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APUSH Exam Review Pt. 1

APUSH Exam Review Pt. 1

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Published by Alejandro Ramirez

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Published by: Alejandro Ramirez on May 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4/10/11Analyze the cultural and economic responses of two of the following groups to theindians of NA before 1750
the British
 big demographic footprint
clearing land
conflicts w/ NA notions of property
tribal, communal
encroaching on NA hunting land
 NA dont understand private property
British would create treaties to exploit this
made no real effort to convert Indians
Puritans DID try but then withdrew
generally not high on priority list
warfare more common
Powhatan wars
Pequot war w/ puritans
King Philips war 
slowed down indian resistance in Mass.
 Necessary in understanding Salem Witch trials
many girls indian war orphans
might have been caused from fear generated from Indian violence
how indian war affected culture
did try to convert indians to slavery
Early Carolina and Virginia
turned to indentured servitude
interesting trade dynamic
indians fearful of british
concerned about encroaching
 NA were very interested in trade
offered them things that they wanted
metal pots, knives, etc.
understood that English were bad for them, but wanted British tech
debates abt whether to seperate from british
Tecumseh's brother (the prophet)
dont trade w/ British
all they want is more
the ghost dance
same argument
no way to get away from british
The French
mostly in North East
not interested in warfare
needed them for furs
fur trade required local knowledge
lightly populated
 pop in 1750 was 50k 
french were catholic
did try to convert indians w/ more energy than british
all part of notion of reciprocity
didnt force them to convert
retained good relationship w/ Huron
help throw up safety net from british expansion into their colonies
British did same w/ Iroquois
 both indians saw this as beneficial
there were enemy tribes
no serious effort to teach indians to farm
unlike spanish
tried to exploit relationship for fur 
in the very early years they virtually exterminated indians
enslaved indians in Caribbean and Mexico to work in mines
Serious effort to convert them via missionaries
de Casas- influential in getting pope and church in having NA being treated aschildren of God
San Antonio started as a mission, Santa Fe, all cities in California started asmissions
lived together, a community, typically had a fort with spanish soldiers
 became a town
settlers from Mexico (Mestizos) would go settle in mission communities
agricultural and ranching outposts
Popé's rebellion
result of overreaching priests
wanted them to be too similar to Europeans
Economic problems
indians didnt live as nicely
only successful NA rebellion against Europeans
kept spanish out of NM for 10 yrs
no incentive to heavily colonize NA
REVIEW Native American CULTUREAnalyze the diff between spanish settlements in SW and English colonies in NE in 17
century in terms of 2 of the following:
(territorial governors)
didnt have legislature
missions under authority of monarchy
corporate colony
owned by
 joint-stock company
experience risk, shared risk 
colonial governor 
appointed by board of directors of company
later by King
only white men who were members of Puritan Church could vote in NewEngland
pretty democratic
in relative terms
economic development
a plantation
grant of land to spanish colonist
 basis of agricultural output around missions
agriculture was most important
 NE not suited for farming
subsistence farming
lumber, shipbuilding, commerce, mining
, etc. in NE
 became biggest shipbuilding center in british empire
 better standard of living
Early Dissenter 
Roger Williams
kicked out of Mass. Bay company and formed
over religious differences
colony to grant
total freedom of religion
Connecticut founded after ppl wanted more liberal land regulations
Mass. Bay colony too strict

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