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President Barack Obama on Jobs & Gas Prices (With Energy Agenda Info Graphic)

President Barack Obama on Jobs & Gas Prices (With Energy Agenda Info Graphic)

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Published by Zimvi

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Published by: Zimvi on May 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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President Barack Obama on Jobs & Gas Prices(with Energy Agenda Infographic)
May 6, 2011.- President Barack Obama visited today in Indiana -- Allison Transmission.
It’s a business that is creating jobs making transmissions for hybrid vehicles after a boost from amatching grant out of the President’s clean energy investments.
As the President put it, “This is where the jobs of the future are at”:
This is the kind of company that will make sure that America remains the mostprosperous nation in the world.
See, other countries understand this.
We’re in a competition allaround the world, and other countries -- Germany, China, South Korea -- they know that cleanenergy technology is what is going to help spur job creation and economic growth for years tocome.
And that's why we’ve got to make sure that we win that competition.
I don't want thenew breakthrough technologies and the new manufacturing taking place in China and India.
Iwant all those new jobs right here in Indiana, right here in the United States of America, withAmerican workers, American know-how, American ingenuity.
He added that this is also how we’re going to get gas prices under control:
But if we can transition to new technologies, that's what’s going to make a differenceover the long term.
That's how we’re going to meet the goal that I’ve set of reducing the amountof oil that we import by one-third by the middle of the next decade.
We can hit that target.
Wecan hit that target.
Now, in the short term, we still need to do everything we can to encourage safe andresponsible oil production here at home.
In fact, last year, American oil production reached itshighest level since 2003.
So I want everybody to remember that if people ask -- becausesometimes I get letters from constituencies saying, why aren’t we just drilling more here?
We’reactually producing more oil here than ever.
But the challenge is we’ve only got about 2 to 3percent of the world’s oil reserves and we use 25 percent of the world’s oil.
So we can’t just drillour way out of the problem.
If we’re serious about meeting our energy challenge we’re going to have to do more thandrill.
And that’s why the real solution is clean, homegrown energy.
The real solution isadvanced biofuels -- and there’s a lot of good biofuel work being done here in Indiana.
It meansthat we’ve got to have natural gas vehicles.
We’ve got a lot of natural gas that can be producedhere in the United States of America.
It means making our cars and trucks more energy-efficient,because if we use less oil, that reduces demand; that brings the price down; and you will see theimpact at the pump.
That’s what’s going to make a difference and that’s why what you’re doinghere is so important.
We put together a graphic to help summarize the President’s approach – check it outbelow, or download it, print it, send it to your family, or hang it on your wall to add a splash of color:

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