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Selangor Times May 6-8, 2011 / Issue 23

Selangor Times May 6-8, 2011 / Issue 23

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Published by Selangor Times
Community paper in Selangor
Community paper in Selangor

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Published by: Selangor Times on May 06, 2011
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May 6 — May 8, 2011
issue 23
 AppealsBoard upholdsTelekom'srights
Kelab SyabaSreturnSto formerglory 
minimum wage debaterageS
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Keeping the home
freies burning
Gan Pei Ling
Kuala Selangor:
Selan-gor is moving to save its dwindling  population o reies by setting up a breeding nursery along Sun-gai Selangor next month.“We will set up articial breeding grounds or the reies,” said DrAng Lai Hoe at the Kampung Kuan-tan Firey Park last Friday.Ang, a senior research oicerrom the biotechnology division inForest Research Institute Malaysia(Frim), said the irelies’ naturalspawning grounds have been dis-turbed due to plantations and otherdevelopments along the river.“The breeding ground has be-come too hot and dry, and lacksorganic material,” he said.Indigenous tree species like sago will be planted, and articial shade will be set up in a one-hectare plotin Tanjung Beluntas to help reha-bilitate the area by the riverside.He said sago trees are the natu-ral habitat or rey larvae as the plants provide sucient moistureand shade.“I the project is successul, we will replicate it in other areas,” saidAng.Selangor has acquired and gazet-ted 95 hectares o land as a reysanctuary along Sungai Selangor in2009 to preserve the species.Ang said that previously, around60% o the 95 hectares were con- verted into plantations and otherland use, according to satellite im-ages. Only the remaining 40% areorests.Frim experts will be working to-gether with the state to carry out thethree-year breeding project spon-sored by Aeon, a Japanese retailer.The company donatedRM390,450 to the project andsigned a memorandum with thestate last Friday.Selangor Water ManagementAuthority (Luas) acting directorNorzamri Sondor said they also planto invite villagers to help plant treesalong the riverbank.“We must get the communityinvolved to help protect the reies,”Norzamri told
Selangor Times 
.He said irelies can be oundalong a 20km stretch o Sungai Sel-angor and its bufer zone o around2,000 hectares.Around 60% to 70% o the 2,000hectares are private lands, with someconverted into plantations andother residential areas.He said the Luas enorcement
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MAY 6 — 8, 2011
(603) 5510 4566
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
Nick Choo, James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Victor Chong
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
Gan Pei Ling
It was a bittersweetday or residents o USJ 6 when theSelangor Appeals Board decided touphold elekom Bhd’s right to developits 0.35-hectare utility reserve land yesterday. While the telecommunicationscompany is now allowed to continue with its development, three conditionsimposed upon them will reduce the sizeand nature o the development to en-sure that trac conditions in the area will not be severely impacted.elekom had initially proposed toconstruct a nine-storey commercialtower in a development undertaken byM Facilities and Pujangga Budimanin a joint venture.But conditions set by the board haveensured that the development is nohigher than the existing ve-storey ele-kom building located in the same area.“Te building shall not be higherthan the existing elekom building [inUSJ 6],” said board member HoKhong Ming.Te board ruled that the developermust also reduce the size and height o the building as trac on most roads inUSJ 6 is already congested, according to a 2008 rac Impact Assessment(IA) report.In addition, Ho said: “Te develop-ment shall only be or oces, and no part o the development can be used orcommercial purposes that would attractmore trac than oces.”He said retail outlets, restaurants,supermarkets, hotels and cinemas arenot permitted.Tirdly, the developer must adoptthe IA’s suggestions to improve tracconditions in the area and adhere to anyadditional conditions imposed by thelocal council.wo other Appeals Board members,Datuk Abu Bakar Awang and DatukAzmeer Rashid, were also present.Te board also said the Subang JayaMunicipal Council (MPSJ) should is-sue a public apology over its blunder indesignating the land as a eld in its dralocal plan beore changing the land’sstatus to “commercial” without publicconsultation.Subang Jaya assemblyperson Han-nah Yeoh said they will consult GobindSingh Deo, who is the lawyer represent-ing the residents, to consider the pos-sibility o a judicial review.MPSJ had twice rejected the devel-oper’s application to sub-divide theutility reserve land or development inits ull board meetings in November2005 and February 2006.However, the local council gaveconditional approval or the project in2008 beore the IA was completed.Te residents led an appeal againstthe project in 2009.Due to public protest, MPSJ re- voked its development order in 2009,but the revocation is legally void as it was never endorsed by the State Plan-ning Committee.Subsequently, MPSJ councillors andits then president Datuk Adnan MdIkshan cancelled the revocation in anad-hoc meeting in April 2010.However, the Appeals Board’s deci-sion to allow commercial developmenton utility reserve land is expected tohave ar-reaching consequences orsimilar cases in Selangor.Yeoh said the precedent would nowapply to other cases in Petaling Jaya,Serdang and other areas.Meanwhile, residents who were pres-ent yesterday expressed their disap- pointment over the Appeals Board’sdecision.“We’re the ones who will be directlyaected by the development and the worsening trac conditions,” said resi-dent Philip Song, 49.
 Appeals Board upholds
PKPS records RM1.8m proft
Signingtheplaque:Khalid atthe PKPSfarm inSungaiLong.
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
To place your
Timothy Loh
Ivan Looi
Vincent Boon
 Yeoh (right)and USJ 6residentsspeaking tothe pressafter the AppealsBoarddelivered itsdecision.
RM50m relief fundfor Selangor
 Alvin Yap
Selangor will boost its ability to prepare ornatural disasters with the creation o a RM50 million relie und.“Te executive council has decided to set up a NaturalDisaster Relie Fund (WBA) worth RM50 million or the people during times o disaster,” said Menteri Besar an SriKhalid Ibrahim on Wednesday.He said an initial grant o RM10 million will be allocatedthis year, and RM10 million will be allocated every year rom2012 to 2015 or the remaining RM40 million.Te und is set up according to nancing and accounting laws to enable it to generate prots by investing in equities.It can also receive donations rom individuals, as well asrom companies wanting to discharge their Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR).“Te und will be accorded tax-exemption status or this purpose,” said Khalid.Khalid said the und can only be utilised in 2016 because itneeds time to invest and generate acceptable returns to assistrelie eorts.Te administration will seek approval at the second stateassembly sitting in July to legislate an enactment or the crea-tion o the und.It will also ask the assembly to approve allocations or theinitial unding o RM10 million.Te und will be administered by top state civil service o-cials who will report to the state executive council.Currently, the state has the Natural Disaster rust Fund to provide or victims, but it has only RM8 million in allocationsand cannot be invested.
Te Selangor AgricultureDevelopment Corporation (PKPS)recorded a prot o RM1.8 millionand reduced operating costs by RM2million last year.“he proits are due to increased palm oil production, which surged to14,000 tonnes in 2010 compared with9,200 tonnes the year beore,” said AliAhmad.Te PKPS group general manageradded that the state subsidiary man-aged to reduce operation costs througha transparent system o governancesince 2008.Menteri Besar an Sri Khalid Ibra-him, who visited the arm in SungaiLong, said proits should see an in-crease this year.“Teir prots are expected to in-crease [this year] with close monitoring and systematic management carried outby PKPS,” he said.Khalid visited additional areas oroil palm cultivation and food-pronesections o the PKPS eld.He also opened the Jelutong Jatiarm on Jalan anjung Maling, whichhouses a dairy and poultry arm using the latest technology.Te arm’s technology was the resulto co-operation between PKPS and theCharoen Pokphand Group (CPGroup) rom Tailand.Khalid said CP Group will trainPKPS sta to use the latest technology.Te Menteri Besar also had the hon-our o reaping the rst harvest o chickens which were bred on the arm or 39 days.Te arm has 200 Friesian cows, andPKPS is targeting a production o about 1,000 litres o milk per cow.
 Telekom’s rights
 ⁄ MAY 6 – 8, 2011

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