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Thesis Prep Book (spreads)

Thesis Prep Book (spreads)

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Published by Sloan Springer
Final Thesis Prep Book
Final Thesis Prep Book

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Sloan Springer on May 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   T   H   I   N   K   R   A   T   I   O   N   A   L   L   Y
   L  e  v  e  r  a  g   i  n  g   C  o  n  s   t  r  a   i  n   t  s   f  o  r   I  n  n  o  v  a   t   i  o  n
   S   l  o  a  n   S  p  r   i  n  g  e  r
   M .   A  r  c   h   T   h  e  s   i  s   P  r  e  p   S  p  r   i  n  g   2   0   1   1
   A   d  v   i  s  o  r  s
   A  r   t   M  c   D  o  n  a   l   d ,   B  r  u  c  e   C  o   l  e  m  a  n
uran History uran AnalysisEents & ActiitiesContetal Analysis
Access InteraceCritical ConnectionsEe Conitionsprorainplic Sace potentialsWeather Analysis
Think Rationally 
M.Arch Thesis
Sloan Sriner
Spring 2011
Throughout history, public space has been seen as theconnective tissue of urban fabric. From Pope Sixtus V’s planfor connecting key spaces in Rome, Haussman’s vision forcreating grand avenues through Paris, or John Nash andhis development of a bustling route between two prominentparks in London, public space has driven economicdevelopment through connections for centuries. But theseexamples only came to pass through the will of a monarchy.In an ever-urbanizing democratic society, opportunities forthe actual interface between public and private space areoften left wanting. Despite the fact that development is nowdriven exclusively by market value and economics, the fullpotential of an interface between market strategies andarchitectural design is rarely capitalized upon.The contention of this thesis is that by leveraging publicspace for private development, critical opportunities canbe capitalized upon to not only decentralize capital costsbut to set up new potentials for design innovation throughthe constraints of the project. Through the use of suchstrategies as public private partnerships, a process forinterfacing the design of public space with that of privatearchitecture can be established, where both begin toinform that of the other, increasing value and maximizingthe utilization potentials of the spaces for both public andprivate sectors.The city of Austin, Texas, considered the “Live MusicCapitol of the World”, is known for it’s unique urban outdoorlifestyle, blending the amenities of a rich urban context withthe laid-back atmosphere of more rural settings. Few othercities allow for the ability to visit art galleries and musicvenues then, within walking distance, go kayaking andhiking. In an effort to further bolster this atmosphere, the cityis pursuing several large developments aimed at increasingdensity while also increasing the public value of privatedevelopments.One such endeavour is the Green Water Treatment PlantRedevelopment, consisting of 2 million square feet of retail,
ofce, housing, hotel and public space. Situated in between
the proposed hotel and recently completed Austin MusicHall, the developments proposed main public plaza holds
signicant potential for leveraging the interests of the hotel
and music hall, as well as setting up a key urban publicspace for the entire development and it’s connection to thecity, capitalizing on the uniqueness of Austin.This thesis seeks to demonstrate the potentials of rethinkingthe interface between public and private space, and therelationship between architect and developer; designingthrough critical analysis and rigor to capitalize on theconstraints of the project and thus maximizing both marketvalue and architectural innovation.
Think Rationally  
M.Arch Thesis
Sloan Sriner 
Spring 2011

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