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Sub Plans Example

Sub Plans Example

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Published by: Rachelle Gunderson Smith on May 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Please make sure to read over the behaviormanagement tab and procedures tab.
8:30 Attendance and Lunch Count
Please have the students vote for the lunch choices. Read to them the choicesand remind them to vote. After it looks like everyone has voted, look in theblack tray by the voting poster. Read the names in the tray and ask if thosestudents are here. If they are, have them vote. If they are not there, takethose names and match them to the class list on my desk. Write down their firstand last name on the attendance slip. Count how many students are havingchoice one and choice two. Ask any student if they have lunch money. If so,put it in the orange lunch envelope. Send
to take the attendance andlunch money down to the office.*
John goes to resource at 8:30am
8:30- 9:00
Students should have their journals out and should bewriting on their own. After they have written their journal entry, they mustillustrate it. When they are finished, they need to come get it checked off (have them read it to you). Make sure they are using punctuation,capitalization, and that they have legible handwriting. Put a smiley face on itwhen they get it checked off. When they are finished, they may use the marker boards to write words from the calendar or from the flash cards.
9:00-9:10 Monitored Independent Reading
- Tell the students to quietly goback to their seats and get a book from their reading basket in the readingcorner. They need to read their book quietly to themselves 2 times beforegetting another book. This is a quiet independent reading time….No talking ;)
Have the students clean up and go to corner rug.Read the book: Froggy Goes to BedAfter the book, talk about what happened at the beginning, middle, and end(ask the students to raise their hand if they know what happened in thebeginning, middle and then end).
Workshop and Centers
- This is an independent QUIETtime for them to work. You might have to remind them of this.
While the students are at their desks, explain all of the workshop before theybegin. They are already on the board for you to explain one by one. Do anexample for each one.(usually I use the document camera and projector, butyou will not)1. Going swimming- write in the missing numbers2. Two batches- Cut the shapes out and glue on the correct fraction.3. The Finishing Touches- Look at each picture and write the word under thecorrect paint can. Then color by the code.Hand the 1
workshop out and put the rest on the front table with the blue(smarty pants) basket on it. When they are finished they will put their workshop in the turn in bin (except the one that needs to dry) and may go tocenters. They know what to do for centers.
*I have a parent that comes in to tutor Addison and Joseph. Shewill just come in and call them out in the hall.
10:25- Clean up for recess
- Have the students clean up their game andreturn to their seats. Call the students by their table names to line up for recess(10:30am)
10:30- Recess-
when the recess bell rings, go ahead and let them walkthemselves out to recess. There will be another teacher out there so you do nothave to go. There should be a green bucket in the back of the room filled witha snack. Place the snack on each of the student’s desk while they are at recess.If there is not a bucket, there should be extra snacks in the far right closet or above the sink.
(John will come back for recess and then needs to take his snack with him backto resource at 10:40)
10:45-10:55 Snack -
The students will go straight to their desks and are notallowed to touch their snacks. You can call them by tables to wash their hands.The tables are bugs that are magnetized to the edge of their desks.10:55- Have the student throw away their snack and meet at calendar.
10:55- 11:10-
. After the students sit, ask one student to help you.One student will get the wand and the class will count the months of the year.Then, they will say the months of the year.
Push play on the CD player,song #1
 That student can ask for another student to volunteer. Now they willmove over to the large calendar and count to the date. So if it is the 7th, thestudent will stop on 7. After they stop on the number they move up and tell thestudent to "crash into a word". Have the student tell you today’s day. What willtomorrow be? What day was yesterday?Now that student picks a stick from the green “Calendar Quiz”. If they canread it, they will read it to the class-if not, you can read it. They will call onsomeone to answer the calendar quiz.That student can ask for another student to help. This student will countthe days of the week with the class. Then they will say the days of the week withthe class as they point. Turn CD play to song #2-They usually only sing it once,but just play the whole song That student will find what day was yesterday, whatday is today, and what day tomorrow will be by finding them in the ziplock bag.While they are doing that the class will sing the “Days of the Week” song. Thenthe class will read it together while the helper points (Yesterday was____, todayis ______, and tomorrow will be _____.)That student can ask for another student to help. This student will tell uswhat the weather is. After the student is chosen you will start singing theweather song (they will sing it, you don't even have to sing it).
"What's the weather, what's the weather, what's the weather like today? Can you tell me,can you tell me, what's the weather like today? 
" It is to the tune of "Oh MyDarlin'". The student will pull out the weather options and the class will clap for which weather they think it is today. That student then puts a tally next to thecorrect weather for the day. Then that class reads what weather it is today.

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