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Council on Foreign Relations - Michael Collins Piper

Council on Foreign Relations - Michael Collins Piper

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Published by Pensées Noires

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Pensées Noires on May 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Council on Foreign Relations
by Michael Collins Piper (Reprinted from SPOTLIGHT 22
VOXNYC -The NewResistanceReal History
There is an invisiblepower which secretlyrules.
Who's behind the 'New World Order' which Pres George Bush and his establishmenpromoting? First things first. Its not really a 'new' idea. The grand design for a newthe works for decades: It was the original premise upon which the ill fated League oand, later the basis upon which the United Nations was established.Only now, however, as a result of the crisis in the Middle East, have those who havnew world order begun to talk publicly of their ultimate aim: one world governmenttaken them until now to see their globalist dream placed within their reach.A lot of key players in global affairs have been in the forefront of the drive for a neforemost among them are the members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).As early as 1974 the CFR launched its '1980's Project' which had as its aim 'nothinga new global political and economic system to replace the existing one'. That is, a nthe assessment of Professors Laurence H Shoup and William Minter, writing in theiCFR, "Imperial study of the CFR and United States Foreign Policy". (Monthly ReviTo understand how U.S. foreign policy is conducted, you have to understand the CFsay that the CFR is "Americas secret government". What is the CFR?Formally headquartered in New York, the CFR's membership constitutes a wide ranindividuals (including members of the Rockefeller family) who operate in the Rock influence. These include major figures in the media, academia and the corporate, leThere is also a significant number of government officials (both elected and appointmembers.According to author Ferdinand Lundberg, writing in THE ROCKEFELLER SYND1975) "The people associated with the CFR include just about all who have a directexternal economic and financial instrumentalities that service the American market.the average citizen does when these instrumentalities are being threatened or interfemaintenance of peace, of course, is important. But there are times when one may hainterests"As shown by this quote, the CFR plays a major role in deciding whether America gUnited States stands on the brink of catastrophe in the Middle East, it is members of deciding when and if America should go to war. A chart, not included in this report,policy making positions in the Bush administration (particularly in the realm of foreby CFR members.The CFR publishes the quarterly journal FOREIGN AFFAIRS, and conducts regulaseminars, from its official headquarters at 58 East 68th street NYC,NY. It should bemany libraries. Key meetings are confidential and strictly off the record.Page 1of 5VOXNYC - The Council on Foreign Relations2/22/2005file://G:\CYPHER\Miscellaneous\Articles\POLITICAL\FM%20Docs\info\macons\VOXN...
Created in 1921 with Rockefeller family funding, the CFR emerged as the AmericaRoyal Institute on International Affairs (RIIA). The RIIA was the brainchild of EnglRhodes. It was devoted to the ultimate goal of restoring British hegemony over theBritish link that leads so many critics to charge that the CFR, is in effect, the U.S. oBritish foreign ministry). As a consequence, the CFR has never failed to advance U.measures that prop up Britain in one way or another: most notably engineering U.S.European conflict that evolved into World War II.It has been this way since the establishment of the CFR. CFR members beginning wadministration of Herbert Hoover, on through the present day in administrations of continuously been appointed to key policymaking posts, steering the course of Ameworld affairs.Leading figures from within the CFR played the primary role in creating the Unitedbody that -- at least under the so called 'new world order' would serve as the 'de factNo surprise then that it was the Rockefeller family itself that donated the land uponNations headquarters building stands.According to Shoup and Minter, "The planning of the UN can be traced to the 'secreestablished by the late secretary of state Cordell Hull in 1943." All of the memberswith the exception of Hull --a Tennessee politician, were members of the CFR. "Thplan, select, and guide the labors of the State Department's advisory committee. It wcoordinating agency for all the State Depts postwar planning. These CFR officials "for the final shape of the United Nations". Today, the UN is playing a pivotal role inWorld Order.President Bush has cast his war against Iraq as a part and parcel of the plan for a neSaddam Hussein has been vanquished, Bush promises, the New World Order can coHowever, for the Establishment to successfully foist its NWO onto the American penecessary for the powers-that-be to propagate its "party line" to the masses. The meCFR to do this.Altho the CFR is Manhatten based, its reach is coast-to-coast and beyond. The CFR(dozens of them in fact) in major cities across the country: locally prominent figuresacademia are invited to "exclusive" membership in CFR affiliates. These entities briknown global figures and conduct policy seminars which promote the NWO propagthe local level.A major part of Establishment's drive for NWO is shaping public opinion---this so twill accept the internationalist agenda laid forth by the planners behind the scenes.CFR member, the planners of the NWO "seek a private consensus" on major issues.he said "must be a central element". The power brokers "will seek to educate attentipublic opinion will come to reflect the private consensus".In other words, the CFR power brokers will seek a consensus among their own partiwhat approaches to take toward major international issues. And after such a "consenpower brokers will use their influence to "educate" local elites (such as those who maround the country) towhat is "best" for the people. As a result, these influential grothe CFR's NWO propaganda line in "the public interest".Page 2of 5VOXNYC - The Council on Foreign Relations2/22/2005file://G:\CYPHER\Miscellaneous\Articles\POLITICAL\FM%20Docs\info\macons\VOXN...
 In this way, a small clique (such as those operating in the Rockefeller-CFR shpere opropagate its views to eager local audiences who then spread globalist, anti-nationacommunities.end of SPOTLIGHT article.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which(and) believes national boundaries should be obliterated and One-World rule establi"The Trilateral Commission (TC) is international.. (and) is intended to be the vehiclconsolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the politUnited States". With no apologies, Senator Barry GoldwaterGood times - Bad times, Recession or Depression. Influence of Money, Mail, MediCourts, Commerce, Energy, Immigration, Unions, Domestic and Foreign Policy, Saprovides apparent opportunity for massive fraud, robbery, and control of the AmericNote: The New World Order (NWO) views of Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski anTC 'inner circle' are not shared by all members. Some join for prestige and to furtheinvited as 'window dressing'. All Americans should closely examine the disastrous rdomestic policy formulated and implemented by the CFR through the years withoutknowledge/consent nor participation.Members names follow:
DAVID ROCKEFELLER -Former chairman of CFR 58 East 68 Street, NY,NY212-734-0400 North American Chairman of TC @ 345 E 46th street NY,N GOVERNMENTGeorge Bush - Former member TCNational Security CouncilBrent Scowcroft - National Security Advisor CFR/TCDan Quayle - non memberJames Baker - non memberRichard B Cheney - Secretary of Defense CFRColin Powell - Chairman Joint Chiefs of staff CFRWilliam Webster - Dir. Central Intelligence CFRDick Thornburgh - Attorney General CFRNicholas Brady - Secretary of Treasury CFRRichard G Darman - Office Mgt Budget OMB CFRJames R Williams - Dept of Education Asst Secty CFRHorace Dawson - US Information Agcy. Dir EEO CFRMEDIACBS -Colombia Broadcasting Corp
Page 3of 5VOXNYC - The Council on Foreign Relations2/22/2005file://G:\CYPHER\Miscellaneous\Articles\POLITICAL\FM%20Docs\info\macons\VOXN...

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