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curriculum vitae november 2003

curriculum vitae november 2003

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Published by javier_1000

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Published by: javier_1000 on May 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 _________________________________________________________________________________________________Jerry Z. Park 
Curriculum Vitae March 2011
Jerry Z. Park
Baylor University, Department of Sociology,One Bear Place #97326,Waco, TX 76798-7326Office Telephone: 254-710-3150;Department Fax: 254-710-1175;Email:  jerry_park@baylor.edu
 Employment and Affiliations:
Fall 2010-present. Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Baylor University.Fall 2004-Spring 2010. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Baylor University.2004-Present. Affiliate Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University.
 Ph.D. Sociology, University of Notre Dame 2004. Title: The Ethnic and Religious Identities of Rising AsianAmericans. (Kevin J. Christiano (chair), Michael Emerson, David Sikkink, David Yamane)M.A. Sociology, University of Notre Dame 1998. Title: Religious Influences on the Volunteering Behavior of Churchgoing Protestants. (Kevin J. Christiano (chair))B. A. Psychology with Sociology minor, University of Virginia 1995.
Research and Teaching Interests
: Religion, Race/ Ethnicity, Civic Participation, Asian America, Culture, Mediaand Cultural Consumption, Research Methods (Interview, Survey)
Refereed Articles:
Howard Ecklund, Elaine, Katherine Sorrell, and
Jerry Z. Park
. “Scientists Negotiate Boundaries BetweenReligion and Science.” Forthcoming at the
 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
.Draper, Scott, and
Jerry Z. Park
. 2010. “Sunday Celluloid: Visual Media and Protestant Boundaries with Secular Culture”
Sociological Spectrum
. 30:433-458.
Park, Jerry Z.
“Assessing the Sociological Study of Asian American Christianity.”
SANACS Journal
. 1:59-94.Howard Ecklund, Elaine and
Jerry Z. Park
2009. “
Conflict Between Religion and Science Among AcademicScientists
The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
48: 276-292. (Authorship equally shared)Loveland, Matthew, Keely S. Jones, and
Jerry Z. Park
. 2008.
igion and the Logic of the Civic Sphere:Religious Tradition, Religious Practice, and Voluntary Association
The Interdisciplinary Journal of Religious Research
. 4:1-26 (Article 7)
Park Jerry Z.
-Generation Asian American Pan-ethnic Identity: Pluralized Meanings of a Racial
Sociological Perspectives
51:541-561.Howard Ecklund, Elaine,
Jerry Z. Park
and Phil Todd Veliz. 2008.
“Secularization and Religious Change Among
Elite Scientists: A Cross-Cohort Comparison.
Social Forces
. 86:1805-1840. (Authorship equally shared)
 _________________________________________________________________________________________________Jerry Z. Park 
Park, Jerry Z.
and Joseph Baker. 2007.
“What Would Jesus Buy: American Religious Consumption in the 21
The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
. 46:501-517. (Authorship equally shared)
Park, Jerry Z
. and Cara R. Taylor. 2007.
Information Resources of Elite Ministry Professionals
The Review of  Religious Research
48: 428-436. (First author)
Park, Jerry Z
. and Elaine Howard Ecklund. 2007.
“Negotiating Continuity: Family and Religious Socializationfor Asian Americans.”
Sociological Quarterly
. 48:93-118 (First author)Howard Ecklund, Elaine and
Jerry Z. Park
. 2007.
“Religious Diversity and Community Volunteerism AmongAsian Americans: An Initial Portrait.”
The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
46:233-244. (Authorshipequally shared)Howard Ecklund, Elaine and
Jerry Z. Park
. 2005. “Asian American Civic Participation: The Civic „ModelMinority‟?”
The Journal of Asian American Studies
8:1-21. (Authorship equally shared)Hinojosa, Victor and
Jerry Z. Park
. 2004. “Religion and the Paradox of Racial Inequality Attitudes.”
 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
43: 229-238. (Authorship equally shared)
Park, Jerry Z
. and Samuel Reimer. 2002. “Revisiting the Social Sources of American Christianity 1972
 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
41:733-746. (Authorship equally shared)Reimer, Samuel and
Jerry Z. Park
. 2001. “Tolerant (In)civility: Civil Libertarianism Among WhiteEvangelicals.”
 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
. 40:735-744. (Authorship equally shared)Steensland, Brian,
Jerry Z. Park
, Mark D. Regnerus, Lynn Robinson, W. Bradford Wilcox, and Robert D.
Woodberry. 2000. “The Measure of American Religion: Toward Improving the State
Social Forces
Park, Jerry Z
. and Christian Smith. 2000. “To Whom Much Has Been Given...”: Religious C
apital andCommunity Voluntarism Among Churchgoing Protestants.
 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.
39: 272-286. (First author)
Papers Under Peer Review and in Progress:Park, Jerry Z.
“Faithful Tigers in the Academy: The Emerging Korean American Religious Elite.” Under review
for edited volume on second-generation immigrant religion.
Granstra, Shanna L. and
Jerry Z. Park
. “Stigmatized Bodies and
Sacred Communities: Body Mass Index and
Selective Religious Engagement.” Under review.
Granstra, Shanna L. and
Jerry Z. Park
. Race, Gender, BMI and Religiosity.
Park, Jerry Z
., Sam Stroope, and Ashley Palmer-Boyes. Immigrant Religion, ethnicity and child-rearing practices
Park, Jerry Z
., Ashley Palmer-Boyes and Christopher Bader
Relative Renewal: Understanding AmericanPentecostal and Charismatic Christians in the Early 21
 Park, Jerry Z. Asian American Ethnic and Religious Identities (book manuscript)Park Jerry Z. The Impact of Religious Consumption on Civic Attitudes and Participation
 _________________________________________________________________________________________________Jerry Z. Park 
Park, Jerry Z. Public Faith, Private DevotionPark, Jerry Z. and Clay Polson Specifying Religious Participation and Civic Engagement.Park, Jerry Z. and Jeanne Kim. The effect of spiritual experiences on social attitudes and behaviorsPark, Jerry Z. Muslim American Immigrants and Racial Identity.
Book Chapters, Book Reviews and ReportsPark, Jerry Z.
2010. “B
ook review: Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite.
 Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Park, Jerry Z.
2010. “Book review: Deliverance and Submission: Evangelical Women and the Negotiation of Patriarchy in South Korea.”
Contemporary Sociology
39: 432-433.
 Park, Jerry Z.
Proceedings: First Biennial Conference on Religion and American Culture, June 4-7, 2009.
 The Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture. Pp 24-25.
 Park, Jerry Z.
2008. “Book review: People of the Dream: Multiracial Congregations in the United States.”
Sociology of Religion
Park, Jerry Z.
and Scott Draper. 2008. “Religious Media Consumption: The
 DaVinci Code
Effect.” In
 AmericanPiety Revisited 
. Edited by Rodney Stark, 163-175. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press.
Park, Jerry Z.
2008. “Book review: God‟s New Whiz Kids: Korean American Evangelicals on Campus.”
 Reviewof Religious Research
Park, Jerry Z.
2007. “Book review: Korean American Evangelicals: New Models for Civic Life.”
 Review of  Religious Research
. 49:100-101.
Park, Jerry Z.
. “Book review: Elusive Togetherness:
Church Groups Trying to Bridge A
 Review of Religious Research
. 48:115-116.Bader, Christopher, Kevin Dougherty, Paul Froese, Byron Johnson, F. Carson Mencken,
Jerry Z. Park
, RodneyStark. 2006. American Piety in the 21
Century: New Insights to the Depth and Complexity of Religion in the US.Prepared for the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion.
Park, Jerry Z.
2005. “Book review: Faithful Generations: Race and New Asian American Churches.”
 Review of  Religious Research
. 46:314-315.
Park, Jerry Z.
and Cara R. Taylor. 2004. “The Louisville Institute 2004 Survey of Pastoral Learning: ExecutiveSummary.”
Prepared for the Louisville Institute.
Park, Jerry Z.
2003. “Book review: Moral Reconstruction: Christian Lobbyists and the Federal Legislation of 
Morality, 1865-
 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
. 42: 682-683.
Park, Jerry Z.
. “Book review: Habitat for Humanity: Building Private Homes, Building Public Religion.”
Contemporary Sociology
Grants, Honors:
 2010. Co-Investigator,
“Faith to Innovation: A Study of Religious Communities‟ Impact on

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