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Middle WI News - May Issue

Middle WI News - May Issue

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Published by Middle Wisconsin

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Published by: Middle Wisconsin on May 06, 2011
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Information Technology Solutions
 Your 2010 Federal Taxpayer Receipt
Middle Wisconsin
May 5, 2011
Welcome to
Middle WisconsinNews
. Three weeks have passedsince we published our last issue,and we are once again highlightingtaxation because it relates to thegovernment austerity measuresharming families all across America.Along with introductions to excellentwebsites on the subject, we arerepublishing the ―
Tax TalkingPoints”
document (see last 2 pagesof newsletter) developed by the MWResearch Committee in April. Alsoincluded in this edition is an articleon the status of the senatorial re-calls. As we are all aware, this is thenext critical battle in overcomingGovernor Scott Walker’s attack onunions and working families. We arepleased to have the work of severalMiddle Wisconsin members in thisissue, and we feel sure you willappreciate their contributions.
We are continuing to learn anddevelop at
Middle WI News,
andwe expect to have a more estab-lished format for the next edition of the newsletter. Sarah Thurs hasdone extraordinary work designingthese first publications to get us upand running, but her true expertiseis as an editor. To help her stepback into that role, Tom Michlig hasgraciously agreed to provide us withhis graphic design time and talentsfor future issues, and we are excitedabout the new doors this will open.We are also grateful to Wix Coveyfor sharing his ideas, enthusiasm,and connections with us. It’s excitingto see our group grow.
As always, it is the goal of thenewsletter to represent all of themembers of the Middle Wisconsincommunity. This is our newspaper.If you are interested in joining the
Middle WI News
committee or inwriting an op
ed, essay, or article,please see our ―Call for Submis-sions‖ info on page 4.We hope you enjoy this 3
Middle WI News
Editorial Committee
Dave & Paul Svetlik, Jim Mattes,Sarah Thurs, Wix Covey,
& Tom Michlig
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
The deadline for paying income taxes (April 18) has come and gone for another year, but fewof us have more than a vague idea of where our tax dollars actually go. This leads to misinfor-mation about government waste or the percent of revenue used for unpopular programs.The following websites have been designed to provide taxpayers with a detailed receiptshowing exactly how their tax dollars are used:
www.whitehouse.gov/taxreceipt www.thirdway.org/taxreceipt
In his State of the Union Address, President Obama promised that this year, for the first timeever, taxpayers would be able to
go online & see exactly how federal tax dollars are spent
.It’s easy:
Enter 3 pieces of information from your 2010 tax return—
Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, & Income Tax.
Calculate Receipt.
You will instantly get a breakdown of how your specific tax dollars are spent on over 40programs and services, like education, veterans’ benefits, and health care. It’s that simple.When people have the correct facts and figures, they can more wisely participate in democracy.
Recall Elections to Be Held July 12
By Jim Mattes
If the Government Accountability Board (GAB) has its way, all 9potential recall elections for state senate will be held on the sameday, July 12, pending approval of the signatures submitted by therecall petitioners. A Dane County judge Monday struck down aruling that had set an early deadline for reviewing the recall peti-tions that have been filed against the 9 senators. The GAB will nowhave until the end of May to validate signatures and determinewhich petitions trigger a recall election.Democrats are outraged, feeling that the extra time provided the GAB gives out
statespecial interest groups more time to ―protect their investments,‖ according to Democratic Partyspokesman Graeme Zielinski. He feels that the delay benefits candidates like Hopper andKapanke, who are benefiting from out
state corporate cash.
Democrats are alsoconcerned that during this delay, Republicans may try to fast
track bills suiting their agenda, such as the Voter ID bill and Carry and Conceal.
The Court’s ruling affects the 8 recall petitions filed prior to last Thursday. The one recall thatis not affected is that filed against
Robert Cowles
, R
Green Bay, which will follow the normalreview deadline process.Projections have been made regarding the prospects of each of these recalls in terms of their potential ―success.‖ While it is still early to assign categories of ―Toss
up,‖ ―Lean,‖ or ―Likely‖ratings, we can group these senators in terms of ―opportunities for takeover.‖ Taken together,they suggest that
Democratic gains are more likely than not and that a Democratictakeover of the chamber, while a long shot, is still a distinct possibility.
The projectionslisted below include the percentages of the 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections, as well asthe 2010 Governor’s race and the incumbent Senator’s 2008 race.
Democratic Opportunities
First Tier 
Randy Hopper—
(Bush 57%, McCain 47%, Walker 58%, Hopper 50.1%)Hopper’s district, near Oshkosh, would normally point to a ―somewhat vulner-able‖ rating, but his recent scandal involving his residence and an alleged mistress put thisseat into the ―very vulnerable‖ category. His opponent will be
Jessica King
, the current deputymayor of Oshkosh.
Dan Kapanke—
(Bush 46%, McCain 38%, Walker 50%, Kapanke 51.4%) Kapanke’s district inLaCrosse County showed one of the largest swings away from Scott Walker of any in thestate, and Walker barely carried this district in 2010. Add in the fact that Tuesday saw SteveDoyle win the Assembly seat in the most Republican section of the district, and the indicatorspoint to this seat being ―very vulnerable.‖ His opponent will be
Rep. Jennifer Shilling
, thesame opponent who nearly beat Kapanke in 2008.
Second Tier 
Sheila Harsdorf–—
(Bush 51%, McCain 48%, Walker 58%, Harsdorf 56.4%) Harsdorf’sdistrict is in the far northwest bulge of the state, which swung heavily against Prosser in April’sSupreme Court election. She did win handily in 2008, so she will be a formidable opponent.The Democrats have selected
Shelley Moore
, an Ellsworth high school teacher and NEABoard Member to oppose her. Expect lots of anti
union, anti
teacher advertising to be hurled atMoore in this race.
Luther Olson—
(Bush 56%, McCain 47%, Walker 57%, Olson–Unopposed) Olson’s districthas a distinctly Republican tilt, with Walker and Prosser both winning there handily. Olson hashad little or no opposition in years, so he appears to be in substantially better position thanKapanke or Hopper. His opponent will be
Rep. Fred Clark
of Baraboo
Middle Wisconsin
May 5, 2011
Page 2
May 13 & 14
DevelopingSustainable Communities
8 groups unite to presentan idea forum at theUWMC Center for CivicEngagement. The eventbegins at 9 a.m. and wrapsup at 3:30 p.m. each day.
—The focus is onBusiness & Government.
—The focus shiftsto Households, FoodSystems, & Transportation.Learn about the ―NaturalStep‖ program, a frame-work used by organizationsand communities to movetoward economic, social,and environmental sustain-ability.Following the speakerseach morning are lunch &networking, 2 breakoutsessions, & a wrap
upsession.For more information or toregister, visit:
Early pricing: Friday $30
Saturday $15
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
Third Tier 
Alberta Darling—
(Bush 53%, McCain 47%, Walker 54%, Darling 50.5%) Dems areexcited about this race largely because of Darling’s near loss in 2008 and her recentcomments during the Joint Finance Committee’s public hearings that ―she doesn’t reallylisten to the people who come to these hearings.‖ Former state lawmaker 
is considering entering the race against her. He lost to her by less than1,000 votes in 2008. This district is in the highly Republican Milwaukee suburbs, so thisseat will still be a tough win for the Dems.
Robert Cowles—
(Bush 47%, McCain 46%, Walker 57%, Cowles–Unopposed) Thisdistrict comprises the Green Bay suburbs, and he has established himself with solidcredentials prior to his budget repair vote. He will be tough to unseat.
Republican Opportunities
First Tier 
Jim Holperin
—(Bush 53%, McCain 46%, Walker 57%,Holperin 51%) This district is in a northern district that gaveProsser nearly the same margin as Walker. Recall supporters have chosen Tea Partyfavorite
Kim Simac
to oppose Holperin, who has already begun running ads touting hisservice to the district. He will have his hands full retaining his seat.
Dave Hansen—
(Bush 52%, McCain 42%, Walker 54%, Hansen 54.6%) Hansen’sdistrict in Green Bay was won by Prosser last month. His opponents are looking for achallenger who can put together a credible campaign. Hansen is vulnerable butprobably has a slight edge against whoever is chosen.
Second Tier 
Bob Wirch–—
(Bush 48%, McCain 41%, Walker 53%, Wirch 52.4%) Based inKenosha, this district is as close to evenly divided politically as any in the state. Wirchcould have a tough race if opponents can find an attractive challenger.
Julie Lassa—
(Bush 47%, McCain 39%, Walker 51%, Lassa 68%) Recall supportershave not produced sufficient signatures yet and have until May 16 to do so. However,her district is solidly Democratic. She should be safe, barring a complete collapse for theDems.
Meanwhile, state Republican leaderssaid on Wednesdaythat if the courts do not takeaction by early June, they could re
pass the anti
union parts of the budget repair law aspart of the state budget. As it should be noted, this was always a legal option given theparticular nature of this fight. This potential action begs activists to get out to make their votes count in these upcoming recall elections.
July 12 will be a key date in determin-ing the eventual fate of the budget bill and other pending legislation.
Recall Elections
Middle Wisconsin
May 5, 2011
Page 3
5 pmDay’s Bowl
Bring a friend ortwo and joinMiddle WisconsinmembersMonday nights totalk current events& have some fun.
© 2011Middle Wisconsin

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