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Published by Mukesh Kumar

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Published by: Mukesh Kumar on May 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Write a program to print “ Welcome to Java Programming” on thescreen.
class Qno1sol{public static void main(String a[]){System.out.println("Welcome to Java Programming");}}
2.Write a program to find the greatest of the given three numbers.
import java.io.*;class Qno2sol{public static void main(String args[]){try{DataInputStream ds=new DataInputStream(System.in);System.out.println("Enter Your Three Numbers");int a=Integer.parseInt(ds.readLine());int b=Integer.parseInt(ds.readLine());int c=Integer.parseInt(ds.readLine());if(a>b ){System.out.println( a+" "+"is greatest number");
}if(b>c ){System.out.println(b+" "+"is greatest number");}if(c>a ){System.out.println(c+" "+"is greatest number");}}catch(IOException e){System.out.println("There is problem"+e);}}}
3.Using switch and case statements write a program to add,subtract , multiply and divide the two numbers.
import java.io.*;public class Qno3sol{public static void main(String a[])throws IOException{DataInputStream in=new DataInputStream(System.in);System.out.println("Enter Switch Cases");int i=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine());
//int i=4;int m,n;m=10;n=5;switch(i){case 1:System.out.println("Addition"+" "+(m+n));break;case 2:System.out.println("Substration"+" "+(m-n));break;case 3:System.out.println("Multiplication"+" "+(m*n));break;case 4:System.out.println("Division"+" "+(m/n));break;default:System.out.println("This is not a valid input parameter");break;}}}
4.Using for loop write a program to add the integers up to 50 andprint the result on the screen.
class Qno4sol

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