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D-01 Prophetic Dream - April 30, 2011

D-01 Prophetic Dream - April 30, 2011

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Published by Andre Niemand
Here are some significant prophetic dreams that came on April 30th 2011. I relate some earlier dreams to give some background and understanding of the dreams.
Here are some significant prophetic dreams that came on April 30th 2011. I relate some earlier dreams to give some background and understanding of the dreams.

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Published by: Andre Niemand on May 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prophetic Dreams: April 30, 2011
Here are some significant prophetic dreams thatcame on April 30
2011. I relate some earlierdreams to give some background andunderstanding of the dreams.
My dream February 16, 2011
On the 16 of February 2011 I had a short dream. Isaw myself in the presence of two old wise menand we were standing in a theatre with many seatsarranging in step format upwards from the fronttoward the back of the hall. All these seats wereempty. The one old wise man said to me, "TrustGod to fill these seats." Then the other wise manasked me, "What do you want to do?" I replied, "Iwant to start a school of the prophets." He said,"Wonderful, do it, it is a good idea." Then I woke up.
Oleg’s account of his dream:April 27, 2011
On April 27, 2011 I had the following dream: Idreamt I looked at a calendar. I saw that all futuredates, the 30
of each month, were standing out. Then I knew in my spirit that in future the 30
of every month will be significant in that God will giveus an unfolding revelation of events to come. Iknew in the dream that all these events” ordreams or revelations received from God on every30
of each month will have a link with oneanother.I do not know for what period of time these“events” and/or dreams must be followed. Only
time can tell me the truth. Also, I do not know whatto look for. Will it be in the news or in a dream orvision or in revelation? I do not know. However myfather told me he believes that God will speak to usin dreams. Nevertheless, I will not limit God to justdreams or visions.
April30, 2011
On this day my son Oleg had two dreams and mywife Marina had one dream.
Oleg’s account of his first dream
I saw myself in a black village in Zimbabwe. Idreamt a climate change has taken place inZimbabwe. I saw a great black cloud, a great stormwith much lightning in the black cloud coming tothe black village. I knew that due to pendingdanger nobody should go to that black village. Iwas contacted by meteorologists who investigateweather patterns in Zimbabwe to investigate withthem the weather phenomena. They told me thedetails but I did not understand them because Iknow nothing about meteorology. I saw ameteorology laboratory with a tower on top of theroof. I saw the lightning was hitting the tower allthe time which transferred the power into a capsulein the laboratory which burned like red-orange lava(magma) caused by the transferred lightningpower. I saw a white woman the only European thatwas staying in the black village. That was the endof my dream.
Andre Niemands (BrotherEnoch)Interpretation
Zimbabwe symbolizes a once prosperous countrythat was destroyed by incompetency and violence. The black village symbolizes the Republic of SouthAfrica under a black government. The storm is inZimbabwe heading for the village. The same forcesthat destroyed Zimbabwe are already raging andseemed to be on its way to destroy South Africa like
it had destroyed Zimbabwe. In the early 1990’s Godtold me (almost in an audible voice), “The blacksare going to destroy this whole country but noteverything.” To this day I do not understand whatGod meant when He said, “but not everything.” Thelightning is judgment from heaven. The capsulethat burned like red-orange (fiery) lava is hiddenblack anger that is raging. God will use the anger of the black youth to judge the country. Lava ismolten rock that is buildup under the surface of theearth. The white woman may symbolize the whitepeople or missionary communities.
Andre Niemand’s Comments
I want to refer to Julius Malema’s (the AfricanNational Congress’ youth league president) hatespeeches and open inflammatory addresses andsuggestions of murdering white people. It is thelava buildup under the surface. Occurrences likethis among others will bring about the “climatechange and storm.”We need to humble ourselves in repentance onbehalf of the country and also humble ourselvesconstantly in intercession and prayer before Godand I believe He will hear us.
Oleg’s account of his second dream
I dreamt I was in a class room with people odifferent religious backgrounds (Christians,Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, etc.). We have tocomplete forms about our religious background forsecurity agents but in my spirit I knew these agentswere FBI agents. Everyone was completing a formexcept me. A few FBI agents were interviewing meand they were completing my form, aquestionnaire, on my behalf. A young man I knowtold me that he was from the Orthodox Church. Itold him my back ground was also Orthodox. I grewup in the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraineduring the first half of my youth. I spoke to these

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