sort of justification, however lame. For instance if you decide to sellboth the front and back side you may tell yourself after over using the front side it haslost its fun, and the back side provides more sensation and you will enjoy it more. Andsure you have a right to sweet things too.The fantasies of men, even respected men, are weird and varied. Do you remember thewould be US senator who loved to have his toe sucked? But that is as soft as it gets.Anal sex is a fantasy of many men here; actually it’s quite an obsession. The girls hereare almost divided equally. There are girls who specialize in it .Others will never do it nomatter the money. We girls too have some weird principles, and personal code of ethics. Like few of my girlfriends would agree to be filmed in the act with their clients. “Ifeel used" they say. I know I know its sounds ironical but its one of those complexpersonal ethics things one can never understand.Yesterday a man picked me some minutes to midnight and took me to a nearby hotel.He looked in his late thirties. We agreed on a price of two thousand for a one hour or soromp. There is usually no fixed price in these things and it comes down to your negotiations skills and the generosity of the man. Anyway there I was naked, andaccording to his wish on my fours. I love the style especially if a man's face is not thebest to look at. He fore worked on me proper. But rather than penetrate my P, I felt himtry push his way through my asshole. I jumped, facing him.“I can’t do that!" I said."Come on. You girls always do it. That’s why I am paying you 2k"“I don’t do it""How much do you want?"“It’s not about the money. And hey if you don’t want my P then I better get out of here"We ended up having a hurried normal sex. I took the money and went back to thestreet. Of course when I narrated the story I was the laughing stock of some girls. “Youdon’t know what you missed” Mueni told me. Whether she meant money, pain or pleasure I didn’t know.
Episode 4: Survival of The Species
Prostitutes are said to be carefree. The reasoning being that if they can have sex withall these men in these days of HIV then they care less. But the truth is we do care. Whatwould be the point of us making money if we wish to die? I remember reading someinteresting statistics about the probability of dying in various circumstances. So for instance the probability of dying on the road was higher than that of dying of plane

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