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Published by: api-73110676 on May 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My writer site
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The Social NetworkMovie Review
© 2010 by Sportscar Projects Ltd.
My writer site
pg. 1
The Social Network
 October 1, 2010
Did I adequately answer your condescendingquestion? I was there when he fed chicken to hischicken. A cannibal animal - legit grounds fortermination. $18,000 plus $1,000? Yes, I get thesame number as you
. I’m
CEO, Bitch. It’s onmy business card. Next question…
One Word Movie Review: GREAT
The Social Network
kicks off with Jack White
’s guitar riff 
 Ball and Biscuit 
as the camerapans across a Harvard pub to a tablewhere Mark Zuckerberg drinks beerwith his date, Erica Albright. Theconversation is scattershot withelliptical leaps of obscurity concerningthe huge quantity of Chinese geniuses,the ease of entering exclusive clubsand Teddy Roosevelt. Poor Erica
dumps Mark after remarking “
dating you is like dating aStairmaster
”. This
rejection is the spark for nerdy a-holeMark to change the world by starting a string of web siteswhich eventually morphs into
.This conversation returns full-circle by the end of 
TheSocial Network
but we have several lawsuits and a fewbillion dollars to chew through before this simpleconnection between two college students returns us to
My writer site
pg. 2
the core of 
’s success. It is a joyous ride, told
in the same jumpy ellipses as this first conversation. Theclever script by Aaron Sorkin, based partly on the book,
The Accidental Billionaires
” by Ben Mezrich keeps us
engaged by
layering the “freakishly addictive”
 experience on the aloof, nerdy shoulders of the a-holeMark who remains essentially the same introvertedprogramming whiz to the end, still trying to connect withErica (his measure of social networking success).Director David Fincher wisely uses the Harvard backdropto set the right environment for a social network to go viralin days and weeks, growing like a plague across collegesand becoming the essential cool medium for hot contacts.He shifts the story to the money and the lawyersfrequently, using depositions and testimony as windowsinto the shades of truth declared under oath by the mainplayers as they divide the spoils of the great idea we nowknow as the 500 million member
globalcommunity.Just as
was a culmination of craft, insight andtiming,
The Social Network
clicks on these same levelsincluding the most elusive of factors, great timing. Wewatch Gordon Gekko in
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,
 sensing time already slipping into antiquity for these WallStreet characters. This contrast between old and new isreinforced by
The Social Network
, where it not about the
money at all, but the purity of idea and the ability to “getit” or “get out of the way”.

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