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Checklist for Assessment Criteria - Good Example of Completed Form

Checklist for Assessment Criteria - Good Example of Completed Form

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Published by: NIST Ele ICT Department on May 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New International School of Thailand
Preparing for the Personal Project Written Statement
by thinking about the areas of assessment)
NAME: XXX Class:SUPERVISOR: __________________________________________________________________________
Criterion A: Planning and Development
The goal of my personal project is to:Learn, create, and perform a routine of the ancient Maori tradition of The Wero (The challenge) so that in thefuture I could share my knowledge with other Maori males who want to learn more about the Wero and MauRakau 2.
I chose this topic because:It is a tradition in my tribe for all males to choose a role. I have chosen to learn the art of the taiaha so thatwhen a warrior is needed to perform the traditional wero at ceremonial functions I will be able to representmy family and my tribe.3.
I have chosenCommunity and Serviceas my Area of Interaction because:by sharing the knowledge of the ancient Maori tradition of the wero and teaching the skills of Mau Rakau that Ihave learnt with other Maori males who have not had the opportunity to learn so they will have the skills toperform the wero and our traditions will be kept alive for future generations and passed on to their children.4.
To achieve my goal I have made/organized/ presented/ designed/ created/ produced/ performed:1) researched the ancient traditions of Maori warfare / weapons (internet, books, museums, interviews,performances) 2) Interviewed and recorded information from mau rakau/ taiaha experts. 3) Develop afitness plan to keep myself fit so I can perform these skills. 4) Attend a training session to learn the skills of Mau Rakau 5) Video tape present day performers of the Mau Rakau and taiaha. 6) Create my own routine,practice and perform the wero. 7) Produce a DVD of my wero.5.
To achieve my goal I followed the following plan:Steps Main Actions Date1 Research books and internet June 062 Interviews July 063 Visit museums, concerts, attend a camp for MauRakau/ Taiaha, Practiceand Film weroJuly 06
24 Record all information/ Practice Mau Rakau/ Taiaha Aug 065 Edit videoProduce DVDSept/OctNov 066. My planning phase was successful / unsuccessful because:Successful, I did a timeline on what I was going to do at each specific time. June 2006
Research the internet,and books. July 2006
research in nz such as interviews or visiting museums and concerts and attended a campand filmed the wero. August 2006
Record all my information and practice my mau rakau skills. September2006
Practice the Wero, Edit video. October 2006
Edit the Wero and Final Product of DVD. November2006
Hand in final product and Train men in my Maori group. December 2006
Write up personal projectdraft.January 2007
Write up 2
draft and self assessmentFebruary 2007
Perform the Wero at the NZ ball. March 2007
Display and Present Project. 
Criterion B: Collection of Information/resources
I found information to help me with my project in the following sources:e of source: Bibliography reference: Specific decisions made as
a result of this research…
 oks:Evans, Jeff. Maori Weapons in Pre European New Zealand.Auckland: Reed Publishing, 2004Reedy, Hirini. The Warrior Secrets of the Maori Auckland: ReedPublishing, 2003Tauroa, Hiwi. Te Kawa o te Marae
A guide to Marae.Wellington. Thames Publishing1990Ashton, Lloyd and Ponika
Rangi, Numa, “Old Ways, LastingValues.” Mana Maori News Magazine. June 2000, 20
Harawira, Wena, “Festival Fireworks.” Mana Maori News
Magazine. May 1998, 29-32
Winitana, Chris, “Te Hei o Tahoka – 
it’s a way of life.” Mana
Maori News Magazine February 1993, 68-72The Maori warrior has a choiceof a variety of weapons but aftermy research I chose the taiaha asthis is the traditional weapon forthe Wero and Mau Rakau .Return to my traditional tribal home tolearn this knowledge and skills.
3rnet sites:http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholary/tei-BesMaor-C6-3.html http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/willyams/alleria/taiaha.htm http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mau-rakau http://www.newzealand.com/travel/about-nz/culture/powhiri/the-ceremony/taki-challenge veys / rviews:Tekaumaarua EruetiRawiri KarawanaKemo Tutengaihu Gain knowledge and skills from theseexperts.Find if there was a need for my product.Produce my own DVD with informationfor others to use.ers: Attend a training Camp Knowledge and skillsMy research is related to my chosen AOI in these ways:Community Service: How can I contribute to the community? How can I help others? By researchingthrough interviews I found that there are a lot of people who would like to learn Mau Rakau and TheWero but there is not a lot of resources out there in books and the internet and also they have not beenable to return home to learn this art so my product will be useful for those wanting to learn the art of Mau Rakau and Wero.My research phase was successful / unsuccessful because:Successful, because I got a variety of research resources, and not only did I look through books oronline, I interviewed people I knew had an understanding and had good information on my topic.Interviewing had to be one of the best resources because it comes from the people who have actuallystudied the art of the wero, and then they can pass on all the information to others who want to learn. 
Criterion C: Choice and Application of Techniques

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